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Release date: Throughout 2019
Available from: Habbo Competitions

Pandas were a range of furniture that were obtained by taking part or winning Habbo competitions throughout 2019. There were 14 colours released in total over the course of one year. Pandas were released to replace the prizes given out in previous years, the Hippos, Sloths, Hedgehogs and Tortoises. After a year, the Pandas were no longer released and they were replaced by Seals.

List of Pandas

Name Image How to Obtain
Tan Panda Tan Panda.png
Blue Panda Blue Panda.png * WaltzMatilda's Leaving Party
Scarlet Panda Scarlet Panda.png
Beige Panda Beige Panda.png * World Television Day Looks Competition
Brown Panda Brown Panda.png
Teal Panda Teal Panda.png * Habbo Festival Ticket Booth event
Green Panda Green Panda.png * Safer Internet Day games
Red Panda Red Panda.png * Basement Band Community Challenge
Yellow Panda Yellow Panda.png
Turquoise Panda Turquoise Panda.png
Pink Panda Pink Panda.png * Eurovision 2019 Community Challenge
Orange Panda Orange Panda.png
Purple Panda Purple Panda.png * POSE - Museum Game
Mauve Panda Mauve Panda.png
Ice Panda Ice Panda.png
Total Pandas 15