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Release date: September 2019
Available from: Builders Club

Supermarket is a range of furniture that came exclusively from the Supermarket Bundle. Upon release, the items from this range were temporarily available in Builders Club.

Name Image
Meat Fridge Clothing r22 raincoat.png
DVD Section Clothing r23 raincoat.png
Popsicle Freezer Clothing r34 raincoat.png
Icecream Tub Freezer Clothing r35 raincoat.png
Vegetable Fridge Clothing r42 raincoat.png
Dairy Fridge Clothing r29 raincoat.png
Vegetable Stand Clothing r30 raincoat.png
Deli Counter Clothing r31 raincoat.png
Dry Goods Section Clothing r32 raincoat.png
Anti-Theft Alarm Clothing r26 raincoat.png
Sale Banner Clothing r27 raincoat.png
Shopping Basket Market c19 basket.png
Supermarket Trolley Clothing r41 raincoat.png
Checkout Desk Clothing r28 raincoat.png
Self-Checkout Clothing r36 raincoat.png
Aisle Sign Clothing r37 raincoat.png
Hazardous Spillage Clothing r38 raincoat.png Clothing r39 raincoat.png Clothing r40 raincoat.png
Supermarket Tile Clothing r33 raincoat.png
Stationary Stand Clothing r21 raincoat.png

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