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Joined Habbo 16-July-2007
HxF username Rebloggers
Also known as Austin
Habbox Staff
Current role(s) Rare Values Manager (Jan 2020 - )
Content Designer (Sept 2020 - )

Rebloggers, also known as Austin, is the current Habbox Rare Values Manager. He first joined in July of 2007, and has played on and off since. Austin joined Habbox as a Rare Values Advisor in September of 2019 and was promoted to Rare Values Manager in January of 2020. Austin is also one of the five administrators of the popular Habbo group The Coin Club, which tracks the wealth of Habbo traders and collectors and promotes buying, selling, and rare discussion on the associated forum.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Rare Values Manager 28-Jan-2020 Present
Content Design 13-Sept-2020 Present
Rare Values Staff 17-Sept-2019 28-Jan-2020

Awards & Nominations

Year Award Result
Aug 2020 Best Department Campaign - HxSS 2020
(for Tomb Raider)

Habbox Forum Awards

Forum Award Date Awarded
Habbox Wiki Top Contributor 22-Apr-2020


  • Austin is one of the few Habbo players with over 99k credits in wealth, as audited by The Coin Club.
  • He has owned 19 unique Ultra Rares on
  • His favorite items include the Bronze Pillow and Maroon Dragon Lamp
  • Austin was one of 25 finalists for a hotel competition to determine the furni motto for the Epic Christmas Tree rare released in 2010. His submission was "So epic, even Santa wants one for Christmas!"
  • On Habbo, he enjoys scouring the marketplace for good deals and building rare collection rooms