List of rares released in 2012

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This is a list of all rares released in 2012. 2012 saw the first Limited Edition Rares aswell, they've been added under the Rares.


Name Image Release Date Information
The Dragon that Spews Fireworks The Dragon that Spews Fireworks.png January
Union Jack Sofa Union Jack Sofa.png August
Diamond Dragon Lamp Diamond dragon.png September One of the Diamond Rares
Diamond Throne Diamond throne.png September One of the Diamond Rares
Magic Mirror HalloweenMirror.png October
Cannon Cannon.png October
Wolf Wolf.png October
Duck Ride Duck Ride.png October
Diamond Podium Dia podium.png November Habbo Stars Rare, buying this Rare also gave you a badge
Diamond Uplink Station Dia uplink.gif November Habbo Stars Rare, buying this Rare also gave you a badge
The Nutcracker Xmas12 nutcracker.png December

Limited Edition Rares

Name Image Release Date Information
Black Leviathan Black Leviathan.png April First Limited Edition Rare ever.
Cherry Tree File:Cherry Tree April
Black Scifi Pod Black Scifi Pod.png April
Executive Drinks Cabinet Executive Drinks Cabinet.png April
Black Dino Egg Black Dino Egg.png April
Red Theatre Curtain RedTheatreCurtains.png April
Evil Bunny Lair Evil Bunny Lair.png April First 'pet' Limited Edition Rare
Rainbow occasional table Rainbow Occasional table.png May First Plastic Recycle Campaign Limited Edition Rare
Rainbow plasto chair Rainbow Plasto Chair.png May
Rainbow square dining table Rainbow Square Dining Table.png May
Rainbow round dining table Rainbow round dining table.png May
Rainbow pod chair Rainbow Plasto Pod.png May
Rainbow four-leg table Rainbow four-legged table.png May Last Limited Edition Rare of the Plasto Recycling Campaign
Darkstar Dragons Darkstar Dragons.png May Has 2 differend flames, unlike other Dragon Lamps
Throbbing Monster Fountain Throbbing Monster Fountain.png May
Caterpillar Caterpillar.png June
Habbo-lympix Cauldron Habbo-Lympix cauldron.png August
Javelin Statue Javelin Statue.png August
Cloud Throne Cloud Chair.png September
Pearl Dragon Egg Blue Dragon Egg.png September
Golden Bathtub Golden Bathtub.png October
Stone Knight Stone Knight.png October Designed by a Habbo player for a StrayPixels competition, 'shutdown!', on and won. First (and only) Limited Edition Rare that you had to buy with Credits and Pumpkins
Santa Throne SantaThrone.png December First Christmas Limited Edition Rare
Santa's Workbench SantaBench.gif December
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