Room Competition Finalists

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Room Competition Finalists
H15fin room.png
Release date July 2015
Category Ultra Rares

The Room Competition Finalists is an Ultra Rare that was awarded to the user Drahiq, winner of the Birthday Room Competition, as well as its respective runner-ups SueOprahWinfrey and oSkaterboyo.

The competition took place during the Habbo 15 campaign in 2015 to mark the 15th anniversary of Habbo. The competition asked users to create the room of their dreams while demonstrating quality room-building skills. The winner of the competition also received a furni called Habbo 15 Room Competition Winner.

There are only three trophies in existence (without taking into account those found in the Hall Of Habbo). All three are owned by the user HALO? in the room "Castle HALO".