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Habbox Staff are the people who bring you Habbox. They work together to develop and provide the best available community, entertainment, content, security, advertising techniques plus more! Without the dedicated team of staff, Habbox would not be nearly as successful as it is today.

The whole of Habbox Staff is overseen by the Habbox General Management team, lawrawrrr the General Manager (Site), FlyingJesus, the General Manager (Community) and ozad, the General Manager (Campaigns).


Habbox Staff are separated into different departments where they will be elected by authorised managers based on their specialities. Most staff are not dictated to what to do because that would be unproductive and uninteresting for most - they are given the freedom to express interest based on their experience and interests where they feel they will be most beneficial to the organisation.

General Management

The General Management team is one of the smallest but is one of the most important Habbox departments. The General Management team normally consists of 3-4 members. Each General Manager deals with different sections of the Fansite. However, they mainly oversee the running of the Fansite and ensure everything is improving while they deal with any problems which may occur.

Job title Job description
General Manager (Site) lawrawrrr, the current General Manager (Site) looks after the three Habbox websites (Habbox.com, habboxforum.com and habboxwiki.com) from a technical perspective including new developments, updates, site content and more. She also works closely with the Forum team for new developments and updates.
General Manager (Community) FlyingJesus, the current General Manager (Community), ensures Habbox is doing everything what we can to make sure everyone - from Habbox members to the wider Habbo community is enjoying themselves and able to find everything they need, including on-client events to radio shows to Limited Edition Rares tracking.
General Manager (Campaigns) Ozad, the current General Manager (Campaigns), manages Habbox campaigns and big events, from Room Builder-hosted badge events to big events for both community and staff such as the Habbox Summer Spectacular, to new initiatives both on client and on site, for all Habbox members, new and old.

Competitions Department

The Competition department creates innovative and unique competitions that users can enter and win Habbo(x) related prizes. Alongside these daily competitions, they also bring bigger tournaments, such as Shipwrecked and Habbox Pokemon. The department ensures that there is plenty of user interaction and keeps the community active.

Job title Job description
(Assistant) Competitions Management The Competitions Manager, currently tbl, makes sure there are fun competitions to enter, as well as managing the Competitions Staff and keeping them all in line. She also has the gruelling task of correcting any grammatical errors to make sure the final product is close to perfection before finally being posted to the forum for the Habbox members.
Senior Competitions Staff Senior Competitions Staff is just one step above the regular staff and do the same job but also help the Manager with writing reports, checking competitions and managing staff.
Competitions Staff Competitions Staff create innovative and unique competitions that users can enter and win special Habbo(x) prizes. This process happens on a regular basis for the Habbox members to participate in to win the prizes.

Content Design Department

The Content Design department is responsible for making sure all content on both the wiki and main site are fully updated while being at a high quality (excluding articles). To do this, they must add pages, research the information, format the work and upload for the public to read.

Job title Job description
(Assistant) Content Design Management The (Assistant) Content Manager is responsible for the department as a whole. The current manager, Ekelektra, ensures all staff are performing their roles correctly. It's also her job to make sure everyone has something to do.
Senior Content Designer The Senior Content Designer assists the (Assistant) Content Manager with the day to day running of the department. There is currently no Senior Content Designer. However, they would also be responsible for checking over edits and giving out tasks/feedback as well as helping any other staff members with any worries they may have.
Content Designer Content Designers make the content on Habbox.com and Habboxwiki.com. They are responsible for keeping both the sites up to date with the latest information.
Tutorial Writer Tutorial Writers are responsible for writing guides and tutorials about Habbo. Some commonly written guides include Wired, Room Building, Graphics and Events.

Events Department

The Events department host events on Habbo where the community can win prizes given by the Events Organisers (EO). All Events Organisers have a requirement of 1 event per week, and on top of that, they are expected to advertise and interact with the community on a day to day basis, in the help desk and other events.

Job title Job description
(Assistant) Events Management The Events Manager, currently Nic01e, overlooks the department and write reports for staff as well as sorting out complaints and hosting big scale events, like Habboxween and HxSS.
Senior Events Organisers The Senior Event Organisers contribute ideas, send feedback to regular event organisers and write comments on the monthly reports.
Events Organisers & Guest Events Organisers An Events Organiser will host events on Habbo where the community can win prizes. All Events Organisers have a requirement of 1 event per week, and on top of that, they are expected to advertise and interact with the community on a day to day basis, in the help desk and other events.

Forum Department

The Forum departments job is to keep Habbox Forum a safe environment for all members. They have various tasks to perform daily, including general moderation, reporting posts and reporting any permission errors they see around the forum. All of the hard work and efforts put in by the moderators ensure that the forum is kept tidy and free from rule breaks.

Job title Job description
(Assistant) Forum Management The Forum Management, currently Sectional, runs the entire forum by keeping it updated and managing the moderation team.
Forum Super Moderator A Forum Super Moderator moderates the entire forum, including visitor messages, enforcing signature and avatar rules and user-submitted reports. They also help with writing regular moderator reports and giving them support whenever they need it.
Forum Moderator A Forum Moderator moderates specific forum(s) assigned by the (Assistant) Forum Manager.
Debate Leader The Habbox Debate Leader, currently sexpot is responsible for creating new and interesting topics both inside and outside of the Debates Forum to stimulate discussion between forum members.

Graphics Department

A Habbox with no graphics would be very boring, all you would be looking at right now would be a blank page of text. The Graphics Department is a very known cluster of staff who work away behind the scenes to get all those images you see around the Habbox sites on your screens. Almost all of the graphics you see have been drawn up by these hard working pixel articles and graphic designers.

Job title Job description
(Assistant) Graphics Management The Graphics Manager, currently ExtraKen, is there to make sure that the quality of graphics are top notch and the Graphics Designer are working. The Graphics Manager does jobs around the graphics forum such as moving tasks when they are complete, writing weekly feedback, writing monthly reports providing feedback to the Graphics Designers when they post their work.
Senior Graphics Designer The Senior Graphics Designer is expected to complete the minimums of a Graphics Designer as well as to help the department run smoothly and give reports to Graphics Designers when required. They also help with department Events like Draw My Thing.
Graphics Designer Graphics Designers are expected to participate in tasks that are posted by other department managers. Graphics Designer make lots of cool pictures such as banners, avatars and signatures to use around the Habbox community.
Senior Pixel Artist The Senior Pixel Artist is expected to complete the minimums of a Pixel Artist as well as to help the department run smoothly and give reports to Pixel Artists when required. They also help organise Pixel related competitions.
Pixel Artist Pixel Artists are expected to participate in pixel tasks that are requested by other department managers. Pixel Artists make anything on the Site which contains pixel art; this includes custom Habbo figures, alliterations, icons and forum awards.

HabboxLive Department

Each member of Staff in the HabboxLive department are expected to DJ at a minimum of three slots per week (excluding Guest DJs which is three per month), this is checked by Head DJs and Radio Management. HabboxLive DJs are expected to abide by the HabboxLive specific and Habbox rules in general; they are also encouraged to be an active member on Habbo as a lot of HabboxLive competitions and events are Habbo based. DJs are also encouraged to have a clear microphone and sound upbeat on the radio; there is nothing worse than tuning into a DJ that isn't having fun! HabboxLive DJs are also told to have a legal copy of SAM Broadcaster or other DJing software, depending on what device they are using to DJ. HabboxLive DJs need to be friendly and respectful to other staff and listeners as they need to interact well with them. DJs should have at least 100 high-quality songs from a variety of genres to keep their shows fresh.

Department Structure

Job title Job description
(Assistant) HabboxLive Management The HabboxLive Manager, currently Rusted! is responsible for ensuring the department is functioning perfectly at all times. She hires, fires and writes reports for DJs as well as planning large events to make the department shine.
Senior DJ A HabboxLive Senior DJ helps host events, issues warnings and cautions, gives feedback to DJs when required and assists the (Assistant) Manager with the day to day running of the department.
DJ Mentor A HabboxLive DJ Mentor helps with any issues they may have with their broadcasting software when Senior+ aren't available. The Mentors are responsible for different groups of DJs.
Regular DJ A Regular HabboxLive DJ has a minimum to book and turn up for at least 2, one hour slots per week.
Guest DJ Guest DJ is exactly the same role as a regular DJ, however, guests only have to do at least 2 slots a month.
Trialist DJ A trialist DJ is the same as a Regular DJ who has to book and turn up to a minimum of 2 slots but they're on a two week trial.

Help Desk Department

Help Desk staff make up the bulk of Help Desk Personnel. Their primary job is helping Habbos who come to the help desk. Other duties of regular Help Desk staff include moderating the room and hosting the weekly Saturday Night Quiz. The Help Desk Staff are divided into three groups, each led by a Senior Help Desk Staff Member.

Job title Job description
(Assistant) Help Desk Management The Help Desk Management are currently Stealth and ,jamiexo, who both oversee the department. They write reports for the senior staff while dealing with any complaints. They are also constantly trying to push community interaction by thinking of fresh ideas which could help promote the department.
Senior Help Desk Staff The Senior Help Desk Staff's duties are more or less the same as a normal Help Desk Staff, with a few exceptions. There are three seniors at any given time in the Help Desk. These members have more control and power than regular Help Desk Staff. One of their main duties is to oversee the group that they lead and write reports at the end of the month for the members of that group.
Help Desk Staff The Help Desk staff make up the bulk of Help Desk Personnel. Their main job is helping Habbos who come into the help desk. Other duties of normal Help Desk staff include moderating the room and hosting the weekly Saturday Night Quiz. The Help Desk Staff are divided into three groups, each led by a Senior Help Desk Staff Member.

Articles Department

Despite the Articles Department being small, they still publish every new furniture or competition being released on Habbo. The department has been going from strength to strength with the news team gradually expanding regarding both quantity and quality. The article format has also changed to incorporate a more laid back approach with some humour and opinions. Also, Habbox Articles is unique for doing exclusive reports of features that Habbo had yet to report or some exclusive insights, Room Reviews and Interviews - taking on a small aspect of the former articles department.

Job title Job description
(Assistant) Articles Management The Articles Manager, currently YellowBelli, oversees the running of the department. he still have to do his job as Articles Staff and Proofreader but also he must write reports for his staff members as well as being responsible for recruiting/dismissing members to and from the department.
Head Articles Writer Head Articles staff have the job of helping the Manager in maintaining the department. They must still complete the minimum while giving little comments in the staff weekly/monthly reports.
Articles Writer An Articles Writer will write different articles on Habbo where the community can read them. All Article Writers have a requirement of one article per week.
Articles Proofreader Proofreaders don't have a set limit. However, they must read the articles and correct any mistakes including SPaG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar). They must get round all the articles per week. After they have corrected the errors, they then go on to PM the staff with what they have changed.

Rare Values Department

The Rare Values Department has been around for years and is the most frequently used values on the hotel. All values collected are based on the average value from a range of trades which have been seen or traded and noted down by the Rare Values Reporters - they are not made up. The values are regularly updated to keep up with the rise and fall in the value of the many rare types of furniture. However, Habbox is and has only ever claimed to be, a guide.

Job title Job description
(Assistant) Rare Values Management The Rare Values Manager, Currently Graspingg and HaleKane, oversees the department and makes sure all of the staff are doing their jobs correctly. He also hires and dismisses any staff while keeping the department running successfully.
Senior (Values/Assets) Staff The Senior staff aid junior staff (especially trialists) and will aid the Rare Values Manager when they away - they also help with writing the weekly reports.
Values Reporter These people are an integral part of the department – they’re the ones who value furniture and play an important role within the department.
Assets Staff These people are better at history, images and research. This is another side to the Values role – they add images and names on the database; it’s their job to ensure everything is updated correctly.
Rare Values Advisor They were introduced during the reform by lawrawrrr. They discuss ideas and give feedback on ideas mentioned by management/staff. Competition is very tight for these roles, and the people who fill them are well-respected on Habbo and Habbox for their knowledge when it comes to trading on Habbo, the Rare Values department itself or are just renowned for their good ideas.

Room Builders Department

The Room Building Department is one of the newest additions to Habbox; they are largely responsible for building all of the official event rooms, most recently the Habbox P.E Quest. Room Builders have no set weekly/monthly quota but are instead tasked as and when the General Manager (Campaigns), has need of their particular skills.

Job title Job description
Room Builder Manager The Room Builder Manager is responsible for recruiting staff and ensuring all deadlines are met to a high standard in the short time the team is given. The current managers are Its.Dino and Hx.Ben.
Room Builder Room Builder's are responsible for all of Habbox official event rooms, and work underneath the Room Builder management and the Assistant General Manager (Community).

Site Coders Department

Job title Job description
Site Manager Works with the rest of the staff in the department to listen to users’ suggestions and come up with new features. They oversee the projects and assign things to do, with the advice of the Senior Coder too. They also oversee applications to the department. The current manager is Joe.
Site coder Code features and items that go on one of the multiple Habbox sites.
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