Pony Express Room Bundle

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Pony Express Room Bundle
Theme Horse
Release Date 31 January 2014 (Habbo.com)

The Pony Express Room Bundle was a Furniture Bundle released on Habbo in January 2014.

The bundle was designed to be a stable for players to keep their Horse pets. It included Pets (Accessories) for Horses, as well as various furniture available in the Country line.

The bundle was sold for £3 as it could only be obtained via direct purchase only.



Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 222 Habbos have this badge.


Bundle Items

The bundle came with 88 items, including:

  • Hay Bucket (x1)
  • Grass Patch (x19)
  • Horse Jump (x1)
  • Sawdust Floor (x15)
  • White Paddock Gate (x1)
  • Hay (x10)
  • Manure (x1)
  • Hay Floor (x10)
  • Pitchfork (x1)
  • Paddock Gate (x2)
  • Wooden Divider (x1)
  • Traditional Stable Wall (x10)
  • Water Jump (x1)
  • Paddock Fence (x2)
  • Gate (x1)
  • White Paddock Fence (x4)
  • Pearly White (x1)
  • Paddock Corner (x3)
  • Trough (x1)
  • Horse Saddle (x2)
  • Pegasus Wings (x1)