Posh Restaurant Bundle

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Posh Restaurant Bundle
Theme Kitchen
Release Date 2 November 2015 (Habbo.com)
Exclusive Items Bread Bin

The Posh Restaurant Bundle was a Furniture Bundle released on Habbo in November 2015 along with the release of the Cottage Kitchen additions to the Kitchen furniture line.

It mostly included furniture from the Kitchen furniture line, but it also included furniture from the Urban and Bling lines.

The bundle was sold for 199 Credits.




Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 404 Habbos have this badge.

Furniture Items

Exclusive Items

  • Bread Bin (x2)

Bundle Items

There were 124 other items included in this bundle:

  • Black Limo Front (x1)
  • Green Cushioned Chair (x2)
  • Pink Cushioned Chair (x2)
  • Black Limo Middle 3 (x1)
  • Red Brick Floor (x9)
  • Black Limo Back (x1)
  • Kitchen Work Table (x4)
  • Kitchen Counter Large (x1)
  • Butcher's Block (x2)
  • Hanging Pot Rock (x1)
  • Sidewalk (x4)
  • Street Lamp (x1)
  • Arabian Tile (x12)
  • Urban Bench (x1)
  • Glass Divider (x16)
  • Rope Divider (x1)
  • Marble Tile (x2)
  • Bouncer (x1)
  • Transparent Floor (x7)
  • Red Carpet (x1)
  • Varnished Worktop (x5)
  • Stainless Steel Sink (x1)
  • Bling Block (x3)
  • Deluxe Dishwasher (x1)
  • Chilled Drinks (x2)
  • Blue Kitchen Table (x1)
  • Savannah Landscape (x4)
  • Dinner Plates (x5)
  • Bonsai Tree (x1)
  • Bling Plant (x3)
  • Blue Kitchen Lamp (x1)
  • Varnished Worktop Corner (x3)
  • Green Kitchen Table (x1)
  • Concrete Patch (x8)
  • Pink Kitchen Table (x1)
  • Blue Cushioned Chair (x2)
  • Kitchen Fridge (x1)
  • Varnished Kitchen Gate (x2)
  • Kitchen Light (x1)
  • Trash Can (x2)
  • Industrial Sink (x1)
  • Italian Marble Floor (x14)
  • Industrial Stove (x1)