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Grefusa was a promotional campaign in 2009 and 2010 on from the snack brand of the same name. Players could win exclusive brand furniture and credits by doing competitions.



MarcAttack From Grefusa Arrives!

Due to being a real life brand, people could win real life prizes too.

The Grefusa snack bags contained logos of the Grefusa brands which people could collect. People could win folding bikes, pop-up tents, skateboards and even a laptop.

Habbo's could participate in a maze, the maze contained sticky notes with the names of Grefusa brands. The 20 fastest habbo's who answered the name of a brand that appeared in a certain room correctly won a gold coin, which was new for that time.


Game with Grefusa

In March 2010 players could play three different games on the official Grefusa website, like: Memory, Simon and a quiz. Habbos with the highest high scores that appeared on the website had to take a screenshot of it and send it to sulake to win exlusive Grefusa furniture. Besides furniture, habbo's who joined the Xprésa-T Group won also a badge.

Grefusa Continues

Grafusa has been entertaining Habbo Spain for a long time now with alot of competitions and prizes. On November 17th, 2010 players had to go to the official Grefusa room and talk to bots that were present there to get a password. Habbo's who answered the Remarca-t! password correctly on a form on the homepage won a Grefusa Dispenser.


All these furniture were given out through competitions and therefore never released in the catalogue

Name Image
Grefusa Dispenser
Grefusa Snowboard
Grefusa Trophy


Name Description Image
Grefusa Surf-Manía Una Placa Tattoo
Grefuchapas Grefusa renueva un gran juego
Campaña MarcAttack Grefusa