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Joined Habbo 11-Sept-2005
HxF username Mrs.McCall
Also known as Maleficum
Former Habbox Staff
Highest Role(s): Articles Management
Productions Management
News Management

Mrs.McCall, also known as Maleficum, joined HabboxForum in 2005. Initially joining the forum to promote the website TVHabbo, a site to rival HabboxTV, Mrs.McCall soon jumped into the community. Mrs.McCall is known for holding several roles across Habbox’s many different departments and gained notoriety as a ‘transgender’ Habbo. Mrs.McCall’s character is female but is controlled by a male. During his time at Habbox he was promoted to management positions in the Productions, News and Articles Departments.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
News Reporter 22-Jan-2011 23-Jan-2011
Senior Articles Writer 02-Jan-2011 23-Jan-2011
Trialist Content Designer 13-Oct-2010 18-Oct-2010
News Reporter 07-Oct-2010 02-Jan-2011
Content Designer 25-June-2009 30-July-2009
Help Desk Staff 08-June-2009 26-June-2009
News Manager 14-May-2009 30-July-2009
Assistant News Manager 03-May-2009 14-May-2009
News Reporter 12-Apr-2009 03-May-2009
Help Desk Staff 22-Aug-2008 13-Sept-2008
News Manager 22-Aug-2008 16-Oct-2008
Assistant News Manager 04-Aug-2008 22-Aug-2008
Productions Manager 02-July-2008 05-Aug-2008
News Reporter 08-Apr-2008 04-Aug-2008
Talkshow Organiser 06-Apr-2008 23-June-2008
Competitions Staff 31-Mar-2008 23-June-2008
Forum Moderator 30-Mar-2008 07-May-2008
Senior Writer 21-Mar-2008 26-Sept-2008
Productions Staff 20-Feb-2008 21-Mar-2008
Radio DJ 03-June-2007 21-Oct-2007
Assistant Productions Manager 24-July-2007 21-Oct-2007
Head Writer 15-May-2007 24-July-2007
News Reporter 05-May-2007 28-Sept-2007
Articles Writer 22-Apr-2007 02-Oct-2007
Competitions Staff 22-Apr-2007 13-Sept-2007
Productions Staff 21-Apr-2007 15-May-2007
Articles Manager 21-Feb-2007 14-Apr-2007
Productions Staff 30-Jan-2007 Unknown
Assistant Articles Manager 19-Jan-2007 21-Feb-2007
Trialist Event Organiser 15-Jan-2007 11-Feb-2007
Competitions Staff 18-Dec-2006 16-Apr-2007
Radio DJ 03-Dec-2006 22-Mar-2007
Trialist Help Desk Staff 20-Nov-2006 03-Dec-2006
Articles Writer 26-Oct-2006 19-Jan-2007
Show Staff 14-Sept-2006 23-Sept-2006
Trialist Forum Moderator 26-Aug-2006 02-Sept-2006
Articles Writer 17-Aug-2006 23-Sept-2006
Habbox TV Staff 22-Apr-2006 06-May-2006


McCall was well known for having a very short fuse and would often get into huge arguments with the management of the forum. McCall’s thirst for promotion within Habbox often rubbed people the wrong way and McCall’s outbursts led to his dismissals in 2006 and 2011. McCall also resigned from Habbox in 2009 in dramatic fashion after PMing the entire forum with his resignation letter, lambasting the Management Team and the running of Habbox.

The 2011 sacking was rough due to McCall's anger after, he believed, being passed over for AGM of Content after Nvrspk4’s promotion to General Manager. McCall took things too far and was super banned.


  • Mrs.McCall was demoted from his Habbox Roles and banned from HabboxForum in 2011, but was unbanned in August 2015