Thursday Temptations

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Thursday Temptations was a weekly Furni offer that saw a range of items come into the Catalogue as a bundle for 10 Credits. It was mainly done on during the merge in 2010, but was brought back for a few weeks in 2011 post-merge on the new .COM Hotel.

Each week a new scenario was given, usually about celebrities in real life - the bundle often reflected the story and they were available for a week. They took spot in the Special Offers category in the Catalogue.

Date Items included Images
10th July 2010
  • Weird Staring Bush.
  • Ice Sculpture.
  • Stick In Jar.
  • Command Console.
Weird Staring Bush.gifIce Sculpture.pngRelax stick.gifCommand console.gif
22nd July 2010
  • V Guitar.
  • Runway Divider.
  • Volcano Flower.
  • Basket of Eggs.
Guitar v.gifRunway divider.gifVolcano Flower.gifBasket Of Eggs.png
29th July 2010
  • The Brain.
  • Japanese Tea Maker.
  • Gold Toilet.
  • Hot Tub.
The Brain.pngJp tea.gifGolden Toilet.gifHot Tub.gif
5th August 2010
  • Chinese Blossom Tree.
  • Pro Digital Deck.
  • Shalimar Chandelier.
  • Reindeer Droppings.
Asian tree.pngPRO.pngShalimar lamp.gifReindeer Droppings.gif
12th August 2010
  • Spring Duck.
  • Red Katana.
  • Shalimar Fountain.
  • Relaxation Stones.
Spring Duck.pngJp katana red.gifShalimar fountain anim.gifRelax stand.gif
19th August
  • Pink Pandemic.
  • Clawford C. Crabbington III .
  • Basketball Trophy.
  • Campfire.
  • DJ Table.
Pink Pandemic.gifClawford C. Crabbington III.gifBasketball Trophy.gifDj Table.png
26th August 2010
  • Big Torch.
  • Comfort Cradle.
  • Mannequin Head.
  • Basket of Eggs.
Lt pillar 1.gifRelax chair.gifRunway head.gifBasket Of Eggs.png
9th September 2010
  • Skeleduck.
  • Moongate.
  • Rain.
  • Star Flower.
  • Country Ditch.
Skeleduck.pngAsian gate.pngCountry rain.pngStar Flower.gifCountry ditch.png
16th September 2010
  • Bling Fridge.
  • African Bones.
  • Habbowood Spotlight.
  • Butcher's Block.
Bling fridge.gifAfricanBones.gifHw spotlight.gifKitchen block.gif