Day Of The Dead

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Day Of The Dead
Release date October 2014
Season Halloween
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally) MarketPlace

The Day Of The Dead (Habboween 2014) furniture range was added on 17th October 2014, just days after the Habboween event officially began on the 8th. This range consisted of 43 different items in total, 3 of them being exclusive to Habbo Club members. 3 mask effects soon followed the release.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image Motto
Black Adobe Wall Black Adobe Wall.png Keep the good spirits in.
Black Adobe Corner Black Adobe Corner.png Keep the good spirits in.
Black Adobe Skull Gate Black Adobe Skull Gate.png Enter...if you dare.
Black Adobe Divider Black Adobe Divider.png Keep the good spirits in.
Mariachi Skeleton Mariachi Skeleton.png Arrribbbaaaa!
Day of the Dead Altar Piece Day of the Dead Altar Piece Amigo.png Adios, amigo.
Day of the Dead Altar Piece Day of the Dead Altar Piece.png Adios, my Duck friend.
Day of the Dead Altar Piece Day of the Dead Cowboy Altar Piece.png Adios, my Cowboy Duck friend.
La Ofrenda La Ofrenda.png Eat and be merry.
Habboween Grub Habboween Grub.png Eyeballs and all.
Flower Garland Flower Garland.png Dress the altar.
Melting Candles Melting Candles.png Guide the spirits.
Table Candle Table Candle.png Guiding the spirits.
Cranial lamp Cranial Lamp.png Shine bright like a skeleton.
Ornate Skull Flowerpot Ornate Skull Flowerpot.png Blooming with life.
Skele Skele.png The bones of past Habbos.
Day of the Dead Votive Day of the Dead Votive.png Your friendship sets my heart on fire.
Skull Rug Skull Rug.png Brighten up your room.
Skull Stained Glass Skull Stained Glass.png It's not creepy - It's cool!
Floral Stained Glass Floral Stained Glass.png Let the sun shine through.
Deluxe Coffin Bed Deluxe Coffin Bed.png Why buy a coffin for just one day?
Skull Mirror Skull Mirror.png A gateway to the second dimension.
Lamancha Goat Lamancha Goat.png *bleat bleat*
Hand Carved Mexican Chair Hand Carved Mexican Chair.png Take a break from dancing.
Floral Bench Floral Bench.png Sit down and breath.
Hand Carved Mexican Table Hand Carved Mexican Table.png Lay down your offerings.
Skull Bed Skull Bed.png Rest your bones.
Skull Granite Floor Skull Granite Floor.png Carved from the finest of bone... I mean granite.
Colorful Coffin Colorful Coffin.png Herein lies a lovely, dead surprise.
Mariachi Doll Mariachi Doll.png They say his maracas have powers.
Catrina Doll Catrina Doll.png The elegant lady.
Dressed to the nines Doll Dressed to the nines doll.png Always dressed to impress.
Habbo Boy Habbo Boy.png Hoodies and headphones.
Tattooed Skeleton Tattooed Skeleton.png Fight for your right to be inked.
Lucha Libre Lucha Libre.png Featherweight fighting to go pro.
Habbo Girl Hween14 doll7.png I HEART Ducket cats.
Punk Rock Punk Rock Doll.png Hardcore rocker.
Grim Reaper Grim Reaper Doll.png Don't touch his scythe. Seriously.
Skeleton Cat Skeleton Cat Doll.png Your not-so-furry friend.
Demon Goat Demon Goat.png Don't get rammed.
Skull in the Box Skull in the box.png Give your loved ones a fright.
Muerto Music Box Muerto Music Box.png Sway to the sweet sound of skeleton notes.
Fiesta Wooden Horse Fiesta Wooden Horse.png The spirits are horsing around again.


Limited Edition Rares

Name Image Badge
Day of the Dead Altar Day of the Dead Altar.png MXH29.gif

Room Bundles

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