Bear Rugs

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Bear Rugs
(Arctic, Green, Yellow)
Release date 2005
Category Arcane Rares

Bear Rugs are a variety of furniture items released from 2001-2006. They were a significant item of furniture as three of the variations that exist originally arose from Scripting and the fourth variation was released into a separate furni range. As the Blue Bear Rug, Yellow Bear Rug, and Green Bear Rug were sold in the Rares section of the Catalogue for 10 Credits during 2005, they are classed as Arcane Rares, with only the Faux-Fur Bear rug and the Pink Faux-Fur Bear Rug being sold in the Catalogue as normal Furniture items.

Another noticeable difference between the Rare Bear Rugs and the regular ones is the naming convention - the rare ones have an identical name to the original Faux-Fur Bear Rug, except for the blue variation which is called the Arctic Bear Rug. Despite their rarity, all variations of Bear Rugs are worth very little and can often be found in '2 for 1 Credit' shops.


Name Image Motto Release Year
Faux-Fur Bear Rug
Bear rug white.gif
You didn't hear about the polar bear? 2001
Arctic Bear Rug
For cuddling up on 2005
Faux-Fur Bear Rug
For cuddling up on 2005
Faux-Fur Bear Rug
For cuddling up on 2005
Pink Faux-Fur Bear Rug
Candy Bear Rug.gif
Soft and cute 2006


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