Sloths (Furniture)

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Release date: Throughout 2016
Available from: Habbo Competitions

Sloths were a range of furniture that were obtained by taking part or winning Habbo competitions throughout 2016. There were 14 colours released in total over the course of one year, ten less to collect than the previous prizes, the Hippos. Although many users aimed to collected one of each colour, the Sloths were not as popular as Hippos as users did not see them as cute. After a year, the Sloths were no longer released and were replaced with a new animal, the Hedgehogs.


Name Image How to Obtain
Ruby Sloth Ruby Sloth.png
February Blues Sloth February Sloth.png
  • Romantic Movie Scenes competition.
  • Dream Habbo Room competition.
  • "Why did the chicken cross the road?" competition.
Emerald Sloth Emerald Sloth.png
  • Night at the Oscars. Outfit competition.
  • Alessandro VS Cedric event.
Onyx Sloth Onyx Sloth.png
Jade Sloth Jade Sloth.png
  • 2016 Eurovision Song Contest
Pearl Sloth Pearl Sloth.png
  • "I'm a Habbo get me out of here" competition.
Game Hub Sloth Game Hub Sloth.png
  • Demon Goat event.
  • Garden Game event.
  • Dodge Run event.
  • Santa's Little Helper event.
Topaz Sloth Topaz Sloth.png
  • HabboXmas15 events.
Beryl Sloth Beryl Sloth.png
  • Community challenge.
Jasper Sloth Jasper Sloth.png
  • Lucky Loo event.
Turquoise Sloth Turquoise Sloth.png
  • Habbo Server competition.
Aquamarine Sloth Aquamarine Sloth.png
  • -
Citrine Sloth Citrine Sloth.png
  • HabboLympics 2016 events.
Amethyst Sloth Amethyst Sloth.png
  • President Undercover. event.
Total Sloths 14