2006 Habbo Raid

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The look that everyone wore to protest

The 2006 Habbo Raid was a protest in July 2006 against racism on Habbo. It occurred after rumours began to spread that moderators of Habbo.com were misusing their ban powers to ban people with a dark skin-coloured avatar to keep them out of the hotel. On July 6th, 2006 a group of people from the website 4chan decided to raid the hotel by forming blockades around entrances of public rooms and also the entrance of the Lido pool making it impossible for users to get inside. Later not only 4chan users but also users from other websites joined the raid and the "Pool's closed" meme spread outside of Habbo.

The raid continued throughout the week with the highest user peak on July 12th 2006. Eventually the hotel was taken offline towards the end of day.

Pools Closed

"Pools closed" is a popular catchphrase used by the people who blocked the rooms, especially the Lido. The users dressed their avatars in afro haircuts and suits and surrounded the entrance to the pool area of the Lido disrupting users from entering citing that the virus Aids/HIV had been found in the water. Even to this day the phrase is referenced around Habbo and even eleswhere on the internet.

Real Life

References to the raid have also appeared offline. During the peak in 2006 people dressed in afro wigs and suits went to the owner of Habbo, Sulake's headquarters in Finland.

Easter Eggs

As a homage to it's past, Habbo has incorporated many in-game references to the event.

Image Easter Egg
Hallway2Painting Raid.png A painting that references the 2006 Habbo Raid can be found in Hallway 2
Afro Duck.png A duck with a suit and afro, released in 2015 from the Mega Pumpkin Patch
Hween15 evilraider.png Evil Raider, released in 2015 from the Mega Pumpkin Patch
Lido Nostalgia.png The diamond painting Habbo Nostalgia shows a duck with an afro swimming in the Lido pool, where the raids took place
Staff of the Year Portrait.png EE Staff of the Year Portrait.png Staff of the Year Portrait released in 2018's habboween campaign Infected Laboratory contains - when double clicked a few times - also a reference to the 2006 Habbo Raid.