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The mascot of the Calippo promotion

Calippo was the name of a promotional campaign on in 2008 and 2009 of the Frigo brand.


Estimated Furniture Name (.COM) Furniture Image(s)
Calippo Ice Cream Machine
Calippo ICM.gif
Calippo Slurpee Machine (Green)
Calippo slurpee 1.gif
Calippo Slurpee Machine (Dark Red)
Calippo slurpee.gif
Calippo Slurpee Machine (Pink)
Calippo slurpee 2.gif
Calippo Slurpee Machine (Blue)
Calippo slurpee 3.gif
Calippo Teleporters
Calippo tele.gif
Calippo Parasol
Calippo parasol.gif
Calippo Lava Lamp
Calippo lava lamp.gif
Calippo Fan
Calippo fan.gif
Calippo Pool
Calippo pool.gif
Calippo Inflatable Chair
Calippo inflatable chair.gif


Miss and Mister Calippo

Winners of this competition won an exclusive Calippo Pool

miss Mister
MeUnI2 -=F3lip3=-a


Name Description Image
Calippo Fresa ¡Lo más fresco de Habbo! ES8.gif
Calippo Verde ¡Lo más fresco de Habbo! ES9.gif
Calippo Naranja-Piña ¡Lo más fresco de Habbo! ESA.gif
Calippo Cola ¡Lo más fresco de Habbo! ESE.gif
Tener el control Calippo Lima E14.gif
Pasar Inadvertido Calippo Cola ES001.gif

Public Room