Maze Shrubbery Gate

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Maze Shrubbery Gate
Maze Shrubbery Gate.gif
Motto: Finally... a way out of your hedge maze!
Release date March 2007
Category Categorised Rares

The Maze Shrubbery Gate is a V11 Rare that was sold in the catalogue along with the Maze Shrubbery. The Gate, due to it being released in various Floral and Country categories it was deemed a Categorised Rare. It was first spotted on during March 2007 and released during the same month - into the Accessories section of the Catalogue. This item is usually coupled well with various other garden furniture, such as Picnic or Gardening.

Specific Release Dates

The Maze Shrubbery Gate is believed to be available on every hotel, but the release dates have varied slightly (whilst some dates remain unknown):

  • - First showcased in a "Bukkinghab palace" quest which was a staff owned room and then sold in the Catalogue in March 2007.
  • - Sold in the Catalogue in May 2007 (alongside the other Maze Shrubbery piece and Bulrush).
  • - Sold in the Catalogue in May 2007.
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