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Rares are a limited release furni on Habbo that are sold typically for a limited amount of time and are never to be released again. Rares tend to accumulate a lot of value over time. They're often used for collections, showcasing wealth, or allow users to gain profit much more quickly than general release items found in the furni lines available in the catalogue.

The trading community has also developed a way to classify a rarity for these items dependent on their overall value or how many are circulated on the hotel. Super Rares and Ultra Rares are two different terms that are given to rares by users.

Before the in-client marketplace ascertaining the value of a Rare was tricky as they fluctuated after release due to popularity. Many fansites had Rare Values for people to find out the normal trading value of a rare, since the release of the marketplace Habbox is now the only large fansite to provide rare values to its users.

Classical Rares (2000-2003)

Main article: Classical Rares

Classical Rares are Rares which were first released during the earliest years of Habbo. Some of these Classic Rares, such as the Throne, Snow Globe and the Purple Parasol have become a must-have in many rooms such as Casinos and Grabbers meaning that they usually sustain a respectable value. Two of the most valuable Classic Rares to date are the Throne and the Blue Kimberlite Fountain. A majority of these rares have been on numerous hotels since 2002.

However, with the variety of furniture available on each hotel today, some Classic Rares have become less important, and thus decrease in value. Not all Classic Rares are expensive - although the early ones, usually with nostalgia or memories behind them, sell for outrageous prices.

The rares have also been released in different ways, whether it be through a Catalogue release (accidentally or deliberately) competitions or just spotted in various staff rooms. They have been a part of the game for most of it, even surviving significant changes such as the merge.

Classic Rares don’t always all appear on each hotel, and to this day, some hotels haven’t got full sets, such as the Parasols. Other rares are simply never released or put into circulation. Classic Rares have a wide variety and some can even be classed as unique - despite many newer players not knowing the origins.

In recent times some Classic Rares have been re-coloured and released as Limited Edition Rares or New Rares, blurring the definition of what a Classic Rare is. For example Parasols are classified as a type of Classic Rares but the Rose Pink Parasol was released in 2019 and would fit in New Rares. Classic Rares would refer to the Parasols group, but only the original four colours would be Classic Rares with the newer colours being New Rares.

v7 Rares (2004-2006)

Main article: v7 Rares

v7 Rares (Version Seven) are a set of Rares which were added to the hotel back in version seven, they are mostly recolours of the same rare over and over. The Rares have taken a long time to all be released and some of them still have not even featured in a competition and are only usable by staff. Again some have been released more recently instead of during Version 7.

The categories of v7 Rares are:

v11 Rares (2006-2008)

Main article: v11 Rares

V11 Rares are a set of rares that were added to Habbo Hotel within version 11. Several new floor patches and other miscellaneous furniture are part of this selection. The main feature of the V11 rares are the Sleeping Bags, which are all similar in style (In that there are several recolours) to the V7 Rares. Sometimes the floor patches from the V11 rares are considered as "Classical Rares," however, this is a false classification as the classical rares are all pre-V7.

The categories of v11 Rares are:


Name Image
Petal Patch
Snow Patch
Moon Rug
Tropical Beach Rug
Bamboo Forest
Unholy Ground
Crystal Patch


The following are items that come in sets. However, they're considered part of the v11 set. The Bulrush was rare at one time, but slowly over time found its way in the Plants section of the Catalogue. The Wheel of Fortune soon also found its way towards becoming a very low priced item as well.

Name Image
Rare Monster Plant
Industrial Turbine
Wheel of Fortune
Valentine's Cauldron
Green Cauldron

Collectibles (2008-2009)

Main article: Collectibles

Collectibles were a monthly release of "Collectible Rares" where the sale lasted an entire month approximately. The idea flopped and within just over a year of its conception in 2008 it had been scrapped. The idea was to have a set of rares, this was to encourage people to buy the entire set, the most popular of these sets, The Totem Pole succeeded likely due to its unique function of having room global effects on the occupants.

The categories of Collectibles are:

  • Around the World
  • The Lost World
  • Sci-Fi
  • Habboween

Merge Compensation Rares (2010)

Main article: Merge Compensation

Merge Compensation was given out to Habbos when the 5 English speaking hotels (Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore) merged. Because different hotels had released, different rares at various times the merge caused many issues regarding how much each rare was worth afterward. To act against this and to prevent mass-selling pre-merge, the staff issued Merge Compensation furni so that drops in furni price wouldn't cause someone to lose all of their worth.

New Rares (2010-Present)

Main article: New Rares

After Collectibles failed to gain interest of the users. These New Rares first started in 2010 and have continued until today under different releases for all sorts of campaign tie-ins. New Rares are sold in the catalogue typicaly for 25 Credits and 25 Diamonds.

Limited Edition Rares (2012-Present)

Main article: Limited Edition Rares

Limited Edition Rares is a range on Habbo, that originally began in 2012 and brought a unique feature to some items of furniture on Habbo Hotels globally. The Limited Edition Rares, often referred to as LTDs are available for a week once released in the Catalogue, or until the limited stock sells out - whichever happens first. The unique factor for Limited Edition Rares gives them a limited quantity on all the Hotels, and they come with a unique numeric ID which is key with their value and need for them.

Initially, it was thought that they would be similar to Collectibles and Rares that had previously been released in the Catalogue for 25 Credits each time, but the selling price and themes of the items were different and didn't follow a pattern.

The Limited Edition Rares first began to appear in the Catalogue at random, unannounced times, which increased the unlikelihood of getting one of them. Due to controversy, and unusual biased timings this was changed and a countdown timer until the next Limited Edition Rare was introduced if there was one nearing release. The release times are still biased for mainly those in Australia and New Zealand time zones.

Bonus Rares (2013-Present)

Main article: Bonus Rares

Bonus Rares are not like the New Rares; they're not sold in the catalogue. Bonus Rares are rares given automatically to a Habbo player when they reach a total purchase amount of 120 credits, at which point the count starts again. Bonus Rares are often considered (as with Room Bundles and Deals) as a move by Sulake to get players to increase their expenditure on Habbo - it is an incentive to buy coins directly from Habbo rather than only attain wealth through trade. Players can track their progress and see how many more credits are needed on a dedicated bar on the Hotel view.

Interestingly, during Double Credits deals Habbo players are not likely to fulfil the required amount of 120 credits as the progress is not doubled along with the purchase; they must still purchase the full 120 credits to be rewarded with the Bonus Rare.

Crackables (2013-Present)

Main article: Crackables

Crackable furni are items sold or given out (often based on the campaign theme at the time) that can be "used" when placed in a room in order to be destroyed and replaced randomly with one of a set selection of rare items. These items held within are usually of varying rarity with no way of knowing what will be attained from opening them ahead of time, and so the crackable furni are in essence a form of lootbox. For this reason, hotels based in countries with legal issues around gaming lootboxes often release the various items at set costs rather than the community market deciding the value based on desirability.