Dragon Egg

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Dragon Egg
Dragon Egg.png
Release date Unknown (Habbo.co.uk)
Category Classical Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

The Dragon Egg has been on Habbo since late 2003 on the Switzerland hotel. It was mainly released via the Catalogue but was also given as competition prizes. The Dragon Egg was released on most hotels except Singapore; they hadn't received such rare before the merge occurred.

The Dragon Egg used to be a unique item whereby it was a purple egg surrounded by leaves, recently though Habbo released a recoloured black version of this kind thus made it less unique.

Below shows when and where the egg was released:

  • Switzerland, October 2003.
  • Finland, July 2005.
  • Sweden, January 2006.
  • Norway and Denmark, August 2006.
  • France, January 2007.
  • Germany, April 2007 (competition prize).

The item has also been in the Canadian, Dutch and American Catalogues. As well, it appeared as an Easter Island competition prize in the Spain hotel and a Hatatua competition prize in the Italy hotel.


Controversy occurred recently with the Dragon Egg due to a competition for Easter 2011. The prize was to be a Dragon Egg and a badge, you had to go through many rooms and count the eggs within them, if you got it right you would be in a draw to win the egg. However, this went horribly wrong due to Habbo wrongly putting in an article that entrants had to count the Easter Ducks, after their mistake they removed the article and gave the winner the Dragon Egg - for the wrong answer. Complaints filed in and Habbo made an urgent Help Request saying that those who entered the wrong answer of 1024 eggs were the cheaters when those who entered the allegedly correct answer were correct in going onto other hotels to cheat. Habbo wouldn't admit that they were wrong and so gave everyone who entered the badge which only those who got near the answer was meant to receive!

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