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Release date
Season N/A

Rares are a limited release furni on Habbo that are sold typically for a given price and only available for a certain amount time or how many are available for the public to get their hands on. Rares tend to accumulate a lot of value over time. They're often used for collections, showcasing wealth, or allow users to gain profit much more quickly than general release items found in the furni lines available in the catalogue.

The trading community has also developed a way to classify a rarity for these items dependent on their overall value or how many are circulated on the hotel. Super Rares and Ultra Rares are two different terms that are given to rares by users.

Before the in-client marketplace ascertaining the value of a Rare was tricky as they fluctuated after release due to popularity. Many fansites had Rare Values for people to find out the normal trading value of a rare, since the release of the marketplace Habbox is now the only large fansite to provide rare values to its users.

Classical Rares (2000-2003)

Classic Rares are Rares which have been steadily released ever since Habbo opened in 2000. Although many new Furni ranges on Habbo are now classed as Seasonal or Categorised Rares (those furni ranges which are only released for a certain amount of time, such as Voodoo. Some of these Classic Rares, such as the Throne, Snow Globe and the Purple Parasol have become a must-have in many rooms such as Casinos and Grabbers (also showing that they mainly fall in the gambling genre); meaning that they usually sustain a respectable value. Two of the most valuable Classic Rares to date are the Throne and the Blue Kimberlite Fountain. A majority of these rares have been on numerous hotels since 2002 which makes many Classic Rares 10 years old.

However, with the variety of furniture available on each hotel today, some Classic Rares have become less important, and thus decrease in value. Not all Classic Rares are expensive - although the rarer ones, usually with nostalgia or memories behind them, sell for outrageous prices.

The rares have also been released in different ways, whether it be through a Catalogue release (accidentally or deliberately) competitions or just spotted in various staff rooms. They have been a part of the game for most of it, even surviving significant changes such as the merge.

Some Classic Rares come in a set, such as Parasols, Bird Baths and Amber Lamps, although some have been renamed (such as Blue Amber Lamp to Royal Egyptian Lamp). Countless rares have gone out of circulation with reasons such as Bans and players leaving Habbo, which makes them rarer, and other players will pay more for them in the hope they can gain profit or just find that correct item for their room.

Classic Rares don’t always all appear on each hotel, and to this day, some hotels haven’t got full sets, such as the Parasols. Other rares are simply never released or put into circulation. Classic Rares have a wide variety and some can even be classed as unique - despite many newer players not knowing the origins.


Name Image
Throne Throne.gif
Typewriter Typewriter.gif
Dragon Egg Dragon Egg.png
Russian Samovar Russian Samovar.png
Gold Trophy Gold Trophy 2.png
Silver Trophy Silver Trophy.png
Gold Trophy Bronze Trophy.png
Holoboy Holoboys.png
Hologirl Hologirl1.gif
Royal Egyptian Lamp Amber blue.gif
Red Amber Lamp Red Amber Lamp.png
Yellow Amber Lamp Yellamber 1.png
Jade Birdbath Jade Birdbath.png
Grey Fountain Grey Fountain.png
Granite Fountain Granite Fountain.png
Blue Kimberlite Fountain Blue Kimberlite Fountain.png
Golden Elephant Golden Elephant.png
Silver Elephant Silver Elephant.png
Bronze Elephant Bronze Elephant.png
Yellow Parasol Yellow para.gif
Orange Parasol Parasol orange.gif
Violet Parasol Violet Parasol.png
Green Parasol Green Parasol.png
White Parasol White Parasol Open.png
Holiday Romance Holiday Romance.gif
Santa and Elf Santa and elf.png
Aloe Vera Aloe.gif
Crusoe's Hammock Hammock.gif
DJ Turntable Dj 2.png
Habbo Cola Machine Habbo Cola Machine.png
Habbo Globe Habbo Globe.png
Petal Patch Petal.gif
Speaker's Corner Speaker's Corner.png

v7 Rares (2004-2006)

v7 Rares (Version Seven) are a set of Rares which were added to the hotel back in version seven, they are mostly recolours of the same rare over and over. The Rares have taken a long time to all be released and some of them still have not even featured in a competition and are only usable by staff! Despite this most of them are in circulation and they usually fetch for above ten club sofas each and easily stretch into the thousands of club sofas at the high end.

Available Colours

For the most part, the variety of colours for each one is fairly consistent and usually are some combination of the following colours.

  • Aqua/Turquoise
  • Blue
  • Black/Graphite
  • Green/Jade
  • Navy/Ultramarine
  • Orange/Bronze/Ochre
  • Olive Green
  • Pink (Purple if another rare is Violet)
  • Purple/Violet
  • Red/Granite
  • White/Silver/Gray
  • Yellow/Gold

Dragon Lamps

Dragon Lamps were added to the hotel in Version 7. Currently the Golden, Silver and Bronze dragon lamps are Super Rares.

Name Image
Silver Dragon Lamp Silver dragon lamp.gif
Blue Dragon Lamp Blue dragon lamp.gif
Sky Dragon Lamp Sky dragon lamp.gif
Jade Dragon Jade dragon.gif
Forest Dragon Lamp Forest dragon lamp.gif
Golden Dragon Golden dragon.gif
Bronze Dragon Lamp Bronze dragon lamp.gif
Fire Dragon Lamp Fire dragon lamp.gif
Frost Dragon Lamp Frost dragon.gif
Black Dragon Lamp Black dragon lamp.gif


Fans were added to the hotel in Version 7. They have been steadily released over the years and is one of the few V7 Rare ranges which serve no purpose. Currently the Yellow falls under Super Rares, while the Brown Fan falls under Ultra Rares and as such are two of the most expensive and sought-after items of furniture on the entire hotel. All the fans have the description "Turn it on and enjoy the cool breeze".

Name Image
Blue Powered Fan Blue powered fan.gif
Turquoise Powered Fan Turqoise powered fan.gif
Green Powered Fan Green powered fan.gif
Yellow Powered Fan Yellow powered fan.gif
Orange Powered Fan Orange powered fan.gif
Red Powered Fan Red powered fan.gif
Superlove Pink Fan Superlove pink fan.gif
Fucsia Powered Fan Fucsia powered fan.gif
Purple Powered Fan Purple powered fan.gif
Brown Powered Fan Brown powered fan.gif

Ice Cream Machines

Ice Cream Machines (Or Ice Cream Makers / ICMs) were added to the hotel in Version 7. They have been gradually released over the years and were one of the first rare sets to dispense items (Ice Cream). Currently the Fucsia Ice Cream Maker is a Ultra Rare. The Purple Ice Cream Maker, Pink Ice Cream Maker, and Choco Ice Cream Maker are considered Super Rares.

Name Image
Blue Ice Cream Maker Blue ice cream maker.gif
Aqua Ice Cream Maker Aqua ice cream maker.gif
Shamrock Shake Machine Shamrock shake machine.gif
Gold Ice Cream Maker Gold ice cream maker.gif
Ochre Ice Cream Maker Ochre ice cream maker.gif
Red Ice Cream Maker Red ice cream maker.gif
Pink Ice Cream Maker Pink ice cream maker.gif
Fucsia Ice Cream Maker Fuchsia ice cream maker.gif
Purple Ice Cream Maker Purple ice cream maker.gif
Choco Ice Cream Maker Choco ice cream maker.gif

Laser Gates

Laser Gates were added to the hotel in Version 7. Presently only the Pink Laser Gate is a Ultra Rare, it is unvalued due to the limited number of them on the hotel and difficult in verifying the trades which do occur. Despite the range being called "Laser Gates" all but two of the gates are called "Laser Portals", with the Red gate being called a Laser Door and the Gold gate being a Plasma Gate rather than a Laser Gate. All of them have the description "Energy beams. No trespassers!" except for the Golden Plasma Gate which has the description "Access Granted".

Name Image
White Laser Portal White laser portal.gif
Violet Laser Portal Violet laser portal.gif
Blue Laser Portal Blue laser portal.gif
Turquoise Laser Portal Turqoise laser portal.gif
Jade Laser Portal Jade laser portal.gif
Golden Plasma Gate Golden plasma gate.gif
Red Laser Door Red laser door.gif
Pink Laser Portal Pink Laser Portal.gif
Purple Laser Portal Purple laser portal.gif
Black Laser Portal Black laser portal.gif


Marquees were added to the hotel in Version 7. Currently the Pink Marquee and the Blue Marquee are Ultra Rares and are some of the most expensive and sought-after items of furniture on the entire hotel. The Blue Marquee not having a value due to only a few being in existence, thus equalling very little trading. Currently the Graphite Marquee has not been made available (even in competition) on Habbo.com.

Name Image
White Marquee White marquee.gif
Majestic Marquee Majestic marquee.gif
Blue Marquee Blue marquee.gif
Aqua Marquee Aqua marquee.gif
Green Marquee Green marquee.gif
Yellow Marquee Yellow marquee.gif
Red Marquee Red marquee.gif
Pink Marquee Pink marquee.gif
Purple Marquee Purple marquee.gif
Graphite Marquee Graphite marquee.gif


Monoliths were added to the hotel in Version 7. Currently just the Yellow Monolith is a Ultra Rare. All of the monoliths have the description of either "Safe and secure in space" or "Beam it up", there does not seem to be a system behind this. Despite the series being called Monoliths, only "The Black Monolith" is called a monolith and all of the others are called "Spaceship Doors". "The Black Monolith" is likely a reference to "2001: A Space Odyssey" as it resembles the Monolith which appears at several key points throughout the film.

Name Image
White Spaceship Door White spaceship door.gif
Violet Spaceship Door Violet spaceship door.gif
Blue Spaceship Door Blue spaceship door.gif
Sky Spaceship Door Sky spaceship door.gif
Aqua Spaceship Door Aqua spaceship door.gif
Jade Spaceship Door Jade spaceship door.gif
Yellow Spaceship Door Yellow spaceship door.gif
Pink Spaceship Door Pink spaceship door.gif
Purple Spaceship Door Purple spaceship door.gif
The Black Monolith The black monolith.gif

Oriental Screens

Oriental Screens were added to the hotel in Version 7. Currently the Golden Oriental Screen and Pink Oriental Screen are Ultra Rares and as such are two of the most expensive and sought-after items of furniture on the entire hotel. Currently the Aqua Oriental Screens to this day have not been made available on Habbo.com, even in competition.

Name Image
White Oriental Screen White oriental screen.gif
Teal Oriental Screen Teal oriental screen.gif
Blue Oriental Screen Blue oriental screen.gif
Aqua Oriental Screen Aqua oriental screen.gif
Green Oriental Screen Green oriental screen.gif
Golden Oriental Screen Golden oriental screen.gif
Red Oriental Screen Red oriental screen.gif
Pink Oriental Screen Pink oriental screen.gif
Purple Oriental Screen Purple oriental screen.gif
Grey Asian Screen Grey asian screen.gif


Pillows were added to the hotel in Version 7 (excluding the Bronze Pillow and Silver Pillow which were added in January 2013). Currently the Turquoise and Black is a Super Rare. While the Navy Giant Pillows are Ultra Rares and are two of the most expensive and sought after items of furniture on the entire hotel.

Name Image
A Snow Drift A snow drift.gif
Golden Giant Pillow Golden giant pillow.gif
Navy Giant Pillow Navy giant pillow.gif
Blue Giant Pillow Blue giant pillow.gif
Turquoise Giant Pillow Turquoise giant pillow.gif
Green Giant Pillow Green giant pillow.gif
Festive Red Pillow Festive red pillow.gif
Bonnie Blonde's Pillow Bonnie blonde's pillow.gif
Pink Giant Pillow Pink giant pillow.gif
Black Giant Pillow Black giant pillow.gif


Pillars were added to the hotel in Version 7.

Currently the Pink is a Super Rare. The Blue, Olive Green and Rock Pillars are Ultra Rares and as such are some of the most expensive and sought-after items of furniture on the entire hotel.

Name Image
Doric Classic Pillar Doric classic pillar.gif
Doric Blue Pillar Doric blue pillar.gif
Doric Olive Green Pillar Doric olive green pillar.gif
Doric Green Pillar Doric green pillar.gif
Doric Gold Pillar Doric gold pillar.gif
Doric Terracotta Pillar Doric terracotta pillar.gif
Doric Pink Marble Pillar Doric pink marble pillar.gif
Leap Day Pillar Leap day pillar.gif
Doric Rock Doric rock.gif
Doric Graphite Pillar Doric graphite pillar.gif

Smoke Machines

Smoke Machines were added to the hotel in Version 7. Currently the Blue is a Ultra Rare. The Purple, Pink and Violet smoke machines are Super Rares and as such are some of the most expensive and sought-after items of furniture on the entire hotel. Most of the Smoke Machines have the description 'Retro-mystification,' likely a reference to 1980s smoke machines. However, the HB Zero-300 has the description 'The perfect Habboween addition!' due to its initial release during Habboween and the Violet Smoke Machine has the description 'Something fishy is going on...'.

Name Image
Grey Smoke Machine Grey smoke machine.gif
Violet Smoke Machine Violet smoke machine.gif
Blue Smoke Machine Blue smoke machine.gif
Aqua Smoke Machine Aqua smoke machine.gif
Jade Smoke Machine Jade smoke machine.gif
Yellow Smoke Machine Yellow smoke machine.gif
Red Smoke Machine Red smoke machine.gif
Pink Smoke Machine Pink smoke machine.gif
Purple Smoke Machine Pluto smoke machine.gif
HB Zero-300 HB zero 300.gif

v11 Rares (2006-2008)

V11 Rares are a set of rares that were added to Habbo Hotel within version 11.

Several new floor patches and other miscellaneous furniture are part of this selection. The main feature of the V11 rares are the Sleeping Bags, which are all similar in style (In that there are several recolours) to the V7 Rares.

Sometimes the floor patches from the V11 rares are considered as "Classical Rares," however, this is a false classification as the classical rares are all pre-V7.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags were added to the hotel in Version 11. They have been steadily released over the years and were one of the first sleeping position rares. Currently, the Army Sleeping Bag is a Super Rare and as such is one of the most expensive and sought-after items of furniture on the entire hotel, it is currently valued at 105 credits or around a third of a throne.

Name Image
Army Sleeping Bag Army sleeping bag.gif
Blue Sleeping Bag Blue sleeping bag.gif
Graphite Sleeping Bag Graphite sleeping bag.gif
Khaki Sleeping Bag Khaki sleeping bag.gif
Lime Sleeping Bag Lime sleeping bag.gif
Ocean Sleeping Bag Ocean sleeping bag.gif
Orange Sleeping Bag Orange sleeping bag.gif
Purple Sleeping Bag Purple sleeping bag.gif
Red Sleeping Bag Red sleeping bag.gif
Yellow Sleeping Bag Yellow sleeping bag.gif

One Way Gates

One Way Gates were added to Habbo as part of the V11 Rares set, these also included Inflatable Chairs and Traffic Lights. The set of One Way Gates come in various colours such as black, blue and red; they also are unique to Habbo due to the way they work.

To use a One Way Gate, the user must stand behind it (ensuring that the part with the green and red light is the furthest away) and they must double-click it; they will then walk through. After that, they can no longer get through again unless the gate is rotated. They are often used in Mazes to make the rooms harder, they also don't have the feature 'use' like other furni so cannot be preclicked.

Name Image
Aquamarine One Way Gate
Aquamarine One Way Gate.gif
Beige One Way Gate
Beige One Way Gate.gif
Black One Way Gate
Black One Way Gate.gif
Blue One Way Gate Center
Green One Way Gate
Green One Way Gate.gif
Pink One Way Gate
Pink One Way Gate.gif
Red One Way Gate
Red One Way Gate.gif
White One Way Gate
White One Way Gate.gif
Yellow One Way Gate
Yellow One Way Gate.gif

Inflatable Chairs

Inflatable Chairs were first released as V11 Rares, they were accompanied by other collections such as Sleeping Bags and Road Barriers. They have drifted away from their original V11 era and more often appear in the Catalogue for summer events. These chairs are of little value but appear somewhat transparent and are useful as seats in Habbox Events and general Habbo rooms.

There are eight different colours in the Inflatable Chairs set, and they have had a makeover throughout their time with renaming and motto changing. They all have the same motto and currently aren't worth much due to the summer officially ending.

Not every colour was released in each hotel with the most common being the Lime Inflatable Chair and the rarest being the Orange and Black Inflatable Chairs.

Name Image
Blue Inflatable Chair Blue Inflatable Chair.gif
Ocean Inflatable Chair Ocean Inflatable Chair.gif
Black Inflatable Chair Black Inflatable Chair.gif
Red Inflatable Chair Pink Inflatable Chair.gif
Lime Inflatable Chair Lime Inflatable Chair.gif
White Inflatable Chair White Inflatable Chair.gif
Violet Inflatable Chair Violet Inflatable Chair.gif
Orange Inflatable Chair Orange Inflatable Chair.gif

Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights accompanied both One Way Gates and Inflatable Chairs by their release as V11 Rares. These were mainly released in 2007, and it included various colours such as red and blue.

The rares aren't used in many rooms but can sometimes be found in racing and mazes due to them being perfect items to give a 'go' and 'stop' process; they can also be 'used' so that they can be turned on (with a red or green light) or off. There are also six different colours available, with the Classic Traffic Light being worth the most due to the rarity and the fact it isn't named after a colour (like the other 5).

Overall, the prices are stable and aren't expensive.

Name Image
Red Traffic Light
Red Traffic Light.gif
Classic Traffic Light
Classic Traffic Light.gif
White Traffic Light
White Traffic Light.gif
Purple Traffic Light
Purple Traffic Light.gif
Yellow Traffic Light
Yellow Traffic Light.gif
Blue Traffic Light
Blue Traffic Light.gif

Road Barriers

Road Barriers were released with other sets in the V11 Rares, there were only three colours of these released, Red, White and Yellow and became the smallest range included in the rares. They've appeared on each hotel, mostly via the Catalogue but were also spotted with rooms, notably the White Road Barrier which was used to construct a room on the Italian Hotel called 'Corsa Infernale' and as created by 'Linadismeraldo.'

The Road Barriers aren't expensive in value with them only peaking at approximately 3 Credits. Also, unlike other V11 Rares, the Road Barriers were released together in January 2007 on the Dutch Hotel, but other [hotels] had released earlier. The Swiss Hotel had released only the Red Road Barrie in November 2006 whereas most hotels followed that in December the same year.

Road Barriers fit closely with the other V11 Rares such as Traffic Lights as they resemble the same range of road safety and the furni reflects that.

Name Image
Red Road Barrier Red Road Barrier.gif
White Road Barrier White Road Barrier.gif
Yellow Road Barrier Yellow Road Barrier.gif


Name Image
Snow Patch Snow patch.gif
Moon Rug Moon patch.gif
Tropical Beach Rug Tropical beach rug.gif


The following are items that come in sets. However, they're considered part of the v11 set. The Bulrush was rare at one time, but slowly over time found its way in the Plants section of the Catalogue. The Wheel of Fortune soon also found its way towards becoming a very low priced item as well.

Name Image
Rare Monster Plant Monster Plant.gif
Industrial Turbine Industrial turbine.gif
Bulrush Bulrush1.gif
Wheel of Fortune Wheeloffortune.png

Collectibles (2008-2009)

Collectibles were a monthly release of "Collectible Rares" where the sale lasted an entire month approximately. The idea flopped and within just over a year of its conception in 2008 it had been scrapped. The idea was to have a set of rares, this was to encourage people to buy the entire set, the most popular of these sets, The Totem Pole succeeded likely due to its unique function of having room global effects on the occupants.

Around the World

Around the World is a series of Collectible (Rare) furniture released in 2008 featuring Rares inspired by locations around the world. The six items were sold over the space of six months between July and December 2008 with one new item out each month. Because these Rares were available for entire months at a time they have not been valuable in any way since release.

Name Description Image
Gondola (Venice) July 2008, 1/6 Gondola.gif
Clog (Netherlands) August 2008, 2/6 Clog.gif
Big Ben (London) September 2008, 3/6 Big ben.gif
Garden Gnome (Germany - originally called the "German Gnome") October 2008, 4/6 Garden gnome.gif
Koala (Australia) November 2008, 5/6 Koala.gif
Finnish Sauna (Finland) December 2008, 6/6 Finnish sauna.gif

The Lost World

The Lost World is a series of Collectible (Rare) furniture released in 2009 featuring Rares inspired by Atlantis including Totem poles. The six items were sold over the space of six months between January and December 2008 with one new item out each month. Due to the rares being released into the Catalogue for about 2 weeks at a time and because there were so many different items the values haven't increased rapidly! The only parts which appeared popular were the Totem Pole.

Name Description Image
The Leviatha January 2009, 1/6
The leviatha.gif
Iku-Turso February 2009, 2/6
Architeuthis March 2009, 3/6
Sacred Fire April 2009, 4/6
Sacred Fire.png
Totem Spirit Head May 2009, 5/6
Totem Head.png
Totem Planet June 2009, 1/6
Totem Planet.png


Scifi Collectibles were released as part of the 3rd set of Collectibles - after the Around the World and The Lost World collectibles and before the very last collectible, the Ghostly Organ. All three items in this set were released into the catalogue globally, around the same time as the introduction of SciFi furniture, during Summer/Autumn 2009 and had become common Rares. The Scifi Collectibles was the smallest of the sets and only contained 3 items.

Furniture Name Furniture Image Furniture Description
Alien Collectible
Cryogenic Bed
Cryogenic bed.gif
For those who like to sleep a long time.
Deep space refreshment


This Collectible which was first released during the Habboween 2009 campaign and was also the very last collectible to ever enter the hotel due to the series being discontinued for its lack of interest amongst players. It was released into the Catalogue at a price of 25 credits and was given out as a prize for a 2009 Habboween Competition (alongside a badge), in which users had to share videos, photos, and stories about their scary encounters on the hotel.

Furniture Name Furniture Image Furniture Description
Ghostly Organ
Ghostly organ.gif
Play a ghastly tune on the bones

Merge Compensation Rares (2010)

Merge Compensation was given out to Habbos when the 5 English speaking hotels (Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore) merged. Because different hotels had released, different rares at various times the merge caused many issues regarding how much each rare was worth afterward. To act against this and to prevent mass-selling pre-merge, the staff issued Merge Compensation furni so that drops in furni price wouldn't cause someone to lose all of their worth.

Name Description Image
Black Carp Queen of the River
Black carp.gif
Blue Carp Queen of the River
Blue carp.gif
Golden Carp Queen of the River
Gold carp.gif
Greep Carp (Green Carp) Queen of the River
Green carp.gif
Red Carp Queen of the River
Red carp.gif
Silver Carp Queen of the River
Silver carp.gif
Red Ultimate Machine Merge Compensation Item
Red ultimate machine.gif
Blue Ultimate Machine Merge Compensation Item
Blue ultimate machine.gif
Yellow Ultimate Machine Merge Compensation Item
Yellow ultimate machine.gif
Ultramarine Merge Compensation Item

New Rares (2010-Present)

After Collectibles failed to gain interest of the users. These New Rares first started in 2010 and have continued until today under different releases for all sorts of campaign tie-ins. New Rares are anything that is sold directly from the catalogue or handed out via competition/promotion. This article will break them into year of release.


This range returned to the original style of rares - instead of being released as a set, each rare was unique, in a very similar manner to the Classical Rares which had been popular in the past. Users who purchased the rares were rewarded with a unique badge to display.

Name Badge Image Description
Crystal Patch
Crystal patch badge.gif
Crystal patch.gif
These crystals are super, man!
Gigantic Beanstalk
Gigantic Beanstalk Badge.gif
Gigantic beanstalk.png
Raise the roof!
Rare Iron Maidens
Iron Maiden Badge.gif
Iron maiden.gif
So good its torturous!
rare_mmmth name ...
Mammoth sofa.gif
rare_mmmth desc
T-Rex Badge.gif
The original beast - a RARE find indeed!
Voodoo Doll
Voodoo Doll Badge.gif
Voodoo doll.gif
Choose your punishment!


Name Image Description
Dragon Throne
Sea Throne
Sand Dragon Lamp
Hell Hound
Christmas Throne
Santa Butler
Balloon Machine


Name Image Description
Fireworks Dragon
Union Jack Sofa
Black Hole
Diamond Dragon Lamp
Diamond Throne
Magic Mirror
Duck Ride
Diamond Podium
Diamond Uplink Station
The Nutcracker
North Pole
Aurora Borealis


Name Image
HC Knight HC-Knight.png
Aquarium Reef aquarium.png
Small Sapphire Small Sapphire.png
Big Sapphire Big Sapphire.png
Steampunk Gramophone SteamGrammophone.png
Steampunk Zeppelin SteamZepplin.png
Crackable Egg - Level 1 CrackableLevel1.png
Crackable Egg - Level 2 CrackableLevel2.png
Crackable Egg - Level 3 CrackableLevel3.png
Crackable Egg - Level 4 Easter Crackable Egg Level-4 AIDEN.png
Time Machine SteamTimeMachine.png
Rare Banzai Robo Rare Banzai Robo.png
Rare Bear Head Rare Bear Head.png
Rare Banzai Sphere Rare Banzai SPhere.png
Good Side Throne Throne2.png
Bad Side Throne Throne1.png
Hot Dog Vendor Hot Dog Vendor.png
Popcorn Stand Popcorn Stand.png
Bubble Juice Stand Bubble Juice Stand.png
Navigators Desk Navigators Desk.gif
Poseidon Statue Poseidon Statue.png
Kraken Pirate Kraken.png
Rare Gilded Desk Rare Gilded Desk.png
Rare Gilded Chair Rare Gilded Chair.png
School Gates School gates.gif
Sally the Sheep SallytheSheep.png
Princess and the Pea Hween13 monsterpea.png
Seance Book Hween13 book.png
Throne of Thorns F-5321 3.png
The Gnome Poster Cine pstr 10.png
Icy Candelabra IcyCandelabra13.PNG
Icy Cannon IcyCannon13.PNG
Icy Tiki Statue IcyTikiStatue13.PNG
Magical Machine MagicalMachine13.PNG
Candy Terminal CandyTerminal13.PNG
Emerald Duck Emerald Duck.png
Diamond Duck Diamond Duck.png


Name Image
Robot Dinosaur Xmas13 robotdino.png
Spa Wheelchair Val14 wchair.png
Elegant Lamp Val14 lamp.png
Gold L0-V3 Machine Val14 lovelock3.png
Antique Camera Runway oldecamera.png
Luxury Dressing Room Runway changingrare.png
Fortune-Teller Machine Rare sage.png
Death Egg-Star Easter14 eggstar.png
Lagomorph Sphinx Easter14 bunnysphinx.png
Cottontail Effigy Easter14 statue.png
Ditch the Label Equality Machine DitchTheLabelEqualityMachine.png
Yggdrasil Tree Vikings yggdrasil.png
Viking Chess Piece Vikings chesspiece.png
Bronze Football Trophy Bronze habbo trophy.gif
Silver Football Trophy Silver habbo trophy.gif
Gold Football Trophy Gold Habbo Trophy 2.PNG
My Little Unicorn Balloon St palooza unicorn.png
Head in the Hole Board St palooza screen.png
Yellow Duck Balloon Hblooza14 duck balloon y.png
Blue Duck Balloon Hblooza14 duck balloon b.png
Pink Duck Balloon Pink Duck Balloon.png
Yellow Java Cafe Stand Hblooza14 cafe y.png
Blue Java Cafe Stand Hblooza14 cafe b.png
Pink Java Cafe Stand Hblooza14 cafe p.png
Yellow Hot Air Balloon Hblooza14 hotair y.png
Blue Hot Air Balloon Hblooza14 hotair b.png
Pink Hot Air Balloon Hblooza14 hotair p.png
Yellow Carousel Horse Hblooza14 horsecaroy.png
Blue Carousel Horse Hblooza14 horsecarob.png
Pink Carousel Horse Hblooza14 horsecarop.png
Buffalo Statue St wildwest buffalo.png
Old Fashioned Till Wildwest till.png
Covered Wagon Wildwest wagon.png
Ghostly Gallows Wildwest gallows.png
Lab Desk St uni labtable.png
Professors Bookshelf Uni libraryshelf.png
Habbo TV Projector Uni projector.png
Solar System St uni solarsystem.png
Colorful Candy Skull St hween14 skulls.png
Creepy Cranium Fireplace St hween14 fireplace.png
Skull Fountain Hween14 rare1.png
Graveyard Trap Hween14 rare2.png
Ping Pong Cine pstr 11.png
Octo-Claus Xmas14 octosanta.png
Shark Santa Throne Xmas14 sharkthrone.png
2015 Archway Ny2015 archway.png


Name Image Description
Dark Hippo
Grey Hippo
Ultra Light Hippo
Bluesky Hippo
Violet Hippo
Purple Hippo
Game Hub Hippo
Red Hippo
Coral Hippo
Salmon Coloured Hippo
Beige Hippo
Gold Dipped Hippo
Pistachio Hippo
Green Hippo
Emerald Hippo
Chlorophyll Hippo
Grandfather Clock
Forgotten Toy Chest
Cosmos Telescope
Sakura Tree
Koi Fish Pond
Brazilian Hot Air Balloon
Wooden Ofuro Tub
Overseer Blimp
BlackHabbo Gen Vendor
Bubblegum Fountain
Lollipop Tree
Candy Throne
Magical Candy Unicorn
Global Satellite Screen
X-Ray Scanner
Hector the German Shepherd
Ammonoidea Fossil
Plesiosaurus Fossil
Raptor Fossil
Triceratops Fossil
Archaeopteryx Fossil
Habbo 15 Rare Prize Balloon
Maroon Amber Lamp
Maroon Classic Pillar
Maroon Dragon Lamp
Maroon Elephant
Maroon Fountain
Maroon Ice Cream Maker
Maroon Laser Portal
Maroon Marquee
Maroon Oriental Door
Maroon Parasol
Maroon Pillow
Maroon Powered Fan
Maroon Sleeping Bag
Maroon Smoke Machine
Maroon Spaceship Door
Gothic Toilet
Lost Tribe Teleports
Bling Billiards Table
Romantique Clock
Blue Bicycle
Plate of Snails
Street Artist Display
Demonic Frank
Evil Raider
Sam-Ta Cherub
Bryan the Horseman
Antique Crockery Cupboard
Bobba Juice Rack
Coffee Machine
Deluxe Refrigerator
Pot O' Gold
Solid Gold Penguin
Solid Gold Hot Tub
Solid Gold Christmas Tree
Solid Gold Geyser
Solid Gold Table
Solid Gold Chair
Solid Gold Cube Tree
Solid Gold Campfire
Solid Gold Seat
Solid Gold Lamp
Deer Topiary
Seal Topiary
Rabbit Topiary
Penguin Topiary
Bear Topiary
Squirrel Topiary
Clock Tower
Ornate Winter Sleigh
Bavarian Christmas Photo Stand
Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer


Name Image
Snazzy Star Decoration
Purple Spaceship Door Purple spaceship door.gif
Gold Winter Pine
Snowboarding Ace Statue
Gold Lamp Post
Pro Ice Skater Statue
Gold Hydrant
Freeze Veteran Statue
Gold Corner
Ice Hockey Pro Statue
Shell Fountain ShellFountain.png
Luminous Love Oyster LuminousLoveOyster.png
Monkey Balloon Cny16 monkeyballoon.png
Love Birds of Paradise LovebirdsofParadise.png
Lustrous Peacock LustrousPeacock.png
Floral Lion FloralLion.png
Blossom Volcano BlossomVolcano.png
Vase of Passion VaseofPassion.png

Limited Edition Rares (2012-Present)


Limited Edition Rares is a range on Habbo, that originally began in 2012 and brought a unique feature to some items of furniture on Habbo Hotels globally. The Limited Edition Rares, often referred to as LTDs are available for a week once released in the Catalogue, or until the limited stock sells out - whichever happens first. The unique factor for Limited Edition Rares gives them a limited quantity on all the Hotels, and they come with a unique numeric ID which is key with their value and need for them.

Initially, it was thought that they would be similar to Collectibles and Rares that had previously been released in the Catalogue for 25 Credits each time, but the selling price and themes of the items were different and didn't follow a pattern.

The Limited Edition Rares first began to appear in the Catalogue at random, unannounced times, which increased the unlikelihood of getting one of them. Due to controversy, and unusual biased timings this was changed and a countdown timer until the next Limited Edition Rare was introduced if there was one nearing release. The release times are still biased for mainly those in Australia and New Zealand time zones.

Name Image Release Date Quantity Available Quantity Sold Release Price
Wildflower Throne Easter ltd19 flowerthrone.png 29-Apr-2019 324 324 375 Credits
Frosted Habberge Egg Xmas ltd18 snowhabberge.png 20-Dec-2018 132 132 750 Credits
Salem Salem.gif 29-Oct-2018 396 396 250 Credits
Shiba Inu Puppy Shiba Inu Puppy.png 27-Aug-2018 132 132 750 Credits
2018 Football Trophy 2018 Football Trophy.png 12-Jul-2018 198 170 500 Credits
Royal Seahorse RoyalSeahorse.png 14-Jun-2018 198 177 500 Credits
Butterfly Habberge Egg LTD Rare.png 15-Mar-2018 132 132 750 Credits
Ted Ted The Bear LTD.png 18-Dec-2017 198 198 500 Credits
Hellfire Dragon Beed1f dra.gif 30-Oct-2017 180 180 500 Credits
Nelly Nelly the elephant.gif 22-Aug-2017 270 270 375 Credits
Santorini Lighthouse Santorini ltd17 lighthouse.png 26-June-2017 360 360 260 Credits
Battle Mech Battle Mech.gif 15-May-2017 180 180 500 Credits
Goddess of Harvest GoddessofHarvest.gif 27-Apt-2017 180 180 500 Credits
Gold Plated Organ Gold Plated Organ.png 17-Feb-2017 270 270 375 Credits
Benji Benji The Bear LTD.gif 22-Dec-2016 180 180 500 Credits
The Wraith The Wraith.png 28-Oct-2016 108 108 750 Credits
Miss Olympus Miss Olympus.png 06-Aug-2016 126 126 500 Credits
Charlie Charlie.gif 04-Jun-2016 162 162 500 Credits
Burnished Habberge Egg Burnishedhabbergeegg.gif 26-Mar-2016 108 108 750 Credits
Dragon Habberge Egg Dragonhabbergeegg.gif 23-Mar-2016 162 162 500 Credits
Efflorescent Habberge Egg Efflorescenthabbergeegg.gif 19-Mar-2016 324 324 250 Credits
Verdant Habberge Egg Verdanthabbergeegg.gif 16-Mar-2016 243 243 375 Credits
Frozen Fountain Frozenfountain.gif 26-Dec-2015 81 81 1000 Credits
Christmas Wishing Well Christmaswishingwell.gif 19-Dec-2015 324 324 250 Credits
Glowing Reindeer Glowingreindeer.gif 12-Dec-2015 162 162 500 Credits
Bavarian Nutcracker Bavariannutcracker.gif 05-Dec-2015 100 100 750 Credits
Horseman of Death Horsemanofdeath.gif 31-Oct-2015 81 81 1000 Credits
Horseman of Pestilence Horseman of Pestilence.png 24-Oct-2015 243 243 375 Credits
Horseman of Famine Horseman of Famine.gif 17-Oct-2015 108 108 750 Credits
Horseman of War Horseman of War.gif 10-Oct-2015 162 162 500 Credits
Boulevard Fountain Boulevard Fountain.gif 05-Sept-2015 162 162 375 Credits
T-Rex Bone Throne T-Rex Bone Throne.gif 20-Jun-2015 96 96 500 Credits
Jurassic Meganeura LTD Jurassic Meganeura LTD.gif 13-Jun-2015 192 192 250 Credits
Army HumVee Army HumVee.gif 16-May-2015 48 48 1000 Credits
Mahogany Conference Desk Mahogany Conference Desk.gif 09-May-2015 96 96 500 Credits
White Chocolate Bunny White Chocolate Bunny.gif 30-Apr-2015 144 144 375 Credits
Dark Chocolate Bunny Dark Chocolate Bunny.png 25-Apr-2015 48 48 1000 Credits
Melting Mint Chocolate Bunny Melting Mint Chocolate Bunny.png 18-Apr-2015 192 192 250 Credits
Hard Candy Bunny Hard Candy Bunny.png 11-Apr-2015 64 64 750 Credits
Marshmallow Bunny Marshmallow Bunny.png 4-Apr-2015 96 96 500 Credits
RoboFrank RoboFrank.png 15-Mar-2015 60 60 750 Credits
Samurai Suit of Armour Samurai Suit of Armour.png 14-Feb-2015 60 60 750 Credits
Snow Globe LTD Snow Globe LTD.png 20-Dec-2014 60 60 750 Credits
Day of the Dead Altar Day of the Dead Altar.png 29-Oct-2014 90 46 500 Credits
Professor's Lectern LTD Professor's Lectern LTD.png 19-Sept-2014 84 84 500 Credits
Saloon Piano Saloon Piano.png 24-Aug-2014 240 131 250 Credits
Habbo World Cup 2014 Habbo World Cup 2014.png 14-Jun-2014 120 36 500 Credits
Game of Habbos GameOfThrones.png 28-May-2014 60 35 1000 Credits
Dark Sapphire & Diamond Egg Ltd habberge5-1 center.png 25-Apr-2014 84 84 1000 Credits
Chirp Chirp Egg Ltd habberge4-1 center.png 24-Apr-2014 84 84 800 Credits
Lapis Lazuli Egg Ltd habberge1-1 center.png 23-Apr-2014 300 271 350 Credits
Maw-Sit-Sit Egg (Green) Ltd habberge2-1 center.png 22-Apr-2014 179 179 250 Credits
Maw-Sit-Sit Egg (Red) Ltd habberge3-1 center.png 21-Apr-2014 84 84 750 Credits
Homme Fashionista Homme.png 28-Apr-2014 108 33 450 Credits
Femme Fashionista Femme.png 27-Mar-2014 108 63 450 Credits
2014 LTD Rare 2014ltdrare.png XX-Dec-2013 240 240
Demonic Sheep DemonicSheeppng.png 31-Oct-2013 180 180 100 Credits
Golden apple name Golden apple.png 30-Sept-2013 180 180 300 Credits
Palooza Kiosk Hblooza kiosk-1 center.png 30-Jun-2013 180 180 240 Credits
Mystic Pillar Mystics rpillar-1 center.png 26-May-2013 300 142 200 Credits
Holo Nelly Holo nelly-1 center.png 25-May-2013 120 120 500 Credits
Mystic Fountain Mystics rfountain-1 center.png 24-May-2013 180 180 350 Credits
Rare Arcade Cabinet RareCabine.png 20-Apr-2013 360 360 175 Credits
Easter Dino Egg EasterDinoEgg.png 31-Mar-2013 360 360 150 Credits
A.P. Plumage Plumage2.png 24-Feb-2013 240 240 250 Credits
Carl Waddlesworth III easel CarlWaddlesworth.png 23-Feb-2013 240 240 175 Credits
Lennard David Cheep easel LenardCheep.png 23-Feb-2013 240 240 250 Credits
Victor Vangoof easel VictorVangoof.png 23-Feb-2013 120 120 500 Credits
Yohand Comeere easel YohandComeere.png 22-Feb-2013 80 80 750 Credits
Bronze Pillow BPILLOW.png 14-Jan-2013 600 600 250 Credits
Silver Pillow SPILLOW.png 13-Jan-2013 175 175 450 Credits
Pink Dragon Lamp Pink Dragon 2.png 12-Jan-2013 80 80 750 Credits
Santa's Workbench SantaBench.gif 16-Dec-2012 200 200 40 Credits and 20 Diamonds
Santa Throne SantaThrone.png 15-Dec-2012 200 200 80 Credits and 40 Diamonds
Stone Knight Stone Knight.png 20-Oct-2012 200 200 75 Credits and 375 Pumpkins
Golden Bathtub Golden Bathtub.png 06-Oct-2012 200 200 300 Credits
Pearl Dragon Egg Blue Dragon Egg.png 15-Sept-2012 400 400 150 Credits
Cloud Throne Cloud Chair.png 14-Sept-2012 200 200 300 Credits
Javelin Statue Javelin Statue.png 12-Aug-2012 300 300 50 Credits
Habbo-lympix Cauldron Habbo-Lympix cauldron.png 03-Aug-2012 1000 395 75 Credits
Caterpillar Caterpillar.png 01-Jun-2012 1000 690 100 Credits
Throbbing Monster Fountain Throbbing Monster Fountain.png 27-May-2012 1000 1000 100 Credits
Darkstar Dragons Darkstar Dragons.png 19-May-2012 1000 1000 200 Credits
Rainbow four-leg table Rainbow four-legged table.png 14-May-2012 200 200 75 Credits
Rainbow pod chair Rainbow Plasto Pod.png 12-May-2012 1000 1000 75 Credits
Rainbow round dining table Rainbow round dining table.png 11-May-2012 200 200 75 Credits
Rainbow square dining table Rainbow Square Dining Table.png 07-May-2012 200 200 75 Credits
Rainbow plasto chair Rainbow Plasto Chair.png 06-May-2012 200 200 75 Credits
Rainbow occasional table Rainbow Occasional table.png 05-May-2012 200 200 75 Credits
Evil Bunny Lair Evil Bunny Lair.png 21-Apr-2012 800 800 96 Credits
Red Theatre Curtain RedTheatreCurtains.png 08-Apr-2012 2000 716 50 Credits
Black Dino Egg Black Dino Egg.png 07-Apr-2012 1000 1000 200 Credits
Executive Drinks Cabinet Executive Drinks Cabinet.png 07-Apr-2012 2000 1330 75 Credits
Black Scifi Pod Black Scifi Pod.png 06-Apr-2012 2000 2000 50 Credits
Cherry Tree Sakura Tree.png 05-Apr-2012 1000 1000 75 Credits
Black Leviathan Black Leviathan.png 04-Apr-2012 800 800 75 Credits

Bonus Rares (2013-Present)


They are not like the New Rares. They're not sold in the catalogue. Bonus Rares are rares given to a Habbo player when they purchase 120 credits. These bonus rares are usually renewed twice every month, usually in conjunction with campaigns such as Habbo Palooza. Bonus Rares are much like Room Bundles and Furni Packs, it is seen as a move by most by Sulake to get players to increase their expenditure on Habbo. Players can track their progress and see how much more credits is needed on a dedicated bar on the Hotel view.

Interestingly, during Double Credits Habbo players cannot buy 60 credits to fulfill the required amount of 120 credits, they must still purchase the full 120 credits to be rewarded with the Bonus Rare.

Some of the rares have dipped to 1c notably the rares released after the Credits prices were readjusted in 2014 (credits being lowered in value), resulting the 120 credits being bought for a fewer amount of cash and ultimately injecting more of the Bonus Rares into circulation.

Name Picture Motto Released
Silver Icecream Machine Silver ice cream machine.gif ice cold snacks January 2013
David Fountain David fountain.gif Now with water feature state! February 2013
Easter Globe Easter globe.gif Shake it up! March 2013
Cotton Candy Stand Cotton candy stand.gif Get your cotton candy here! June 2013
Wilting Rose Wilting rose.gif Pretty but painful October 2013
Director's Chair Bonus Directors chair.gif You call the shots! November 2013
Wooden Horse Wooden horse.gif I am not a trojan December 2013
Icy Ice Cream Maker Icy ice cream maker.gif N/A December 2013
Ruby And Gold Horse Statue Ruby and gold horse statue.gif Feel the fury of the stallion! January 2014
Bouquet Of Pages Bouquet of pages.gif A story by any other name would smell as sweet... February 2014
Flaming Phoenix Flaming phoenix.gif Rising from the ashes, reborn again February 2014
Flash Camera Flash Camera.png Sell your soul to fashion March 2014
Pot O' Gold Pot o gold.gif Somewhere over the Rainbow... March 2014
Cacao Chest Cacao chest.gif Life is like a trunk of chocolates April 2014
Little Bunny Foo Foo Little bunny foo foo.gif Hopping through the forest April 2014
Venus De Habbo Venus de habbo.gif Aphrodite de Isle de Habbos May 2014
Viking Relic Viking relic.gif From the rubble...comes art. May 2014
Golden Boot Golden boot.gif Only for the best players! June 2014
Afroduck The Ref Afroduck the ref.gif He sees everything. June 2014
Drinks Stall Drinks stall.gif Quench your thirst July 2014
Candy Stall Candy stall.gif Satisfy that sweet tooth July 2014
Mine Cart Mine cart.gif Load 'em up August 2014
Skeleton Tree Skeleton tree.gif Creeks in the wind August 2014
Hootie The Owl Hootie the owl.gif Proud mascot of Habbo University September 2014
Einstein Bust Einstein bust.gif Relatively nice rare. September 2014
Hanging Skull Candle Hanging skull candle.gif Dripping with tradition. October 2014
Catrina Effigy Catrina effigy.gif Her spirit glows bright October 2014
Ping Pong Ping pong.gif It's a prehistoric ping bong playing beast. November 2014
Sing Song Sing song.gif It's time to face the music. November 2014
90's Boombox Sandman 90's boombox sandman.gif His tunes are a little grainy. December 2014
Inflatable Rudolph Ring-deer Inflatable rudolph ring-deer.gif Santa's 9th inflatable. December 2014
Broken Vanity Broken Vanity.png Wipe off the dust to see your future.... January 2015
Dodge and Duck Dodge and Duck.png This ancient statue will guard your palace. February 2015
Red-Crowned Crane Red-Crowned Crane.png Cast of the finest metals. February 2015
Cyber Robo Cyber Robo.png Not to be trusted. March 2015
RoboRat RoboRat.png Squeak beep. March 2015
Cotton Candy Tree Cotton Candy Tree.png Prepare to get STICKY. April 2015
Jello Tent Jello Tent.png Wobble, wobble, jiggle, jiggle. April 2015
Mighty Creator of Habbo Bust Mighty Creator of Habbo Bust.png Crafted from the finest bronze. April 2015
Frank Needs YOU Frank Needs YOU.png Don't let your side down. May 2015
Amber Saber-Toothed Duck Amber Saber-Toothed Duck.png You might even call him...Count Quackula! June 2015
Amber Dung Beetle Amber Dung Beetle.gif They see me rollin', they hatin'... June 2015
African Meerkat African Meerkat.gif Cuter than a basket full of kittens July 2015
Quackatoa Duck Quackatoa Duck.gif A smaller monument to the ancient Hero. July 2015
Steampunk Plane Steampunk Plane.gif Be awesome and choose adventure August 2015
Habbo 15th Birthday Cake Habbo 15th Birthday Cake.gif Let them eat cake August 2015
Frank's Fruity Cake Frank's Fruity Cake.gif This cake got the thumbs up from Frank. September 2015
Cute Poodle Cute Poodle.gif Now that's an impressive hair cut. September 2015
Mint Vase Mint Vase.gif These Pumpkin patterns make your eyes spin. October 2015
Quartz Water Lily Pot Quarts Water Lily Pot.gif The quartz is so polished, it embarrasses the Water Lilies. October 2015
Ochre Bird of Paradise Ochre Bird of Paradise.gif This is one happy plant! November 2015
Cerulean Vase Cerulean Vase.gif These cerulean patterns make your eyes spin. November 2015
Brass Water Lily Pot Brass Water Lily Pot.png The brass is so polished, it embarrasses the Water Lilies. December 2015
Teal Bird of Paradise Teal Bird of Paradise.gif This is one happy plant! December 2015
Charcoal Vase Charcoal Vase.gif These Charcoal patterns make your eyes spin. January 2016
Nickel Water Lily Pot Nickel Water Lily Pot.gif The nickel is so polished, it embarrasses the Water Lillies. January 2016
Bonus Bag

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