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Habbox Big Brother was a forum competition run by HabboxForum in 2010. It lasted two weeks and 11 lucky housemates were chosen from several applications to enter the house and compete for the final place. All housemates were isolated from the rest of the forum and the action in the house could be spectated by the rest of the forum. During the event a lot of the housemates received warnings for breaking rules, which caused them to lose a lot of points. After two weeks, the forum members voted Haaaaarry as the winner.

Housemates and Results

Name Time Entered Position Percentage of Votes
Luce 2:00 PM, 4th July 2nd place
Smiffy70 2:06 PM, 4th July 11th place 37.78%
FlyingJesus 2:10 PM, 4th July 8th place 39.33%
ShazLouise 2:17 PM, 4th July 3rd place
Blacktux 3:04 PM, 4th July 7th place
@theremel 3:13 PM, 4th July 9th place
buttons 4.00 PM, 4th July 5th place 48.58%
MrPinkPanther 4:11 PM, 4th July 2nd place
W00TEH 5:06 PM, 4th July 6th place
KK. 5:15 PM, 4th July 6th place
Haaaaarry 5:23 PM, 4th July 1st place
Saurav 5:32 PM, 4th July 10th place 45.7%
NaughtyNemo 8:23 PM, 8th July 4th place

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