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Joined habbo: 28-June-2004
Hotel: Habbo.com
Originally from: Habbo.co.uk (?)
HxF username: xxMATTGxx
Also known as: MattGarner
DJ Top Cat
Mett Ghana
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Co-owner
General Management
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): General Management
Habbox God
Reason(s): Achieving 20,000 Posts,
Activity for 10+ years.
Habbox Legend
Reason(s): Being on the Forum for over 15 years
Hall Of Fame
Reason(s): General Management

xxMATTGxx is the former General Manager and third Co-Owner of Habbox alongside sierk and Jin. Matt, assisted by the other members of General Management at the time (lawrawrrr (General Manager), Expling and Absently), was in charge of overseeing not only Habbox Departments and Department Managers, but also the 4 Habbox sites - HabboxLive, HabboxForum, HabboxWiki and habbox.com. He was ultimately responsible for making sure everything was running smoothly.

Matt joined Habbox in July 2004 and has worked his way through the ranks - Graphics Designer, Forum Moderator, Manager, Assistant General Manager (Staff) and finally General Manager. Jin and Sierk trusted him to take up the role of General Manager in 2010 as the successor of Sammeth. and develop the sites into what they are today.

Matt resigned as Co-Owner in March 2017, after dedicating 11 years to Habbox. At the 2017 Habbox Awards he was inducted into the Hall Of Fame due to his dedication.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Co-Owner 08-Oct-2014 12-Mar-2017
(Acting) Graphics Manager 13-May-2012 30-July-2012
General Manager 05-June-2011 08-Oct-2014
Features Manager 22-Apr-2011 05-June-2011
General Manager 03-May-2010 06-Apr-2011
Assistant General Manager (Staff) 01-Mar-2010 03-May-2010
(Acting) Assistant General Manager (Staff) 20-Dec-2009 01-Mar-2010
Forum Manager 01-May-2009 31-Jan-2010
Super Moderator 13-Oct-2008 01-May-2009
Forum Moderator 16-Aug-2008 13-Oct-2008
Graphics Designer 08-May-2006 05-Sept-2006

Awards and Nominations

Date Award Result
Jan 2018 Biggest Habbox Scandal 2017 Nominated
Jan 2014 Most Helpful Member Nominated
Jan 2014 Assistant General Manager of The Year Nominated
Jan 2014 Best Habbox Couple (With Skynus) Nominated
Jan 2014 Assistant General Manager of the Year Won
Feb 2013 Prom Queen Won
Aug 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award (HxSS) Won
Aug 2011 Best Team "Cheerleader" (HxSS) Nominated
Aug 2010 Habbox Dedication Award Won
Aug 2010 Best Team "Cheerleader" (HxSS) Nominated
Dec 2008 Best Super Moderator Won


  • "One is not amused."
  • "Would you like a KitKat?"
  • "HE HE HEE"
  • "You should feel sorry for me."
  • "Man, I'm tired."
  • "God damn it Rhyss."
  • "JamesSparkehhhhhhhhhhhh"
  • "Mike Alpha Tango Tango."
  • "Rhyss I like you but hate you, I think I'm in love."
  • "Top Cat! The indisputable leader of the gang. He's the boss, he's a pip, he's the championship. He's the most tip top, Top Cat."


  • Annoys Jin with text messages
  • Shouting at the Site Coders with "GET WORKING."
  • Is often a target in Habbox Images and will be found dressed accordingly to the Graphic Designers taste in the task.
  • Has 31 Habbox Forum Awards, but will never beat Samanfa on award count.
  • Has over 19,000 posts on the forum as was aiming for Habbox God status by the end of 2013, but failed by 311 posts.
  • Takes bribes
  • Reached 20,000 posts on 01-04-2014 and is a Habbox God