Unholy Ground

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Unholy Ground
Unholy Ground.gif
Release date October 19, 2007
Rare Values

UnholyGround Rotations.gif

The Unholy Ground is a rare furniture released in October 2007 as part of the Monsters of Habbo campaign. Just like other rares at that time it cost 25 Credits.

It's Motto was: Autumnal chills with each rotation!


The Unholy Ground is the ultimate room decoration item. Rotating the patch reveals a new decoration each time, from rocks to leaves. Stock up now and trade them later!

This is the LAST time EVER the Unholy Ground will be available from the catalogue.



The Unholy Ground released as Rare. click to expand
  • It resembles the (later released) Grass patch, only darker and the Grass patch doesn't have states if u rotate it