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FlyingJesus is one of the longest-serving members of Habbox Forum. First joining the forum in 2006, he has created countless threads and his post count currently reaches over 17,000; only 3,000 away from Forum God status.

Despite being a member for so many years, he has held only two roles; in the Articles department as as manager of the Community Support team, due to his activity and involvement with the community. Interestingly, he did not resign and was not fired from either role, as nvrspk4 and the Habbox General Management team decided to shut both departments in January 2009.

He was a Habbox Merit for a period of time on the Forum but was removed due to various changes to the way a member could earn it. In 2012 he was placed rightly back into the user group due to him dedicating his time and supporting Habbox throughout the years.


Role: Start Date: End Date:
Articles Staff 12-Aug-2008 02-Jan-2009
Community Support Manager 24-Oct-2008 02-Jan-2009


  • Took part in Habbox Big Brother in 2010
  • Has been winner of the Forum's Member of the Month on 4 separate occasions
  • Nominated and won numerous Habbox Awards, including the recent 2012 awards