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Release date: 21 May 2019
Available from: MarketPlace

Pastel is an exclusive range of furniture that has only been released in the Pastel Bundle. It is similar to Elegant and Princess which were also bundle exclusive ranges.


Name Image
Pastel Bedroom Wall Pastel Bedroom Wall.png
Bedroom Floarboards Bedroom Floorboards.png
Pastel Kitten Plushie Pastel Kitten Plushie.png
Pastel Bed Pastel Bed.png
Pastel Bedside Table Pastel Bedside Table.png
Pastel Plushie Pile Pastel Plushie Pile.png
Pastel Bunnie Plushie Pastel Bunnie Plushie.png
Pastel Cupboard Pastel Cupboard.png
Unicorn Poster Unicorn Poster.png
Pastel Lamp Pastel Lamp.png
Pastel Seat Pastel Seat.png
Pastel Stool Pastel Stool.png
Bedroom Star Lights Bedroom Star Lights.png
Star Decorations Star Decorations.png
Pastel Cupcakes Pastel Cupcakes.png
Bedroom Fairy Lights Pastel Fairy Lights.png
Pastel Table Pastel Table.png
Fluffy Pink Carpet Fluffy Pink Carpet.png
Pastel Sofa Pastel Sofa.png
Shooting Star Shooting Star.png
Pastel Teddy Bear Pastel Teddy Bear.png


In the same month that the bundle was released, a new rare was made available.

Name Image Badge
Pastel Rainbow Jumper Pastel Jumper.png GRK23.gif

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