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Release date November 2001
Value Habbox Rare Values

When Teleporters were introduced into Habbo, it revolutionised the way Habbos could play and move around the hotel. There is a Teleporter for almost every type of furni range. There are also very rare Teleporters like the Architeuthis. Since there is no way of showing that two Teleporters are linked, there are many that don't link or that go to random rooms. This caused a lot of annoyance throughout Habbo but yet still to this day, Habbo staff have done nothing about it.


Teleporters can be utilised in many ways, the most common of which being to link two rooms together; whether they are owned by the same person or not. One example of this would be in the popular game Takeshi's Castle (Carnival) in which many rooms filled with different games are linked together. Habbos can also use Teleporters to transport themselves from one spot to another in large rooms or to create unique games such as 'Guess the Teleport'. 

"Classic" Teleporters

These are the very first Teleporters that were introduced into the catalogue under the furniture line "Teleporters". They have been in the catalogue since November 2001. Here are the classic Teleporters

Name Motto Image
Wardrobe Narnia has nothing on this teleport device!
Portaloo Festival-chic inter-room transport
Telephone Box Move to another room in traditional English style
Telephone Box.gif

Other Teleporters

All other types of Teleporters have either been released in a furniture range or as part of a campaign (e.g. the Imperial Teleport was handed out as a Habbo Club gift), the only exception to this is the Mall Teleport which was only handed out to Habbo Mall Competition winners and some official Fansite's help desks. No-one has a linking pair due to each user only receiving 1 Mall Teleporter, the other remained inside the Habbo Mall. Here are all the other types of Teleporters:

Name Image Info
1800 Tele.png
Released as part of the 1800 campaign. The branding was later removed from the furniture item, hence the weird name. This item is so valuable, that even a non-linking ads_1800tele has a value.
American Idol Star Teleport
American Idol Tele.gif
Released into Habbo USA during the American Idol campaign.
Released as one of the collectables in 2009 and is so valuable, that even a non-linking Architeuthis has a value.
Attic Door Teleport
Beach Hut Teleport
Bling Teleporter
Bling Teleporter.gif
Released into hotels during the Valentine's 2011 campaign as part of an extension for the Bling furniture line.
Changing Room Teleport
Beach Tele.gif
Released in the Big Wave furniture line during Summer 2010.
Cinema Teleport 1
Cinema Teleport 2
Cinema Teleport 3
Cinema Teleport 4
Conference Door Teleport
Coral Kingdom Teleport
Costume Hopper
Cyber Teleport
Dark Spades Card Tile
Dimensional Teleport
Door Teleport
Door Tele.gif
The Door Teleport was first released into hotels in April 2008!
Dragon Teleport
Dragon Tele.png
This Teleport was released as part of an extension to the Chinese New Year range in 2012.
Elevator Teleport
This was an addition to the Executive furniture line in 2009.
Enchanted Teleport
Fiery Pits Teleport
Garden Teleport
Habbo Falls Teleport
HC Executive Elevator Teleport
Hot Spring Teleport
Icy Teleporter
Icy Tele.gif
First spotted on a group page regarding Christmas 2008 - it was officially released near Christmas. A single Icy Teleport is also worth a small amount.
Idea Agency Teleport
Idea Agency Tele.png
Released during a campaign, the branding was removed at a later date. A single one of these Teleports is also worth a few credits.
Imperial Teleport
Imperial Teleport.png
Introduced as a HC (Habbo Club) gift before the update of HC in 2011.
Leafy Teleport
Locker Teleport (Blue)
Blue locker tele.gif
Released alongside the School furniture in 2011 and is identical to the Blue Locker (not the Teleport version).
Locker Teleport (Red)
Red Locker Teleport.png
Released alongside the School furniture in 2011 and is identical to the Red Locker (not the Teleport version).
Lost Souls Teleport
Lost Tribe Teleport
Mall Lift
Mall tele-door
Mall-E Tele.gif
Only handed out singularly (the other Teleporter is in the Habbo Mall) to a handful of competition winners and Fansite help desk owners.
Metro Entrance Teleport
Released during the Winter City Festival Campaign in 2018.
Monstrous Worm Teleport
Outhouse Teleport
Pharaoh Teleport
Pirate Teleport
Random Banzai Teleporter
Banzai Tele.gif
This is the only Teleporter that cannot be linked between 2 rooms and is sold separately.
Rare Iron Maiden
Iron maiden.gif
This was released in late 2010 at a catalogue price of 25c (an alternative to Collectables).
Reaper Teleport
Red Spades Card Tile
Rock Teleport
Picnic tele.png
Released into the Picnic furniture range in May 2011.
Room Hopper Curtains
Room Hopper Elevator
Room Hopper Tubes
Santa's Fireplace Teleport
Santa Tele.gif
Released into the Christmas 2010 furniture range.
School Locker Teleport
Snapping Teleporter
Snapping Teleporter.gif
Released into the Flower Power furniture line for Easter 2010.
Solid Gold Teleport
Space Teleporter
Space teleporter.gif
Released into the Sci-fi furniture line in Summer 2009.
Stable Hopper
Steampunk Door
Steampunk Teleport
Tent Teleport
The Gate of Eternity
The Gate of Eternity.png
Tiki Teleport
Topspin Teleport
The Outhouse
Country tele
First released into Habbo Canada on May 1st 2009, then into other hotels shortly afterwards.
Tree Teleport
Haunted tele.gif
Released into the Voodoo furniture line (to celebrate "Habboween") in 2010.
White Restaurant Door Teleport

Calippo Teleport

The Spanish hotel has had a long-lasting campaign with Calippo since Spring 2008. In Spring 2008, a Calippo Teleport was added into the hotel along with many other branded items. Here is the Teleport information;

Name Image
Calippo Teleport
Calippo tele.gif

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