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How to help Habbox Wiki

How to help

We have a great team of staff who contribute to the wiki but anyone can edit and we depend on volunteers to keep content up to date, accurate and readable.

Learn how to edit HabboxWiki by reading the Wiki Handbook.

Learn the user rights and user groups of Habbox Wiki by reading the Group Rights guide.

Don't be afraid to get editing!

Any mistakes are super easy to fix and we are happy to help if you are stuck.

Where to start?

Want to find a page to start editing? It might be missing some information, need more pictures, need a spell check or even be completely blank.

Check out one of these links:

  • Check out our Tasks Page for common tasks that need doing
  • Find a Random Page and see if it needs some help!
  • Or check out our pages below marked as Construction. These pages need a lot of TLC!
And if none of these take your fancy don't be afraid to ask for something to do! You can send a PM to Ekelektra on HabboxForum or Habbo.

Editing Guides

To find out more about our editing style and how to edit the wiki, take a look at our editing guides:
  • Formatting Guide - Learn how to properly format a page on the wiki to optimise readability and to standardise appearance.
  • Grammar Guide - Polish up on your grammar and discover how to best place your commas.
  • Namespace Guide - Learn the difference between a category and a template and how to use sub-pages.
  • Navigation Guide - Improve Wiki navigation and make isolated pages findable.
  • Visual Editor Guide - Learn how to use the visual editor to make editing easier and faster.
  • MediaWiki Guide - Even more help pages on how to use the wiki software.

Page Guides

Each page on the Wiki has a format we stick to for consistency. Choose a guide below to learn about how we expect each page to look:

Forum Award

The Top Contributor Forum Award rewards HabboxWiki contributors who consistently make useful additions, changes and alterations to Wiki content. The award is given out to users after being recommended (you can also nominate yourself), and is then reviewed and decided on by the Management team.

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