Cursed Caves

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Cursed Caves
Spromo hween17 gen1.png
Release date October 2017
Season Habboween
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)

Cursed Caves was a furniture line that was released in October 2017 as part of the Habboween campaign. The furniture line included nineteen new furniture items, four new clothing items, four rare items, and four Room Bundles that each came with their own exclusive furnitures. Competitions were also held during the campaign which awarded winners and participants with either campaign-related prizes, such as a "trick" or a "treat", or regular Habbo-related prizes such as Builders Club memberships and a Badge.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Monstrous Worm Teleport MonstrousWormTeleport.png
Zombie Grunt
Falling Rocks
Dormant Zombie
Pile of Bones
Diseased Rat
Dripping Rock
Cursed Lichen
Flame Trap
Cursed Cave Wall
Cursed Rocks
Cursed Portcullis
Cursed Pillar
Buried Zombie Trap
Small Cursed Pillar
Cursed Cave Floor
Cursed Trap
Cursed Tent
Torture Rack


Name Image
Medieval Bun Medieval Bun.png
Plague Mask Plague Mask.png
Zombie Eyes Zombie Eyes.gif
Demonic Eyes Demonic Eyes.gif


Name Image Badge
Vampire Bat Hat Vampire Bat Hat.png CAV01.gif
Cursed Dragon Statue Cursed Dragon Statue.png CAV02.gif
Medieval Crown Medieval Crown.png CAV03.gif
Cursed Throne Cursed Throne.png CAV04.gif

Limited Edition Rares

Name Image Badge
Hellfire Dragon Beed1f dra.gif CAV05.gif

Room Bundles

Four Room Bundles were released during this campaign, each including their own exclusive item of furniture.

Exclusive Furniture

Name Image Exclusive Bundle
Cursed Roots Hween c17 hangingroots.png Bat Cave Bundle
Cursed Gibbet Hween c17 gibbet.png Ancient Jail Bundle
Mushroom Men Hween c17 shroomthing.png Cave Entrance Bundle
Mimic Chest Mimic Chest.png Hidden Treasure Bundle


Habboween Outfit


The campaign began with the Habboween Outfit competition where users were given the oppurtunity to design a Habboween outfit for the Habbo staff Olsoweir, Megalakazam, Cupcakesio, WaltzMatilda and Natunen to wear throughout October. The prize was a trick, a treat, and a badge.

The winners were:

  • _lj (for WaltzMatilda)
  • Audemars (for Olsoweir)
  • ArchdukeEmrys (for Cupcakesio)
  • aleya19 (for Natunen)
  • Witchas (for megalakazam)

#HauntedHabbo: Room Comp

The #HauntedHabbo Room Competition asked Habbo to design a Haunted House.

The winners were:

  • kalesalad
  • spyjthecrazy
  • Sh4vV
  • funkyjen
  • kespia
  • UltimateRohanll
  • Cinplex
  • sofie372
  • Wretched.Witch
  • x_PartyFavor_x



The #StrangerHabbo competition asked Habbos to imagine the Upside Down from Stranger Things and show it by building a room, drawing it, or through pixel art. The winners received a badge, 5 days of Builders Club and a Halloween furni pack. Runners up also received the badge.

The winners were:

  • kovsky.
  • icearbr
  • L0-VE & Fable
  • teeheeme!
  • JayLiPops

The runners up were:

  • Pulx and Atlantic
  • Cinoplex
  • shakrod
  • Websit, Kely,au, and Cashmeh
  • chidiva
  • nicogk9705 and Neurologist
  • Corlay

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