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Each year Habbo attempt to make the Christmas period enjoyable and interactive, they ensure that the players have something to collect or accomplish throughout the month of December and often reward those players with special, rare prizes. In previous years the collection of Penguins and Snowflakes took place and they were intriguing and offered many rewards!

The Penguins promotion required you to log in each day to redeem a different Penguin and once you had done so you were still in the running to receive the special gift at the end; a Penguin Gift, they appeared icy and stood tall like an Emperor Penguin and are still available to buy and sell in the hotel today. They are also a hot buy near Christmas time due to the appearance of it.

Other years saw the Snowflake epidemic and they returned for their second year for Christmas 2011, they came with the Christmas Cabin furniture and the 2010 Snowflake gifts made a reappearance!

Christmas furni


Christmas 2007

2008 - Arctic

Arctic Penguins


Christmas 2009


Christmas 2010 Snowflakes

2011 - Christmas Cabin and Winter Landscaping

Gift Items Christmas Cabin Winter Landscaping Snowflakes

2012 - XMAS Castles

2013 - Santa's Workshop

2014 - Tropical Xmas

2015 - Bavarian Christmas

2016 - Christmas Citadel

2017 - Victorian Christmas

2018 - Winter City Festival