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Habbox General Managers (l-r), FlyingJesus (Community), lawrawrrr (Site) and Ozad (Campaigns)

The Habbox General Managers are the senior management team at Habbox who manage the overall workings of Habbox on a daily basis. The General Management team make sure Habbox is running smoothly, from day-to-day activities such as making sure the websites are up to date, events and radio are hosted to making sure the commuity is happy and growing (to name a few tasks). They also oversee all changes to Habbox from new website versions to department management an run Habbox-wide campaigns throughout the year such as the Easter Eggstravaganza and the Habbox Summer Spectacular.

The General Managers working with owner Jin who still manages some technical aspects. Directly under the General Management are the Department Managers, who are in constant contact with all General Managers on their department status, plans, ideas and day-to-day activities.

Over Habbox's history there has been several different structures of General Management, with roles such as International, Forum, Technical and Staff being used on and off over the years. There are currently three General Managers, Ozad, FlyingJesus and lawrawrrr.

General Managers

Traditionally, Habbox has had several Assistant General Managers and one General Manager, who oversees everything, however this was changed in August 2019 to balance workload across the team and reward the hard work and dedication of the former Assistant General Managers.

General Managers Start Date End Date Length of tenure
FlyingJesus 17-Nov-2019 Present Ongoing
Ozad 06-Aug-2019 Present Ongoing
lawrawrrr 28-Jul-2015 Present Ongoing
Sho 06-Aug-2019 09-Nov-2019 95 days (3 months, 3 days)
Wispur 08-Oct-2014 26-Jul-2015 291 days (9 months, 18 days)
xxMATTGxx 05-Jun-2011 08-Oct-2014 1221 days (3 years, 4 months, 3 days)
Hecktix 06-Apr-2011 05-Jun-2011 60 days (1 month, 30 days)
xxMATTGxx 03-May-2010 06-Apr-2011 338 days (11 months, 3 days)
Sammeth. 01-Mar-2010 03-May-2010 63 days (2 months, 2 days)
nvrspk4 01-Sep-2008 01-Mar-2010 546 days (1 year, 6 months)
---MAD--- 19-Jun-2007 01-Sep-2008 440 days (1 year, 2 months, 13 days)
8Freak8 19-Mar-2006 02-May-2007 409 days (1 year, 1 month, 13 days)
properclone 18-Jan-2005 23-Apr-2006 460 days (1 year, 3 months, 5 days)
sierk Unknown 18-Jan-2005

General Manager (Site)

lawrawrrr, the current General Manager (Site) looks after Habbox's sites (Habbox, HabboxWiki and HabboxForum) from both a technical and a content point of view, providing updates, new features and tweaks to make everyone's lives easier. She also closely works with the Forum department in the day-to-day running of the Forum.

General Manager (Campaigns)

Ozad, the current General Manager (Campaigns), leads on Habbox's big events, including Habboxmas, Habboxween, Habbox Easter Eggstravaganza, Habbox Summer Spectacular as well as our monthly badge events on client. He also works closely with managers on big moments and initiatives for their departments.

General Manager (Community)

FlyingJesus, the current General Manager (Community), looks after all the people at Habbox, staff, members or the wider Habbo community to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves, able to find what they need, as well as working on new ways to motivate, recruit and give back to our staff and members.

Former General Management Positions

From 2003 until November 2006, Habbox was run by "Site Managers". These (Assistant) Site Managers often held general roles and though in practice they had responsibilities, official titles designating responsibility did not emerge until May 2005 when the four then-Assistant Site Managers (JackHb, 8Freak8, bi!!y, and doraemonkiller) were renamed to Forum, Webpage Design, HabboxTV, and Rare Values, respectively. These four positions along as Assistant Site Managers for (News) and (Radio) were discontinued after having titles switched to (Assistant) General Manager in November 2006. These roles, including those of (Assistant) General Manager positions which are no longer in use can be found listed below.

In the past, there have also been other Assistant General Manager roles, including the "general" position without an area of focus as well as Assistant General Manager (International), (Operations), (Forum), and (Technical) each of which are no longer positions at Habbox. The role of Assistant General Manager (Technical) was replaced by a small team of Habbox Site Coders and a Technical Manager. Previously there were multiple

Between 2011 and 2013, the role of (Assistant) General Manager (Content) was made redundant - being replaced by the role of (Development) between late 2011 until early 2012. However the role was brought back in 2013 due to the lack of direct support in the Content departments, the role of (Assistant) General Manager (Development) was then made redundant.

After becoming General Manager, on the 18th October 2014, Wispur decided to remove the role of "Assistant General Manager (Staff)" on a trial basis and merge it with his normal duties as General Manager. This was reintroduced in September 2016, where Expling took on the role for roughly 2 months before transferring to Content AGM in October 2016 - his responsibilities were more community facing, taking a lead on recruitment and staff activity. Since his transfer, he was not replaced and so the role was once again made redundant.

  • On 6 August 2019, the Assistant General Manager roles were removed. The existing Assistant General Manager (Content), Sho, and Assistant General Manager (Community), Ozad, were changed to General Manager (Campaigns) and General Manager (Community).
  • Assistant Site Manager (Forum)
  • Assistant Site Manager (Webpage)
  • Assistant Site Manager (Habbox TV)
  • Assistant Site Manager (Rare Values)
  • Assistant Site Manager (News)
  • Assistant Site Manager (Radio)
  • Assistant General Manager (International)
  • Assistant General Manager (Operations)
  • Assistant General Manager (Technical)
  • Assistant General Manager (Development)
  • Assistant General Manager (Forum)
  • Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  • Assistant General Manager (Content)
  • Assistant General Manager (Community)

General Management Role Changes


  • 02-Feb-2019 - Despect resigns as Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 04-Feb-2019 - ozad becomes Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 06-Aug-2019 - ozad becomes General Manager (Community)
  • 06-Aug-2019 - Shonly becomes General Manager (Campaigns)
  • 06-Aug-2019 - lawrawrrr's role is renamed to General Manager (Site)
  • 09-Nov-2019 - Shonly resigns as General Manager (Campaigns)
  • 17-Nov-2019 - FlyingJesus becomes General Manager (Community)
  • 17-Nov-2019 - Ozad switches to General Manager (Campaigns)


  • 12-Mar-2017 - xxMATTGxx resigns as Co-Owner of Habbox
  • 18-Sept-2017 - Absently resigns as Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 18-Sept-2017 - Despect becomes Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 20-Sept-2017 - Expling resigns as Assistant General Manager (Content)
  • 21-Sept-2017 - Shonly becomes Assistant General Manager (Content)


  • 23-Aug-2016 - Expling becomes Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  • 28-Aug-2016 - Welshcake resigns as Assistant General Manager (Content)
  • 25-Oct-2016 - Expling transfers to Assistant General Manager (Content)


  • 29-Mar-2015 - Shonly resigns as Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 29-Mar-2015 - Absently becomes Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 26-Jul-2015 - Wispur resigns as General Manager
  • 28-Jul-2015 - lawrawrrr becomes General Manager
  • 28-Jul-2015 - welshcake becomes Assistant General Manager (Content)


  • 04-Mar-2014 - Skynus resigns as Assistant General Manager (Content & Staff)
  • 04-Mar-2014 - Wispur becomes Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  • 04-Mar-2014 - lawrawrrr becomes Assistant General Manager (Content)
  • 23-Aug-2014 - Samanfa resigns as Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 23-Aug-2014 - Shonly becomes Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 08-Oct-2014 - xxMATTGxx becomes Co-Owner of Habbox
  • 08-Oct-2014 - Wispur becomes General Manager


  • 15-Aug-2013 - Inseriousity. resigns as Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 15-Aug-2013 - Foregetfuhl becomes Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 26-Aug-2013 - Skynus becomes Acting Assistant General Manager (Content)
  • 19-Oct-2013 - Skynus becomes Assistant General Manger (Content)
  • 04-Dec-2013 - SyrupyMonkey resigns as Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  • 10-Dec-2013 - Foregetfuhl resigns as Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 10-Dec-2013 - Samanfa becomes Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 10-Dec-2013 - Skynus becomes Assistant General Manager (Staff)


  • 30-Jan-2012 - HotelUser resigns as Assistant General Manager (Development)


  • 03-Feb-2011 - Alkaz resigns as Assistant General Manager (Content)
  • 16-Mar-2011 - HotelUser becomes Assistant General Manager (Development)
  • 06-Apr-2011 - xxMATTGxx resigns as General Manager
  • 06-Apr-2011 - Hecktix becomes General Manager
  • 06-Apr-2011 - -Danube- becomes Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  • 05-Jun-2011 - Hecktix resigns as General Manager
  • 05-Jun-2011 - xxMATTGxx becomes General Manager
  • 29-Oct-2011 - -Danube- resigns as Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  • 29-Oct-2011 - SyrupyMonkey becomes Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  • 29-Oct-2011 - -Danube- becomes Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 12-Nov-2011 - -Danube- resigns as Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 12-Nov-2011 - Inseriousity. becomes Assistant General Manager (Community)


  • 22-Jan-2010 - Infrequent is dismissed as Assistant General Manager (Content)
  • 22-Jan-2010 - Alkaz becomes Assistant General Manager (Content)
  • 01-Mar-2010 - nvrspk4 resigns as General Manager
  • 01-Mar-2010 - Sammeth. becomes General Manager
  • 01-Mar-2010 - MattGarner becomes Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  • 03-May-2010 - Sammeth. resigns as General Manager
  • 03-May-2010 - xxMATTGxx becomes General Manager
  • 03-May-2010 - Garion becomes Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  • 10-Oct-2010 - Nixt (originally known as Garion resigns as Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  • 11-Oct-2010 - Hecktix) becomes Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  • 20-Dec-2010 - Roxy916 resigns as Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 29-Dec-2010 - Bolt660 becomes Assistant General Manager (Community)


  • 05-Jul-2009 - Jin becomes Assistant General Manager (Operations)
  • 10-Sep-2009 - Catzsy becomes Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 10-Sep-2009 - Bomb-Head resigns as Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  • 14-Sep-2009 - Sammeth. becomes Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  • 19-Oct-2009 - Jin becomes Co-Owner of Habbox, along with Sierk.
  • 11-Nov-2009 - Mr.OSH is dismissed as Assistant General Manager (Content)
  • 11-Nov-2009 - Infrequent becomes Assistant General Manager (Content)
  • 20-Dec-2009 - Catzsy is dismissed as Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 20-Dec-2009 - Roxy916 becomes Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 30-Dec-2009 - nvrspk4 is officially on extended leave as General Manager
  • 30-Dec-2009 - Sammeth. becomes Acting General Manager
  • 30-Dec-2009 - MattGarner becomes Acting Assistant General Manager (Staff)


  • 11-Jan-2008 - 8Freak8 resigns from Habbox
  • 10-Feb-2008 - jrh2002 resigns from Habbox
  • 02-Apr-2008 - Immenseman becomes Assistant General Manager
  • 07-Apr-2008 - Adzeh resigns from Habbox
  • 15-Jul-2008 - General Management Structure is changed to have three AGMs - Content, Community, and Staff. [[nvrspk4] is renamed AGM (Staff) and Immenseman is renamed AGM (Community)
  • 15-Jul-2008 - Joshuar resigns as Assistant General Manager (International)
  • 15-Jul-2008 - Mr.OSH becomes Assistant General Manager (Content)
  • 15-Jul-2008 - Joshuar] becomes a Forum Administrator
  • 01-Sep-2008 - ---MAD--- resigns as General Manager
  • 01-Sep-2008 - nvrspk4 becomes General Manager
  • 01-Sep-2008 - Bomb-Head becomes Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  • 27-Sep-2008 - Immenseman resigns as Assistant General Manager (Community)
  • 21-Oct-2008 - Sammeth. becomes Assistant General Manager (Community)


  • 07-Feb-2007 - Smiddy1234 resigns from Habbox
  • 07-Feb-2007 - nvrspk4 becomes Assistant General Manager and Staff Editor
  • 02-May-2007 - 8Freak8 resigns as General Manager
  • 02-May-2007 - 8Freak8 becomes Assistant General Manager
  • 02-May-2007 - ---MAD--- becomes Assistant General Manager
  • 19-Jun-2007 - ---MAD--- becomes General Manager
  • 05-Aug-2007 - Seacat resigns from Habbox
  • 25-Sep-2007 - Adzeh becomes Assistant General Manager
  • 21-Nov-2007 - Jrh2002 becomes Assistant General Manager


  • 17-Jan-2006 - 8Freak8 becomes Assistant Site Manager
  • 01-Feb-2006 - bi!!y renamed Assistant Site Manager (Radio)
  • 19-Mar-2006 - 8Freak8 becomes Site Manager along with properclone
  • 26-Mar-2006 - Seacat becomes Assistant Site Manager (News)
  • 16-Apr-2006 - Smiddy1234 becomes Assistant Site Manager (Rare Values)
  • 23-Apr-2006 - properclone steps down to Assistant Site Manager
  • 28-May-2006 - Surname becomes Assistant Site Manager (Community)
  • 30-May-2006 - JackHb resigns from Habbox
  • 25-Jun-2006 - Surname resigns from Habbox
  • 02-Jul-2006 - (Assistant) Site Managers get their famous lime green names on the forum
  • 20-Jul-2006 - Seacat becomes Assistant Site Manager (Forum)
  • 03-Aug-2006 - properclone resigns as Assistant Site Manager
  • 03-Aug-2006 - Baving becomes Assistant Site Manager
  • 20-Nov-2006 - Site Manager role gets renamed to General Manager
  • 30-Dec-2006 - joshuar becomes Assistant General Manager (International)


  • 18-Jan-2005 - properclone becomes Site Manager, sierk and jrh2002 are no longer officially Site Managers though continue to own and run the site and forum, respectively.
  • 29-Jan-2005 - Xoor is no longer Assistant Site Manager
  • 25-Mar-2005 - 8Freak8 becomes Assistant Site Manager
  • 21-Mar-2005 - JackHb and Jacko2kn3 become Assistant Site Managers
  • 03-Apr-2005 - Icebox12 becomes Habbox USA Site Manager
  • 05-May-2005 - JackHb renamed Assistant Site Manager (Forum)
  • 05-May-2005 - 8Freak8 renamed Assistant Site Manager (Webpage Design)
  • 05-May-2005 - bi!!y becomes Assistant Site Manager (HabboxTV)
  • 06-May-2005 - doraemonkiller becomes Assistant Site Manager (Rare Values)
  • 04-Jun-2005 - Jacko2kn3 is no longer working for Habbox
  • 16-Oct-2005 - 8Freak8 renamed general Assistant Site Manager
  • 29-Oct-2005 - bi!!y renamed general Assistant Site Manager
  • 01-Nov-2005 - 8Freak8 resigns from Habbox
  • 04-Dec-2005 - doraemonkiller resigns from Habbox


  • Prior to 25-Oct-2004 Sierk is Site Manager and Xoor, and jrh2002 were Assistant Site Managers
  • 25-Oct-2004 - properclone becomes Assistant Site Manager

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