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Habbox Merit is an award given to ex Members of Habbox Staff who have made outstanding contributions to Habbox or have held management level roles for 12 months or more.


The following is an extract from the Habbox Merit post on Habbox Forum:

  • Have worked for Habbox in a managerial role for 1 year (with no breaks) OR have contributed something outstanding to Habbox*
  • Have resigned from your role (not been fired).
  • Request must be on the same account used when a manager.
  • Must have received 0 infractions within 3 weeks of your resignation.
  • Must not have an active infraction at time of request.
  • Maintain appropriate behaviour around Habbox Forum whilst a member of the group.

* Outstanding contributions are judged by General Management.

Current Habbox Merit Holders

,Jess, -:Undertaker:- -Danube- 8Freak8
Bi!!y Brandon Catzsy Chris
Despect doraemonkiller Drew FlyingJesus
Gina H0BJ0B Hecktix HotelUser
icebox12 Inseriousity. JackHb Jamesy
joshuar jrh2002 Jurv lawrawrrr
Martin Mathew Matt Melsia
Mexel MissAlice Mizki Mr-Trainor
Ms.Aquamarine Myke Nixt nvrspk4
Phil Pigperson properclone Red
Roxy Samanfa scott Seacat
Sho Sloths Smurfed- Tom
welshcake xxMATTGxx Yoshimitsui