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FlyingJesus is one of the longest-serving members of Habbox Forum. First joining the forum in early 2006, he has created countless threads and his post count is in excess of 20,000 meaning that he has officially attained Forum God status.

2008 saw FlyingJesus' first foray into the Habbox staff ranks, joining the Articles department and soon after being appointed Community Support Manager, a role that was eventually merged with Moderation Manager to become the Forum Manager role we have had ever since. There were other changes made to the staff structure at the same time as this merge was put in place, and his role as Articles staff was also terminated as the department was temporarily closed in favour of a specialised News team.

He was a Habbox Merit for a period of time on the Forum but was removed due to various changes to the way a member could earn it. In 2012 he was placed rightly back into the user group due to him dedicating his time to supporting Habbox's various management teams and bodies such as the Habbox Council throughout the years. November of 2015 saw FlyingJesus return to a more literal staff role as an Events Organiser, and was in February 2016 elevated to the Senior version of the job before ascending again in June to Assistant Manager, before taking on the full managerial role at the beginning of September of the same year after Meanies left the team. He currently holds the title of Events Manager at Habbox.


Role: Start Date: End Date:
Events Manager 01-Sep-2016 Present
Assistant Events Manager 25-June-2016 01-Sep-2016
Articles Staff 12-Aug-2008 02-Jan-2009
Community Support Manager 24-Oct-2008 02-Jan-2009


Award Date Received
Posting Statistics Award 05-02-2015
Member of the Month (Won 12 Times)
Debates Top Contributor 10-12-2010
20,000 Posts 27-04-2016
15,000 Posts 03-08-2014
10,000 Posts 12-06-2010
5,000 Posts 14-12-2011
2,500 Posts 14-12-2011
1,000 Posts 14-12-2011
HxHD SNQ Winner 03-03-2013
Events Player of the Month 12-09-2013
10 Years Achievement 27-04-2016
10 Year Milestone 08-02-2016
9 Year Milestone 23-07-2015
8 Year Milestone 23-05-2014
7 Year Milestone 24-04-2013
6 Year Milestone 26-03-2012
5 Year Milestone 14-12-2011
4 Year Milestone 12-06-2010
3 Year Milestone 14-12-2011
2 Year Milestone 14-12-2011
1 Year Milestone 14-12-2011
HabboxForum Summer Adventure 31-08-2013
Santa's List ~ Naughty Award 21-12-2013
Santa's Grotto Participant Award 31-12-2013
'Draw my thing' Participant 18-04-2014
Habbox Christmas 2012 03-08-2014
Habbox Christmas 2013 03-08-2014
Habbox Christmas 2014 23-07-2015
Christmas Karaoke Participant 31-12-2015
HabboxStarz Participant 27-08-2014
Happy New Year! 2016 01-01-2016
HabboxForum Big Brother Participant 15-07-2010
Retro Week 03-07-2013
Iconic Design Participant 01-01-2015
Gryffindor Cup 09-03-2015
HxHD Saturday Night Quiz Host Award 11-01-2016
Staff of the Month 11-01-2016
Easter Eggstravaganza 2016 Winner 18-04-2016


  • Has the highest reputation count (and reputation power) of any HabboxForum member
  • Was the Executive VIP Representative for the short-lived Habbox Council
  • Has been winner of the Forum's Member of the Month on 12 separate occasions so far