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Joined habbo: 20 Oct 2005
Hotel: Habbo.com
HxF username: ExtraKen
Also known as: Kenneth
Habbox Staff
Current role(s): Graphics Manager (Apr 2018 - )
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Graphics Management

.-.eXtra.-., now known as ExtraKen is the current Graphics Manager at Habbox who also served as Graphics Staff in his earlier days on the fansite HHGS. He joined the Forum on the 20th of October, 2005, and applied to become a Graphics Designer in the following year. In July 2007 he was promoted to the role of Graphics Manager and became the first solo Graphics Manager after Sierk. For three years prior to this promotion, the department had been managed by the General Management team. He resigned from the role in January 2008 but returned to Graphics Management two months later in March until resigning again in August. He later made two more appearances in Graphics Management as both Assistant and Graphics Manager. In 2018, he was the Habbox Ambassadors Manager.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Graphics Manager 25-Apr-2018 Present
Ambassador's Manager 08-Jan-2018 02-Sep-2018
Graphics Designer 2-Dec-2017 25-Apr-2018
Graphics Designer 18-Oct-2010 03-July-2011
Graphics Manager 30-Dec-2009 19-Feb-2010
Graphics Designer 18-Sep-2009 30-Dec-2009
Assistant Graphics Manager 30-Nov-2008 16-Mar-2009
Production Performer 09-Oct-2008 22-Nov-2008
Graphics Manager 11-Apr-2008 30-Aug-2008
Assistant Graphics Manager 30-Mar-2008 11-Apr-2008
Graphics Designer 19-Jan-2008 30-Mar-2008
HxHD Staff 27-Sep-2007 16-Jan-2008
Graphics Manager 26-July-2007 16-Jan-2008
Pixel Artist 18-Sep-2006 12-Aug-2006
Graphics Designer 20-July-2006 12-Aug-2006

Awards and Nominations

Ceremony Date Award Result
HxSS Awards 2023 Aug 2023 Sorest Loser Won
HxSS Awards 2022 Aug 2022 Unluckiest Player Nominated
Habbox Awards 2021 Jan 2022 Graphics Designer of the Year 2021 Won
HxSS Awards 2021 Aug 2021 Best Department Campaign
(The Lion King)
Sorest Loser Won
Habbox Awards 2020 Jan 2021 Biggest Grouch 2020 Nominated
Sexiest Member 2020 Nominated
Graphic Designer of the Year 2020 Won
Staff of the Month Sep 2020 Staff of the Month Nominated
HxSS Awards 2020 Aug 2020 Unluckiest Player Nominated
Habbox Awards 2019 Jan 2020 Graphic Designer of the Year 2019 Won
Sexiest Member 2019 Nominated
Staff of the Month Nov 2019 Staff of the Month Won
HxSS Awards 2019 Aug 2019 Unluckiest Player Nominated
Staff of the Month Apr 2019 Staff of the Month Won
Habbox Awards 2018 Jan 2019 Graphic Designer of the Year 2018 Won
Kindest Member 2018 Nominated
Habbox Awards 2017 Jan 2018 Graphic Designer of the Year 2017 Nominated

Forum Awards

Forum Award Date Received
Last Man Standing 2020 15-Jun-2020



  • Was the first solo Graphics Manager at Habbox
  • Was in the role of Graphics Manager a total of 4 times and Assistant Graphics Manager twice.
  • Has created multiple official Habbo event badges for Habbox.