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Super Saver Subscription
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Release date 2011
Available from:
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Super Saver Subscription (which was originally going to be called the Mad Money subscription) was a monthly credit subscription on Habbo, which was released in 2011. Super Saver Subscription currently costs $4.99 per month, for this you get 35 credits and 1 gift point. These Points can go towards exclusive furni that you cannot buy with Credits. However, many Habbos found a way around this and just bought credits and traded them for these exclusive pieces of furni since they're tradable.

On June 8, 2016 Habbo announced that the Super Saver Subscriptions will be discontinued. Any active subscriptions would be cancelled and all the remaining gifts were converted into Diamonds.

Why buy Super Saver Subscription?

  • 35 Credits to your account each and every month at a discount.
  • A Gift Point that lets you get exclusive gifts only available to subscribers each month.
  • One time sign up- no having to go through the process each month.
  • Easy to join, easy to cancel with no hidden start up or cancellation charges.

Super Saver Subscription Rewards

All items cost 1 gift point to acquire:

Name Image Motto
Deluxe Lemon & Lime Bath
Mm tub.png

For extra fruity and smooth skin!
Deluxe Sitting Room Lamp
MM Lamp.png
Light up your life
Deluxe Lemonade Pitcher
Mm lemon drink.png
A cool glass of lemonade best after a hectic game of squash.

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