Plastic Funeral

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The Plastic Funeral was a big campaign held in May 2012 to recycle Plasto furniture. The Ecotron only accepted Plasto and in return you get pieces and sets of Black Plasto furniture.

For a limited time only Pink and Transparent Plastic was released into the catalogue which you could buy for 1 Credit each. And even Limited Edition Rare Rainbow Plastic was released.

Pink Plasto

Pink plasto.png
Name Image
Pink Pod Chair PinkPlasto Pod.png
Pink Occasional Table PinkPlasto Occasional2.png
Pink Square Dining Table PinkPlasto SquareDining.png
Pink Four-Leg Table PinkPlasto OccasionalTable1.png
Pink Chair PinkPlasto Chair.png
Pink Round Dining Table PinkPlasto RoundDining.png

Transparent Plasto

Name Image
Transparent Plasto Pod Chair TransPlasto Pod.png
Transparent Plasto Occasional Table TransPlasto Occasional.png
Transparent Plasto Squared Dining Table TransPlasto SquareDining.png
Transparent Plasto Four-Lef Dining Table TransPlasto FourLegTable.png
Transparent Plasto Chair TransPlasto Chair.png
Transparent Plasto Round Dining Table TransPlasto RoundDining.png

Black Plasto

The Black Plasto furni range, was released shortly after it was announced, on May 4th, 2012, that Plasto would be leaving the Habbo shop for good on May 12th, 2012. During this promotion, the Black Plasto furniture could be obtained by Habbos who recycled Plasto furniture, via the Ecotron, as all rewards during this period included the new line of Black Plasto furni.

All items, apart from the Black pod chair, were common items to be won. There were two Black Plasto furni bundles available for grabs if you received an Arcane award. The first bundle included the Black plasto chair and Black round dining table. The second bundle included the Black square dining table, Black occasional table, and Black four-leg table. The Phenomenal reward was the only way to obtain the Black pod chair.

Ecotron Black Plasto.png
Name Image Motto Rarity
Black pod chair Black Pod Chair.png Cool black plastic Phenomenal
1:100 chance
Black occasional table Occasional table.png Cool black plastic Common
1:5 chance
Black square dining table Black Square Dining Table.png Cool black plastic Common
1:5 chance
Black four-leg table Black four-leg table.png Cool black plastic Common
1:5 chance
Black plasto chair Black Plasto Chair.png Cool black plastic Common
1:5 chance
Black round dining table Black round dining table.png Cool black plastic Common
1:5 chance


Badge Name Description Image
Plasto Recycler I Recycled old Plasto Furni ACH RecyclePlastos1.gif
Plasto Recycler II Recycled 101 Plastos! Amazing! ACH RecyclePlastos2.gif
Plasto Recycler III Recycled 1101 Plastos! Incredible! ACH RecyclePlastos3.gif

Rainbow Plasto

Rainbow Plasto Range

The Rainbow Plasto set of Limited Edition Rares was the culmination of the Plastic Funeral Sulake began, to say goodbye to the Plasto range of furniture. They were released in July 2012 and many Habbos attempted to collect one of each item, resulting in the items selling out 10 minutes after release.

Name Image
Rainbow occasional table Rainbow Occasional table.png
Rainbow plasto chair Rainbow Plasto Chair.png
Rainbow square dining table Rainbow Square Dining Table.png
Rainbow round dining table Rainbow round dining table.png
Rainbow pod chair Rainbow Plasto Pod.png
Rainbow four-leg table Rainbow four-legged table.png


Due to people recycling their Plasto furniture many sets were lost, making it even harder to complete a Plasto collection. Although many pieces were lost, they also raised in value since most plasto was bought for cheap before, even some called "Junks"

Now they're harder to get they're also more wanted objects then before. Especially the pod chairs, which were already popular.

A full showroom could be found in the Museum of Habbo until its end in 2020.