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Joined Habbo 16-Jan-2016
HxF username Its.Dino
Also known as Dino
Habbox Staff
Current role(s) Room Builders Manager (Nov 2019 -)
Guest Events Organiser (Dec 2018 -)
Articles Writer (Jan 2019 -)

Its.Dino is the current Room Builders Manager at Habbox. Before signing up to HabboxForum, Dino has held the roles at various other fansites, including ThisHabbo, HabboBites, and HabboTiles as an Events Staff and Builder. He joined Habbox and the Room Builders department in September 2017 and was promoted to Assistant Room Builders Manager the following April and later that month became the Room Builders Manager. In October he stepped down to be a Senior Room Builder but returned to the management role in January 2019. Currently, along with being Room Builders Manager, he is a Guest Events Organiser and Articles Writer.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Room Builders Manager 26-Nov-2019 Present
Articles Writer 06-Jan-2019 Present
Guest Events Organiser 22-Dec-2018 Present
Assistant Room Builders Manager 08-Jan-2019 26-Nov-2019
Senior Room Builder 14-Oct-2018 08-Jan-2019
Room Builders Manager 30-Apr-2018 14-Oct-2018
Events Organiser 01-Jul-2018 19-Sep-2018
Assistant Room Builders Manager 09-Apr-2018 30-Apr-2018
Room Builder 28-Sep-2017 09-Apr-2018


  • He has designed the Habbox Help Desk multiple of times.
  • Only two Habbos know of his real identity