Wild Wild West

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Wild Wild West
Release date: August 2014
Season: N/A
Available from: Builders Club

The Wild West furniture range was one of the most sought after on Habbo after its release on the 13th August 2014. It came with various room bundles, Bonus Rares, and a new version of the Love Locks that were released during the Valentine's campaign the previous year. The campaign lasted around a month and ran alongside a part of the Habbo Palooza campaign for 2014. It also featured around 59 new items overall.

Habbo released a full schedule of how the campaign would pan out. This was so players knew what was happening and when so they wouldn't miss it. However, some of the events within the campaign didn't get the most positive feedback.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image Name Image
Terracotta Spittoon Wildwest spittoon.png Tin Spittoon Wildwest spittoontin.png
Flowered Cactus Floweredcactus.png Lantern Pole Lanternpole.png
Saloon Doors Saloondoors.png Bleached Wooden Stage Roof Bleachedwoodenstageroof.png
Red Wooden Stage Roof Redwoodenstageroof.png Brown Wooden Stage Roof Brownwoodenstagewithroof.png
Tumbleweed Tumbleweed.png Black Vulture Blackvulture.png
Saloon Drinks Cabinet Saloondrinkscabinet.png Saloon Wall Saloonwall.png
Saloon Corner Salooncorner.png Small Bleached Wooden Stage Smallbleachedwoodenstage.png
Small Red Wooden Stage Smallredwoodenstage.png Small Brown Wooden Stage Smallbrownwoodenstage.png
Large Bleached Wooden Stage Largebleachedwoodenstage.png Large Red Wooden Stage Largeredwoodenstage.png
Large Brown Wooden Stage Largewoodenbrownstage.png Shoot'em Up Saloon Shootemupsaloon.png
Frank's General Store Franksgeneralstore.png Sherriff's Office Sheriffsoffice.png
Frontier Bank Frontierbank.png Salloon Wallpaper Saloonwallpaper.png
Saddle Seat Saddleseat.png Barrel Table Barreltable.png
Drying Line Dryingline.png Rattle Snake Rattlesnake.png
Cracked Earth Tile Crackedearthtile.png Cracked Clay Tile Crackedclaytile.png
Cowboy Stocks Cowboystocks.png Longhorn Skull Longhornskull.png
Fort Habbo Gate Forthabbogate.png Fort Habbo Divider Forthabbodivider.png
Fort Habbo Corner Forthabbocorner.png Saloon Bar Desk Saloonbardesk.png
Hand Water Pump Handwaterpump.png Outside Bench Wildwest bench.png
Wooden Crate Wildwest crate.png Spiky Cactus Spikycactus.png
Loca-motive Sofa Loca-motivesofa.png Loca-motive Background Wildwest bgtrain.png
Loca-motive landscape Loca-motivelandscape.png

Wanted Posters

Image Release Date
Wildwest wanted poster.png 13th August


Name Image Badge
Old Fashion Till Wildwest till.png WWB34.gif
Covered Wagon Wildwest wagon.png WWB35.gif
Ghostly Gallows Wildwest gallows.png WWB36.gif

Limited Edition Rare

Name Image Price
Saloon Piano Saloon Piano.png 250 Credits


Exclusive Furniture

Name Image Exclusive Bundle
Wild West Poncho Indian Poncho.png Wild West Bar Bundle


  • The Wild West Poncho was originally called Indian Poncho but the name was changed not long after it was released.