Gold Pod

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Gold Pod
Release date 2001
Category Arcane Rares

The Gold Pod was originally released early in Habbo, and later removed for unknown reasons. The Pod was from the Plasto section of the catalogue. It was available on various hotels, notably the Finnish hotel, but none of the current merged hotels, classing it as an Arcane Rare. It is similar to the Dark Blue Pod, which was also scripted into hotels and unavailable in the catalogue.

The Gold Pod was released in the catalogue accidentally in 2008 on Habbo Hotel UK for roughly 10 minutes, causing an increase of the furniture. After this, the Pods were ignored by Moderators and allowed publicly in users rooms. Before the accidental release, and as the Pod was scripted, they were often picked up by Moderators and deleted.

Habbo Finland

Ordering details in Finnish hotel.

Back in the early years of Finnish hotel when Credits weren't released yet and everything had to be purchased via SMS, there used to be "secret" furnies. SMS codes to order those secret furnies weren't visible in Catalogue. However, if you knew the codes, you could still use them to order the furnies.

Unlike other available Plasto pods, both Dark Blue Pod and Gold Pod were part of the secret furnies. Codes to order these pods were "A2 PL6" (Dark Blue) and "A2 PL7" (Gold). The cost of one pod was 5 mk (Finnish markka, approx. 0,84 EUR/USD in 2002).

When Credits were released in 2003, these codes became invalid. Plasto furni became available to be purchased with Credits but both Dark Blue Pod and Gold Pod were excluded from the Catalogue. This is most likely due to their previous secret furni status. This may also be the reason why they aren't really sold in other hotels. Both of these pods are very common in Finnish hotel and it's not sure whether they are resold afterwards.

Known Examples

Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client) Number Owner Status Updated
Jamie's Fuselite 1 FRISC0 Inactive 02-Feb-2017
DJ_Shadow Tribute 1 Zak Active 02-Feb-2017
Pods 2 Shonly Active 02-Feb-2017
The Dusty Pixel Collection - Room 3 1 lukaskf390 Active 02-Feb-2017
The MoH - Original Catalogue #1 1 Toby Inactive 02-Feb-2017


  • The Gold/Yellow Plasto set was already widely available with the Gold Pod missing

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