Battle Banzai

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Battle Banzai
Release date: September 2010
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

Battle Banzai is an updated version of one of Habbo's previously integrated games, Battle Ball. Battle Banzai was released on 21 September 2010 along with a range of furniture to decorate rooms and for users to create their own rooms to play the game in. Battle Banzai still uses the same concept of Battle Ball but with changes to some features. There are also Achievements to be earned from playing Battle Banzai such as achievements for scoring a certain amount of tiles.


To play Battle Banzai, the host requires four pieces of furniture; a timer, scoreboards, tiles and changing gates. The players must enter the Battle Banzai arena through a changing gate


to add a space hopper to their user; the colour of the gate determines the colour of the hopper a Habbo is on. There are four coloured teams available for Battle Banzai which are blue, purple, yellow and green. The actual playing field/arena depends on the host's choice as they can set out the playing field/arena themselves from the furniture purchased.

The aim of the game is to "lock" the most tiles on the playing field in your team colour. When the timer is up, or when all of the tiles have been locked, the winning team's locked tiles flash on and off and the winners from the team wave automatically. Then, the game resets, and all the tiles turn off.

To make things fair, there is a limit of five players per team. If a sixth player tries to get through the team's changing gate, they will not have a space hopper added to their avatar as there are already five players on the team. As soon as one person from that team leaves, another person will be able to join.


By playing Battle Banzai, it is possible to get achievements for completing certain milestones. There are four long-term achievements to complete, and a user can progress through these achievements and get a higher level. None of the achievements for this game require any special efforts; simply play the game and eventually you will reach the top level. Many users however opt to use a booster which will rapidly increase their scores and earn achievements much faster. We have a page dedicated to the Battle Banzai Achievements here.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Counter Bb counter.png
Banzai Sphere Bb apparatus.png
Pink Scoreboard Bb score purple.png
Blue Scoreboard Bb score blue.png
Green Scoreboard Bb score green.png
Yellow Scoreboard Bb score yellow.png
Blue Portal Bb portal blue.png
Green Portal Bb portal green.png
Pink Portal Bb portal purple.png
Yellow Portal Bb portal yellow.png
Short Arena Divider Bb divider 1.png
Long Arena Divider Bb divider 2.png
Arena Corner Bb corner.png
Banzai Puck Bb puck.png
Random Banzai Teleporter Bb rnd tele.png
Banzai Arena Tile Bb tile.png
Arena Lights 2 Bb painimies 2.png
Arena Lights 1 Bb painimies 1.png
Pyramid Bb pyramid.png
Banzai Dragon BBDragon.gif
Banzai Robot Bb robot.png
Banzai Box BBBox.gif
Caterpillar Head Bb cater head.png
Caterpillar Body Bb cater body.png
Small Banzai Signage Bb kanji 1.png
Big Banzai Signage Bb kanji 2.png
Crazy Cat Chair Bb chair cat.png
Pyro Pig Chair Bb chair pig.png
Raging Rooster Chair Bb chair chicken.png
Duck Light Bb duck light.png
Bear Head Bb teddy head.png
Bear Hand Bb teddy hand.png
Light Divider Bb divider light.png

Banzai Rares

Banzai Rares was a small set of Rares released in the Catalogue during April 2013 as part of a small event centred around the Habbo game "Battle Banzai". Codes were first discovered hinting of these rares on the 17th April 2013, although it wasn't known what the complete set would look like until a few days later when a Banzai-themed room building competition was released. Disappointingly for some, all of the Banzai Rares turned out to be re-colours of traditional Banzai furniture. All of the rares were released at a price of 25 Credits apiece.

The Rare Banzai Robo was the first instalment of the Banzai Rares campaign that ran in mid-April 2013. This was a recoloured version of the original Banzai Robo released in the Battle Banzai category in the Catalogue. It was similar in almost every other way, but this one was a rare hence the rare modification of its name. Similarly to the Palooza and Pirate Rares, the Rare Banzai Robo was released for 25 Credits. It was available for a few hours before it was removed permanently ready for the next Banzai Rare. The main reasoning for Battle Banzai being revamped was to introduce new Wired Furni that was released on the same day as the Robo. It was also in anticipation of the new Limited Edition Rare, the Rare Arcade Cabinet.

The Rare Bear Head was the second instalment of the Banzai Rares campaign that ran in mid-April 2013. This was a recoloured version of the original Bear Head which was released in the Battle Banzai category in the Catalogue and is blue. The Rare Bear Head was similar to the original in most ways; the name was altered however to reflect that it was a Rare. Similar to other campaign rares like Pirate Rares, the Rare Bear Head cost 25 Credits. It was available for a few hours before it was removed permanently to make way for the next Banzai Rare, which was the Rare Banzai Sphere.

The Rares

Name Image
Rare Bear Head Rare Bear Head.png
Rare Banzai Robo Rare Banzai Robo.png
Rare Banzai Sphere Rare Banzai SPhere.png


  • The "Battle Bonzai Player" achievement was originally mistakenly named as Battle Ball Player, using the name of the older version of the game.
  • Instead of resetting the Counter manually, you can use Wired to reset it automatically when the timer runs out.