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Release date: June 2017
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Outer Space
Next Campaign:
Seaside Town

Santorini was the 2017 campaign and furniture range on Habbo. The campaign began in June when the new furniture were added to the hotel. The furniture line was inspired by the Santorini culture and architecture. New Rares, including a Limited Edition Rare, Crafting items, and Room Bundles were also released throughout the month.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Santorini Arch Santorini c17 arch.png
Santorini Drinks Bar Santorini c17 bar.png
Santorini Bell Santorini c17 belltop.png
Santorini Chair Santorini c17 chair.png
Santorini Divider Santorini c17 divider.png
Santorini Corner Santorini c17 dividerend.png
Daphne The Donkey Santorini c17 donkey.png
Flower Pot Divider Santorini c17 flowerdivider.png
Santorini Savoury Food Santorini c17 food1.png
Santorini Dessert MbR5cSa.png
Santorini Gate Santorini c17 gate.png
Santorini Terrace Santorini c17 house.png
Ancient Mosaic Floor Santorini c17 mosaicfloor.png
Santorini Amphora Santorini c17 ornatepots.png
Pebbled Floor Santorini c17 pebblefloor.png
Santorini Pier Santorini c17 pierend.png
Santorini Pier Piece Santorini c17 piermid.png
Santorini Greenery Santorini c17 pottedplants.png
Santorini Shrub Santorini c17 pottedshrub.png
Santorini Cave Santorini c17 rockcave.png
Partially Submerged Rock Santorini c17 rockfloat.png
Crab Rock Pool Santorini c17 rockpool.png
Santorini Cave Roof Santorini c17 rockroof.png
Santorini Rocks Santorini c17 rocks.png
Santorini Cliff Santorini c17 rockstage.png
Santorini Roof Santorini c17 roof.png
Santorini Sand Santorini c17 sand.png
Santorini Stairs Santorini c17 stairs.png
Santorini Table Santorini c17 table.png
Santorini Vine Trellis Santorini c17 trellis.png

Summer Deal 2017

Name Image
Octohat Clothing octohat.png


Gilded Statues

STG14.gif There was also a badge for buying all four Gilded Statues

Name Image Badge
Gilded Chimera Statue Santorini r17 chimera.png STG05.gif
Gilded Hydra Statue Santorini r17 hydra.png STG08.gif
Gilded Minotaur Statue Santorini r17 minotaur.png STG07.gif
Gilded Centaur Statue Santorini r17 centaur.png STG06.gif

Ancient Relic Chest

Santorini r17 chest.png

The Ancient Relic Chest was available for 50 Credits and 50 Diamonds. It contained one of five Ancient Greek Artefacts which, when redeemed with the magic wand effect, would become a clothing item.

Name Ancient Greek Artefact Redeemed Clothing
Greek Toga Santorini c17 artefact1.png Clothing greektoga.png
Wreath Crown Santorini c17 artefact2.png Clothing leafcrown.png
Hermes' Winged Helmet Santorini c17 artefact3.png Clothing hermeshat.png
Hermes' Winged Sandals Santorini c17 artefact4.png Clothing hermesshoes.png
Hoplite Helmet Santorini c17 artefact5.png Clothing hoplitehelm.png

Limited Edition Rares

Name Image Price
Santorini Lighthouse Santorini ltd17 lighthouse.png 500 Credits

Room Bundles

Four new Room Bundles were released during the campaign: