Classic Habbo

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Classic Habbo
Release date: May 2016
Season: N/A
Available from: Builders Club

Classic Habbo is a range of furniture based on the old versions of the Habbo Public Rooms. The furniture was introduced onto the Hotel from 2016 through Room Bundles that recreated the rooms. It was not available in the shop but most, with the exception of the HC Club furni, is currently available with Builders Club.


Classic Lounge

The Classic Lounge furniture was first released in May 2016 in the Classic Lounge Bundle. It was based on the Welcome Lounge.

Furniture Name Furniture Image
Classic Lounge chair Classic Lounge chair.png
Classic Lounge desk Classic Lounge desk.png
Classic Lounge floor Classic Lounge floor.png
Classic Lounge gate Classic Lounge gate.png
Classic Lounge lamp Classic Lounge lamp.png
Classic Lounge pillar Classic Lounge pillar.png
Classic Lounge plant Classic Lounge plant.png
Classic Lounge shelf Classic Lounge shelf.png
Classic Lounge sofa Classic Lounge sofa.png
Classic Lounge small table Classic Lounge small table.png
Classic Lounge large table Classic Lounge large table.png
Classic Lounge wall Classic Lounge wall.png
Classic Lounge window Classic Lounge window.png


The Habburgers furniture was first released in August 2016 and was re-released in January 2018 in the Classic Habburgers Bundle. It was based on Habburgers.

Furniture Name Furniture Image
Habburgers Box Classic2 burger.png
Habburgers Corner Classic2 corner.png
Habburgers Counter Classic2 counter.png
Habburgers Cup Stack Classic2 drinkcup.png
Habburgers Red Drinks Machine Classic2 drinkmachfront.png
Habburgers Yellow Drinks Machine Classic2 drinkmach2.png
Habburgers Floor Classic2 floor.png
Habburgers Gate Classic2 gate.png
Habburgers Grill Classic2 grill.png
Habburgers Napkin Dispenser Classic2 napkin.png
Habburgers Plant Divider Classic2 plantdivdr.png
Habburgers Seating Classic2 sofa.png
Habburgers Table Classic2 table.png
Habburgers Trash Can Classic2 trashcan.png
Habburgers Tray Classic2 tray.png
Habburgers Wall Classic2 wall.png

Classic BB

The Classic Battle Ball furniture was first released in August and September 2016 in the five Battle Ball Room Bundles. These included the Blue Battle Ball Bundle, Classic Battle Ball Bundle, Green Battle Ball Bundle, Orange Battle Ball Bundle and Purple Battle Ball Bundle. All of these bundles were based on the Battle Ball game lobby from 2005.

Furniture Name Furniture Image
Classic BB Bench ClassicBB BenchANIM.gif
Classic BB lock Classic3 block.png
Classic BB Chair ClassicBB ChairANIM.gif
Classic BB railing Classic3 div1.png
Classic BB Divider ClassicBB DividerANIM.gif
Classic BB Carpet Floor ClassicBB CarpetANIM.gif
Classic BB Floor ClassicBB Floor.png
Classic BB Tile Floor ClassicBB TileFloor.png
Classic BB pillar ClassicBB PillarANIM.gif
Classic BB Pillar 1 ClassicBB Pilar1Blue.png
Classic BB Plant ClassicBB PlantANIM.gif
Classic BB sofa ClassicBB SofaANIM.gif
Classic BB Stool ClassicBB StoolANIM.gif
Classic BB ticket Classic3 ticket.png
Classic BB wall ClassicBB Walls.gif

Ice Cafe

The ice cafe furniture was first released in November 2016 in the Classic Ice Cafe Bundle. It was based on the Ice Cafe.

Furniture Name Furniture Image
Yellow Ice Chair Classic5 chair yel.png
Blue Ice Chair Classic5 chair blu.png
Ice Cafe Floor Classic5 floor.png
Ice Cafe Sofa Classic5 sofa.png
Icey Speaker Classic5 speaker.png
Ice Cafe Stage Classic5 stage.png
Ice Cafe Stairs Classic5 stairs.png
Blue Ice Table Classic5 table blu.png
Yellow Ice Table Classic5 table yel.png
Ice Cafe Wall Classic5 wall.png
Ice Cafe Window Classic5 window.png


The Oriental furniture was first released in January 2017 in the Classic Tea Room Bundle. It was based on the Chinese Tea Room.

Furniture Name Furniture Image
Grand Oriental Arch Classic6 arch.png
Oriental Table Classic6 bigtable.png
Oriental Low Table Classic6 lowtable.png
Oriental Bench Classic6 sofa.png
Oriental Stool Classic6 stool.png
Oriental Chair Classic6 chair.png
Hardwood Floor Classic6 woodfloor.png
Stone Tiled Floo Classic6 stonecarpet.png
Oriental Wall Classic6 wall.png
Oriental Lantern Classic6 lantern.png
Oriental Divider Classic6 dvdr.png
Oriental Rug Classic6 mat.png
Oriental Stand Classic6 endtable.png
Rice and Tea Classic6 tearice.png
Oriental Vase Classic6 vase.png
Oriental Lunchbox Small classic6 food.png

Star Lounge

The Star Lounge furniture was first released in February 2017 and was re-released in January 2018 in the Classic Star Lounge Bundle. It was based on the Star Lounge.

Furniture Name Furniture Image
Star Lounge Chair Classic7 chair.png
Star Lounge Corner Classic7 crn.png
Star Lounge DJ Booth Classic7 djbooth.png
Star Lounge Cabinet Classic7 drinkcabinet.png
Bubblejuice Dispenser Classic7 drinkdispenser.png
Assorted Bubblejuice Classic7 drinks.png
Star Lounge Divider Classic7 dvdr.png
Star Lounge Floor Classic7 floor.png
Star Lounge Fridge Classic7 fridge.png
Star Lounge Gate Classic7 gate.png
Star Lounge Stage Classic7 stage.png
Star Lounge Stairs Classic7 stairs.png
Star Lounge Starlight Classic7 starlight.png
Star Lounge Table Classic7 table.png
Crazy Tree Classic7 tree.png
Star Lounge Wall Classic7 wall.png


The classic library furniture was released in January 2018 in the Classic Library Bundle. It was based on the Library.

Furniture Name Furniture Image
Library Books Small classic9 books.png
Library Bookcase Classic9 bookshelf.png
Library Rug Classic9 carpet.png
Library Chair Classic9 chair.png
Library Counter Classic9 counter.png
Library Stone Floor Classic9 floor1.png
Library Floorboards Classic9 floor2.png
Library Lamp Classic9 light.png
Library Plant Classic9 plant.png
Library Stool Classic9 stool.png
Library Table Classic9 table.png
Library Wall Classic9 wall.png

HC Club

The HC Club Furniture was released in January 2018 as a part of the Classic HC Club Bundle. It has not been released outside of the bundle and unlike the rest of the Classic Habbo Range is not available in Builders Club.

Furniture Name Furniture Image
HC Lounge Dance Floor HC Lounge Dance Floor.png
HC Lounge Floor HC Lounge Floor.png
HC Lounge Divider HC Lounge Divider.png
HC Lounge Pillar HC Lounge Pillar.png
HC Lounge Plant HC Lounge Plant.png
HC Lounge Sofa HC Lounge Sofa.png
HC Lounge Stairs HC Lounge Stairs.png
HC Lounge Stool HC Lounge Stool.png
HC Lounge Drinks Cabinet HC Lounge Drinks Cabinet.png
HC Vinyl HC Vinyl.png
HC Lounge Bar HC Lounge Bar.png
HC Lounge Picture Frame HC Lounge Picture Frame.png
HC Lounge Curtains HC Lounge Curtains.png
HC Lounge Wall HC Lounge Wall.png
HC Lounge Disco Ball HC Lounge Disco Ball.png
HC Lounge Rug HC Lounge Rug.png

Hotel View

The hotel view furniture was released in September 2018 in the Classic Hotel View Bundle. It was based on the Hotel View.

Furniture Name Furniture Image
Lower Hotel Wall Lower Hotel Wall.png
Tall Hotel Wall Tall Hotel Wall.png
Hotel Foundation Hotel Foundation.png
Hotel Staircase Hotel Staircase.png
Roof Corner Roof Corner.png
Hotel Roof Hotel Roof.png
Hotel Rail Hotel Rail.png
Hotel Awning Hotel Awning.png
Cypress Tree Cypress Tree.png
Round Tree Round Tree.png
Courtyard Fountain Courtyard Fountain (Classic Habbo).png
Hotel Swimming Pool Hotel Swimming Pool.png

Sunset Cafe

The Sunset Cafe was first released in August 2020 in the Sunset Cafe Bundle. It was based on the Sunset Cafe.

Furniture Name Furniture Image
Sunset Cafe Coffee Machine Sunsetcafe c20 coffeemachine.png
Sunset Cafe Corner Intra barcorner.png
Sunset Cafe Bench Intra bench.png
Sunset Cafe Bench Corner Intra benchcornerconcave.png
Sunset Cafe Floor Intra floor.png
Sunset Cafe Floor Light Intra lightupfloor.png
Sunset Cafe Palm Logs Intra logdecor.png
Sunset Cafe Intra logsteppingstones.png
Warm Seawater Intra shallow.png
Hanging Swordfish Intra swordfish.png
Sunset Cafe Table Intra table.png
Sunset Cafe View Intra wall.png
Sunset Cafe Wall Corner Intra wallcorner.png
Beach Bar Mocktail SunsetCafe DrinksStates.gif
Sunset Cafe Palm Tree Sunsetcafe c20 plant 64 a 0 0.png
Sunset Cafe Duck 597858454353735.png

Room Bundles

Exclusive Furniture

Two of the bundles came with exclusive items:

Furniture Name Furniture Image Bundle
Librarian's Frank Bust Librarian's Frank Bust.png Classic Library Bundle
HC Lounge Elephants HC Lounge Elephant.png Classic HC Club Bundle