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V7 Rares (Version Seven) are a set of Rares which were added to the hotel back in version seven, they are mostly recolours of the same rare over and over. The Rares have taken a long time to all be released and some of them still have not even featured in a competition and are only usable by staff! Despite this most of them are in circulation and they usually fetch for above ten club sofas each and easily stretch into the thousands of club sofas at the high end.

Available Colours

For the most part the variety of colours for each one is fairly consistent and usually are some combination of the following colours.

  • Aqua (or turquoise)
  • Blue
  • Black (or graphite)
  • Green (or jade)
  • Navy (or ultramarine)
  • Orange (or bronze/ochre)
  • Olive Green (or graphite)
  • Pink (called purple if purple is violet)
  • Purple (or violet)
  • Red
  • White (or silver/grey)
  • Yellow (or gold)


Dragon Lamps

Dragon Lamps were added to the hotel in Version 7 (excluding the Pink Dragon Lamp which was added in January 2013). Currently the Golden, Silver and Bronze dragon lamps are Super Rares and are some of the most expensive and sought after items of furniture on the hotel.

Name Image
Silver Dragon Lamp Silver dragon lamp.gif
Blue Dragon Lamp Blue dragon lamp.gif
Sky Dragon Lamp Sky dragon lamp.gif
Jade Dragon Jade dragon.gif
Forest Dragon Lamp Forest dragon lamp.gif
Golden Dragon Golden dragon.gif
Bronze Dragon Lamp Bronze dragon lamp.gif
Fire Dragon Lamp Fire dragon lamp.gif
Pink Dragon Lamp Pink Dragon 2.png
Frost Dragon Lamp Frost dragon.gif
Black Dragon Lamp Black dragon lamp.gif


Fans were added to the hotel in Version 7. They have been steadily released over the years and is one of the few V7 Rare ranges which serve no purpose. Currently the Yellow and Brown Fans are Super Rares and as such are two of the most expensive and sought after items of furniture on the entire hotel. All the fans have the description "Turn it on and enjoy the cool breeze".

Name Image
Blue Powered Fan Blue powered fan.gif
Turquoise Powered Fan Turqoise powered fan.gif
Green Powered Fan Green powered fan.gif
Yellow Powered Fan Yellow powered fan.gif
Orange Powered Fan Orange powered fan.gif
Red Powered Fan Red powered fan.gif
Superlove Pink Fan Superlove pink fan.gif
Fucsia Powered Fan Fucsia powered fan.gif
Purple Powered Fan Purple powered fan.gif
Brown Powered Fan Brown powered fan.gif

Ice Cream Machines

Ice Cream Machines (Or Ice Cream Makers / ICMs) were added to the hotel in Version 7. They have been gradually released over the years and were one of the first rare sets to dispense items (Ice cream). Currently the Fucsia and Purple Ice Cream Machines are Super Rares and as such are two of the most expensive and sought after items of furniture on the entire hotel. Additional machines have been added after Version 7, such as the Silver Icecream Machine and Executive Ice Cream Maker.

Name Image
Blue Ice Cream Maker Blue ice cream maker.gif
Aqua Ice Cream Maker Aqua ice cream maker.gif
Shamrock Shake Machine Shamrock shake machine.gif
Gold Ice Cream Maker Gold ice cream maker.gif
Ochre Ice Cream Maker Ochre ice cream maker.gif
Red Ice Cream Maker Red ice cream maker.gif
Pink Ice Cream Maker Pink ice cream maker.gif
Fucsia Ice Cream Maker Fuchsia ice cream maker.gif
Purple Ice Cream Maker Purple ice cream maker.gif
Choco Ice Cream Maker Choco ice cream maker.gif

Laser Gates

Laser Gates were added to the hotel in Version 7. Presently only the Pink Laser Gate is a Super Rare, it is unvalued due to the limited number of them on the hotel and difficult in verifying the trades which do occur. Despite the range being called "Laser Gates" all but two of the gates are called "Laser Portals", with the Red gate being called a Laser Door and the Gold gate being a Plasma Gate rather than a Laser Gate. All of them have the description "Energy beams. No trespassers!" except for the Golden Plasma Gate which has the description "Access Granted".

Name Image
White Laser Portal White laser portal.gif
Violet Laser Portal Violet laser portal.gif
Blue Laser Portal Blue laser portal.gif
Turquoise Laser Portal Turqoise laser portal.gif
Jade Laser Portal Jade laser portal.gif
Golden Plasma Gate Golden plasma gate.gif
Red Laser Door Red laser door.gif
Pink Laser Portal Pink Laser Portal.gif
Purple Laser Portal Purple laser portal.gif
Black Laser Portal Black laser portal.gif


Marquees were added to the hotel in Version 7. Currently, the Pink Marquee and the Blue Marquee are Super Rares and are some of the most expensive and sought after items of furniture on the entire hotel. Currently the Graphite Marquee has not been made available (even in competition) on Habbo.com.

Name Image
White Marquee White marquee.gif
Majestic Marquee Majestic marquee.gif
Blue Marquee Blue marquee.gif
Aqua Marquee Aqua marquee.gif
Green Marquee Green marquee.gif
Yellow Marquee Yellow marquee.gif
Red Marquee Red marquee.gif
Pink Marquee Pink marquee.gif
Purple Marquee Purple marquee.gif
Graphite Marquee Graphite marquee.gif


Monoliths were added to the hotel in Version 7. Currently just the Yellow Monolith is a Ultra Rare. All of the monoliths have the description of either "Safe and secure in space" or "Beam it up", there does not seem to be a system behind this. Despite the series being called Monoliths, only "The Black Monolith" is called a monolith and all of the others are called "Spaceship Doors". "The Black Monolith" is likely a reference to "2001: A Space Odyssey" as it resembles the Monolith which appears at several key points throughout the film.

Name Image
White Spaceship Door White spaceship door.gif
Violet Spaceship Door Violet spaceship door.gif
Blue Spaceship Door Blue spaceship door.gif
Sky Spaceship Door Sky spaceship door.gif
Aqua Spaceship Door Aqua spaceship door.gif
Jade Spaceship Door Jade spaceship door.gif
Yellow Spaceship Door Yellow spaceship door.gif
Pink Spaceship Door Pink spaceship door.gif
Purple Spaceship Door Purple spaceship door.gif
The Black Monolith The black monolith.gif

Oriental Screens

Oriental Screens were added to the hotel in Version 7. Currently the Golden Oriental Screen and Pink Oriental Screen are Super Rares and as such are two of the most expensive and sought after items of furniture on the entire hotel. Currently, the Purple and Aqua Oriental Screens to this day have not been made available on Habbo.com, even in competition. Also, the Purple Oriental Screen has never been released or even spotted inside a hotel!

Name Image
White Oriental Screen White oriental screen.gif
Teal Oriental Screen Teal oriental screen.gif
Blue Oriental Screen Blue oriental screen.gif
Aqua Oriental Screen Aqua oriental screen.gif
Green Oriental Screen Green oriental screen.gif
Golden Oriental Screen Golden oriental screen.gif
Red Oriental Screen Red oriental screen.gif
Pink Oriental Screen Pink oriental screen.gif
Purple Oriental Screen Purple oriental screen.gif
Grey Asian Screen Grey asian screen.gif


Pillows were added to the hotel in Version 7 (excluding the Bronze Pillow and Silver Pillow which were added in January 2013). Currently the Turquoise and Navy Giant Pillows are Super Rares and are two of the most expensive and sought after items of furniture on the entire hotel.

Name Image
A Snow Drift A snow drift.gif
Navy Giant Pillow Navy giant pillow.gif
Blue Giant Pillow Blue giant pillow.gif
Silver Pillow SPILLOW.png
Turquoise Giant Pillow Turquoise giant pillow.gif
Green Giant Pillow Green giant pillow.gif
Golden Giant Pillow Golden giant pillow.gif
Festive Red Pillow Festive red pillow.gif
Bonnie Blonde's Pillow Bonnie blonde's pillow.gif
Pink Giant Pillow Pink giant pillow.gif
Bronze Pillow BPILLOW.png
Black Giant Pillow Black giant pillow.gif


Pillars were added to the hotel in Version 7.

Currently the Pink, Blue, Olive Green and Rock Pillars are Super Rares and as such are some of the most expensive and sought after items of furniture on the entire hotel.

Name Image
Doric Classic Pillar Doric classic pillar.gif
Doric Blue Pillar Doric blue pillar.gif
Doric Olive Green Pillar Doric olive green pillar.gif
Doric Green Pillar Doric green pillar.gif
Doric Gold Pillar Doric gold pillar.gif
Doric Terracotta Pillar Doric terracotta pillar.gif
Doric Pink Marble Pillar Doric pink marble pillar.gif
Leap Day Pillar Leap day pillar.gif
Doric Rock Doric rock.gif
Doric Graphite Pillar Doric graphite pillar.gif

Smoke Machines

Smoke Machines were added to the hotel in Version 7. Currently the Blue, Purple, Pink and Violet smoke machines are Super Rares and as such are some of the most expensive and sought after items of furniture on the entire hotel. Most of the Smoke Machines have the description 'Retro-mystification', likely a reference to 1980s smoke machines. However, the HB Zero-300 has the description 'The perfect Habboween addition!' due to its initial release during Habboween and the Violet Smoke Machine has the description 'Something fishy is going on...'.

Name Image
Grey Smoke Machine Grey smoke machine.gif
Violet Smoke Machine Violet smoke machine.gif
Blue Smoke Machine Blue smoke machine.gif
Aqua Smoke Machine Aqua smoke machine.gif
Jade Smoke Machine Jade smoke machine.gif
Yellow Smoke Machine Yellow smoke machine.gif
Red Smoke Machine Red smoke machine.gif
Pink Smoke Machine Pink smoke machine.gif
Purple Smoke Machine Pluto smoke machine.gif
HB Zero-300 HB zero 300.gif

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