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| [[Image:Femme.png]]
| [[Image:Femme.png]]
| March
| March
| Was sold alongside the Homme Fashionist version
| Was sold alongside the Homme Fashionista version
| [[Homme Fashionista]]
| [[Homme Fashionista]]
| [[Image:Homme.png]]
| [[Image:Homme.png]]
| March
| March
| Was sold alongside the Femme Fashionista version
| [[Dark Sapphire & Diamond Egg]]
| [[Dark Sapphire & Diamond Egg]]

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This is a list of all rares released in 2014


Name Image Release Date Information
Eternity Fountain EternityFountain.png January
Robot Dinosaur Xmas13 robotdino.png January being awarded for competition entry during the Christmas 2013 campaign
Spa Wheelchair Val14 wchair.png February
Elegant Lamp Val14 lamp.png February
Cottontail Effigy Easter14 statue.png April
Death Egg Star Easter14 eggstar.png April
Lagomorph Sphinx Easter14 bunnysphinx.png April
Mystery Box Mysterieuze-trofee.png May Contains either a: Yggdrasil tree, Viking Chess piece or a Mjolnir of Thor.
Ditch the Label Equality Machine DitchTheLabelEqualityMachine.png May Habbo.com Only
Mystery Trophy Mysterieuze-trofee.png June Contains 1 of the 3 Football Trophies.
My Little Unicorn Balloon St palooza unicorn.png July
Head In The Hole Board St palooza screen.png July
Cafe Stand Piñata YellowPiñata.png July Contains 1 of 3 Cafe Stands
Duck Piñata BluePiñata.png July Contains 1 of 3 Duck Balloons
Carousel Horse Piñata PinkPiñata.png July Contains 1 of 3 Carousel Horses
Hot Air Balloon Piñata GreenPiñata.gif July Contains 1 of 3 Hot Air Balloons
Buffaloo Statue St wildwest buffalo.png August
Ghostly Gallows Wildwest gallows.png August
Covered Wagon Wildwest wagon.png August
Old Fashioned Till Old Fashioned Till.png August
Habbo TV Projector Uni projector.png September
Professors Bookcase Uni libraryshelf.png September
Solar System St uni solarsystem.png September
Colorful Candy Skull St hween14 skulls.png October
Creepy Cranium Fireplace St hween14 fireplace.png October
Graveyard Trap Hween14 rare2.png October
Skull Fountain Hween14 rare1.png October
Ping Pong Cine pstr 11.png November Movie Magic rare
Octo Claus Xmas14 octosanta.png December
Shark Throne Xmas14 sharkthrone.png December
Mermaid Carol Singer MermaidCarolSinger.png December
2015 Archway Ny2015 archway.png December New Years Rare

Limited Editions

Name Image Release Date Information
Femme Fashionista Femme.png March Was sold alongside the Homme Fashionista version
Homme Fashionista Homme.png March Was sold alongside the Femme Fashionista version
Dark Sapphire & Diamond Egg Ltd habberge5-1 center.png April
Chirp Chirp Egg Ltd habberge4-1 center.png April
Lapis Lazuli Egg Lapis lazuli egg.gif April
Maw-Sit-Sit Egg Ltd habberge2-1 center.png April
Maw-Sit-Sit Egg Ltd habberge3-1 center.png April
Game of Habbos GameOfThrones.png May
Habbo World Cup 2014 Habbo World Cup 2014.png June Released for the World Cup 2014 held in Brasil.
Saloon Piano Saloon Piano.png August
Professor's Lectern LTD Professor's Lectern LTD.png September
Day of the Dead Altar Day of the Dead Altar.png October Halloween Limited Edition Rare
Snow Globe LTD Snow Globe LTD.png December

Piñatas & Boxes

Mystery Box

Yggdrasil Tree Viking Chess Piece Mjorlnir of Thror
Vikings yggdrasil.png Vikings chesspiece.png Mjolnir of Thor.png

Mystery Trophy

Gold Football Trophy Silver Football Trophy Bronze Football Trophy
Trophy brazilgold.png Trophy brazilsilver.png Trophy brazilbronze.png

Cafe Stand Piñata

Yellow Cafe Stand Blue Cafe Stand Pink Cafe Stand
Hblooza14 cafe y.png Hblooza14 cafe b.png Hblooza14 cafe p.png

Duck Balloons Piñata

Yellow Duck Balloon Blue Duck Balloon Pink Duck Balloon
Hblooza14 duck balloon y.png Hblooza14 duck balloon b.png Pink Duck Balloon.png

Carousel Horse Piñata

Yellow Carousel Horse Blue Carousel Horse Pink Carousel Horse
Hblooza14 horsecaroy.png Hblooza14 horsecarob.png Hblooza14 horsecarop.png

Hot Air Balloon Piñata

Yellow Hot Air Balloon Blue Hot Balloon Pink Hot Air Balloon
Hblooza14 hotair y.png Hblooza14 hotair b.png Hblooza14 hotair p.png
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