Dubbelfrisss Machine

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Dubbelfrisss Machine
Release date: May 2012 (Habbo.nl Only)
Rare Values
The 'Apple & Peach Dubbelfriss'

The Dubbelfrisss Machine is a furni on Habbo.nl handed out to the winners of a quiz. It's currently untradable

It is a machine which dispenses only one small Hand Item the Appel & Perzik Dubbelfrisss (Wich translate to: Apple & Peach Dubbelfrisss) Habbo.nl had 1000 of these machines available, But it is unknown how much of these machines are in the hotel.

There was even a special created guestroom to promote the new flavour.


Upon entering the special created guestroom users received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets 8075 Habbos have this badge.

Known Examples

Here are confirmed owners of The Dubbelfrisss Machine on Habbo.nl.

Owner Quantity Last Updated Notes
!...Sebastiaan...! 1 15-Oct-2019 Active
Richard54 2 15-Oct-2019 Deleted
Thepedro4 1 15-Oct-2019 Inactive
yari07 1 16-Oct-2019 active
daveyy8 1 03-Jun-2020 Inactive
DJ-AppelPitje 1 11-Oct-2020 Active
gre61 1 14-Dec-2020 Active
xGERMANGIRL 1 20-Dec-2020 Inactive
ximmortalx 1 14-Aug-2021 Inactive
!!G.irly!! 1 07-Mar-2023 Inactive
2007mao-1 1 09-Mar-2023 Active
Uguu 1 04-Jan-2024 Active


  • Dubbelfrisss is a juice brand in The Netherlands
  • It resembles The Moodi Machine
  • It is unknown why Richard54 has 2 machines, habbo only handed out 1 per winner
  • Unlike other furni, the icon of the Dubbelfrisss Machine is the logo of the brand