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V11 Rares are a set of rares that were added to Habbo Hotel within version 11.

Several new floor patches and other miscellaneous furniture are part of this selection. The main feature of the V11 rares are the Sleeping Bags, which are all similar in style (In that there are several recolours) to the V7 Rares.

Sometimes the floor patches from the V11 rares are considered as "Classical Rares", however, this is a false classification as the classical rares are all pre-V7.


Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags were added to the hotel in Version 11. They have been steadily released over the years and were one of the first sleeping position rares. Currently the Army Sleeping Bag is a Super Rare and as such is one of the most expensive and sought after items of furniture on the entire hotel, it is currently valued at 105 credits or around a third of a throne.

Name Image
Army Sleeping Bag Army sleeping bag.gif
Blue Sleeping Bag Blue sleeping bag.gif
Graphite Sleeping Bag Graphite sleeping bag.gif
Khaki Sleeping Bag Khaki sleeping bag.gif
Lime Sleeping Bag Lime sleeping bag.gif
Ocean Sleeping Bag Ocean sleeping bag.gif
Orange Sleeping Bag Orange sleeping bag.gif
Purple Sleeping Bag Purple sleeping bag.gif
Red Sleeping Bag Red sleeping bag.gif
Yellow Sleeping Bag Yellow sleeping bag.gif

One Way Gates

One Way Gates were added to Habbo as part of the V11 Rares set, these also included Inflatable Chairs and Traffic Lights. The set of One Way Gates come in various colours such as black, blue and red; they also are unique to Habbo due to the way they work.

To use a One Way Gate the user must stand behind it (ensuring that the part with the green and red light is the furthest away) and they must double click it; they will then walk through. After that they can no longer get through again unless the gate is rotated. They are often used in Mazes to make the rooms harder, they also don't have the feature 'use' like other furni so cannot be preclicked.

Name Image
Aquamarine One Way Gate
Aquamarine One Way Gate.gif
Beige One Way Gate
Beige One Way Gate.gif
Black One Way Gate
Black One Way Gate.gif
Blue One Way Gate Center
Green One Way Gate
Green One Way Gate.gif
Pink One Way Gate
Pink One Way Gate.gif
Red One Way Gate
Red One Way Gate.gif
White One Way Gate
White One Way Gate.gif
Yellow One Way Gate
Yellow One Way Gate.gif

Inflatable Chairs

Inflatable Chairs were first released as V11 Rares, they were accompanied by other collections such as Sleeping Bags and Road Barriers. They have drifted away from their original V11 era and more often appear in the Catalogue for summer events. These chairs are of little value but appear somewhat transparent and are useful as seats in Habbox Events and general Habbo rooms.

There are 8 different colours in the Inflatable Chairs set and they have had a makeover throughout their time with renaming and motto changing. They all have the same motto and currently aren't worth much due to the summer officially ending.

Not every colour was released in each hotel with the most common being the Lime Inflatable Chair and the rarest being the Orange and Black Inflatable Chairs.

Name Image
Blue Inflatable Chair Blue Inflatable Chair.gif
Ocean Inflatable Chair Ocean Inflatable Chair.gif
Black Inflatable Chair Black Inflatable Chair.gif
Red Inflatable Chair Pink Inflatable Chair.gif
Lime Inflatable Chair Lime Inflatable Chair.gif
White Inflatable Chair White Inflatable Chair.gif
Violet Inflatable Chair Violet Inflatable Chair.gif
Orange Inflatable Chair Orange Inflatable Chair.gif

Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights accompanied both One Way Gates and Inflatable Chairs by their release as V11 Rares. These were mainly released in 2007 and it included various colours such as red and blue.

The rares aren't used in many rooms but can sometimes be found in racing and mazes due to them being perfect items to give a 'go' and 'stop' process; they can also be 'used' so that they can be turned on (with a red or green light) or off. There are also 6 different colours available, with the Classic Traffic Light being worth the most due to the rarity and the fact it isn't named after a colour (like the other 5).

Overall, the prices are stable and aren't expensive.

Name Image
Red Traffic Light
Red Traffic Light.gif
Classic Traffic Light
Classic Traffic Light.gif
White Traffic Light
White Traffic Light.gif
Purple Traffic Light
Purple Traffic Light.gif
Yellow Traffic Light
Yellow Traffic Light.gif
Blue Traffic Light
Blue Traffic Light.gif

Road Barriers

Road Barriers were released with other sets in the V11 Rares, there were only 3 colours of these released, Red, White and Yellow and became the smallest range included in the rares. They've appeared on each hotel, mostly via the Catalogue but were also spotted with rooms, especially the White Road Barrier which was used to construct a room on the Italian Hotel called 'Corsa Infernale' and as created by 'Linadismeraldo.'

The Road Barriers aren't expensive in value with them only peaking at approximately 3 Credits. Also, unlike other V11 Rares, the Road Barriers were released together in January 2007 on the Dutch Hotel but other [hotels] had released earlier. The Swiss Hotel had released only the Red Road Barrie in November 2006 whereas most hotels followed that in December the same year.

Road Barriers fit closely with the other V11 Rares such as Traffic Lights as they resemble the same range of road safety and the furni reflects that.

Name Image
Red Road Barrier Red Road Barrier.gif
White Road Barrier White Road Barrier.gif
Yellow Road Barrier Yellow Road Barrier.gif


Name Image
Rare Monster Plant Monster Plant.gif
Industrial Turbine Anim ventilo.gif
Snow Patch Snow patch.gif
Moon Rug Moon Patch.gif
Tropical Beach Rug Tropical beach rug.gif
Bulrush Bulrush1.gif
Wheel of Fortune Wheeloffortune.png

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