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Release date: April 2015
Season: N/A
Available from: Builders Club

Paris was a Habbo furniture line that was released on April 21, 2015. The line followed the theme of traditional Parisian architecture, food, lifestyle and landscape. It introduced 27 new furniture into the hotel, 1 Limited Edition Rare, 1 Bonus Rare, 2 clothing items and a themed furniture bundle.

The Exchange in Paris Bundle was released during the campaign for a price of 99 Credits. The bundle came with 54 furniture items in a pre-made room and an exclusive badge.



Name Image
Cobblestone Floor Cobblestone Floor.png
Perisien Sidewalk Perisien Sidewalk.png
Shadow Patch Shadow Patch.png
Preisien Apartment Preisian Apartment.png
Cafe de Flore Cafe de Flore.png
Chateau Pillar Chateau Pillar.png
Love Arch Love Arch.png
Tricolore Awning Tricolore Awning.png
Attic Room Attic Room.png
View of the Seine View of the Seine.png
French Flower Cart French Flower Cart.png
Smelly Cheese Smelly Cheese.png
French Pancake French Pancake.png
Parisien Parasol Parisien Parasol.png
Coffee Sipping Chair Coffee Sipping Chair.png
Spotless Restaurant Table Spotless Restaurant Table.png
Fresh Bread Cart Fresh Bread Cart.png
Cabbage Stall Cabbage Stall.png
Aubergine Stall Aubergine Stall.png
Tomato Stall Tomato Stall.png
Pot of Roses Pot of Roses.png
paris_c15_food3 Paris c15 food3.png
Cute Poodle Cute Poodle.gif
Parisien Pidgeons Parisien Pidgeons.png
Street Artist Display Street Artist Display.png
Plate of Snails Plate of Snails.png
Blue Bicycle Blue Bicycle.png


Two items of clothing were released as part of the campaign.

Furniture Name Furniture Image
Sailor Sweater Sailor Sweater.png
Parisien Necktie Parisien Necktie.png


One Rare was released alongside the furniture line. The Frank's Fruity Cake was released as a Bonus Rare.

Furniture Name Furniture Image
Frank's Fruity Cake Frank's Fruity Cake.gif

Limited Edition Rares

The Boulevard Fountain was released as a Limited Edition Rare during the campaign.

Furniture Name Furniture Image
Boulevard Fountain Boulevard Fountain.gif

Room Bundles

The Exchange in Paris Bundle was released during the campaign for 99 Credits.


Picnic in Paris

Picnic in Paris was a competition help during this campaign by Habbo that asked players to create a picnic set-up using Building Blocks. The top 10 entries won an exclusive badge and Gold Hippo. The winners were:

  • LQQL
  • Melonaid
  • Pixierockstar
  • 5$
  • AngieLovePandas
  • zailyn95
  • chidiva
  • teeheeme!
  • asia-g
  • BigBlackBlaec

Exchange in Paris

The Exchange in Paris competition askes users to design a brochure that would convince their friends to come and join them by letting them know what they can see and do when visiting Paris for the school year. The overall winner won a badge and one month's worth of Builders Club subscription, and the top ten entries won a badge.

The winners were:

  • Michaels - overall winner.
  • Tode
  • chidiva
  • jj9090
  • teeheeme!
  • Pixierockstar
  • Hanna.Yeap
  • Putative.
  • Ben.
  • CianGaga