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The Habbo Big Brother was an event that ran every day from Tuesday 15th November to Monday 21st November 2011. The event involved six contestants entering the Big Brother House and the public would vote on who they'd like to see kicked off the show.

How to Take Part

To take part, all players had to do was simply take a seat in the Habbo Big Brother house and check out the contestants. Afterwards, in the room poll, they would vote for the contestant that they wanted kicked off the show. The voting poll would change everyday at 14:00 GMT / BST time starting November 16th (that's 09:00 in New York and Toronto, 06:00 in Los Angeles, 22:00 in Singapore, and 01:00 in Sydney the next morning). On Friday 18th November, only 3 contestants were left, and voters had to spend the weekend deciding which one would win it all.


Six contestants would enter the house. Here is a list, along with the description given of each.

Caroline Sparks: She's pretty and posh, she also runs a fashion blog.

Barry "Baz" Morrison: He's a bit of a hipster, we bet you haven't met anyone like him. (*irony*)

Lindsay Logan: She's not sure where she is but she's happy to throw you a party!

Chad "Chaz" Jones: Style-wise he really could use a tip or two (or five) from Caroline.

Leon Cooper: The brain of the bunch, always found telling others off for being stupid.

Victoria Vendetta: A slight anarchist at heart, but harmless none the less. We think.

Habbo Big Brother Scandal

On the 18th November, an article was posted stating that those who had been voting for Lindsay Logan to get evicted were getting error messages and their votes were not being recorded. The full article can be seen below.

  "Things have come to a head in the Big Brother house with the latest news about a possible voting scandal rocking the Hotel like a
   KISS reunion. (We couldn't think of a more timely reference, sorry).
   It appears that for the past day or so, Habbos who voted for Lindsay Logan to get evicted were getting error messages, and these
   votes were not being recorded! A travesty of this magnitude has to be answered for.
   (Neja claims the whole thing is an accident, but if that's the case why has she been driving around in a new golf cart?)
   Effective immediately Neja has been removed as executive producer of the Big Brother show, and as a result of the scandal there will
   be NO EVICTIONS this Friday. Except Neja, who is back to acting as Hannibals gopher.
   Because we have a schedule to maintain, the final Big Brother vote will stay up until Wednesday 23rd November, and this time you're
   voting for the contestant you want to win, will it be Lindsay Logan, Victoria Vendetta, Leon Cooper or Chad Jones?
   And more importantly, will anything be done to stop this corruption that has plagued HBC since it's inception? Only time will tell."

Winners and Prizes

25 random winners were drawn every day among those who have voted for the person who got kicked out of the Habbo Big Brother House - the winners received an exclusive Habbo Big Brother badge.

Among all winners another 25 winners were drawn, and they received a set of TV Studio furni!

16th November: Caroline Sparks was the first to be kicked off the show. The winners of the badge this voting round were: ,-Mint, -@ngelo-, adrianamp13, gasp, Jodelinaa, Kerbang, kylelovescofi, macchiatoo, Mellowz, MightyBeamz, Natweng, Niko, Phear, Rottentroll, skatermonish, smartyfreak, sonofoj, TacoFart, tang754, trueanyone., urgirll, Zapeth, YellowCheese.

17th November: Barry "Baz" Morrison was the next to be kicked off the show! Winners of the badge this voting round were: .::XASTONX::. , .:ShadowKnight, .Eximious123., Albanjia, Aurear, craigie1, Edgecrusher, Faake, jessiesgirl10, lolbeh, minnie118x, MochaLover, MusicalMica, Nicole-Ann2409., slayerdanze, sprite27, TommyLovesPie, xdiogox522, zeusdeimos, tallmazza, -SABI, Rizlers, -Rendezvous?.

18th November: There was something wrong with the poll and many voters received a server error when voting. Due to this, they selected 25 random winners among ALL voters of the poll and the 4 remaining contestants remained in the house over the weekend for a final vote. The random badge winners were: MiZUMi, trueanyone., deegers, incidences, alex-e, ,Parachutes, bieber@gray, goodgirlcc, Fusible, Hexit, CuteArianne20, Hitten., Young-Mace23, Snuffin, Gloo1027, raven166, Mewing, Fuzzy::Poop, UnaccptblPnties, Club-BOT:, purple_soda, XBloodsparklex, -Diiaolorhhs, Twirl, Moha

25 winners among all these, who also received a set of TV Studio Furni: .::XASTONX::., .:ShadowKnight, Phear, Jodelinaa, Kerbang, ,Parachutes, Edgecrusher, Faake, Hexit, Albanjia, Aurear, Hitten., Young-Mace23, MochaLover, MusicalMica, tallmazza, -Rendezvous?, Fuzzy::Poop, UnaccptblPnties, TommyLovesPie, xdiogox522, skatermonish, TacoFart, Twirl, Moha