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Opened: April 2010
Country: Australia
United Kingdom
Website: Habbo.com
Twitter: Habbo
Hotel Management
Hotel managers: noodlesoup

All English speaking hotels (Canada, UK, USA, Australia, and Singapore) were merged into Habbo.com in April 2010, and since then the hotel found at Habbo.com has been known as the "international" version of Habbo.

List of Staff

Name Avatar Role
noodlesoup avatarimage?user=noodlesoup&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Community Manager
Gentleteapot avatarimage?user=GentleTeapot&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png TBA
Poppuli avatarimage?user=Poppuli&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png NFT Community Coordinator
sparkaro avatarimage?user=sparkaro&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Graphic Designer
istanbul avatarimage?user=istanbul&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Community Staff
-LittleMin avatarimage?user=-LittleMin&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Social Media Manager
Macklebee avatarimage?user=Macklebee&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Software Developer
zygomathicus avatarimage?user=zygomathicus&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Software Developer
George_C avatarimage?user=George_C&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Game Producer
Name Avatar Role
WaltzMatilda avatarimage?user=WaltzMatilda&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Project Staff
Alyx_staff avatarimage?user=Alyx_Staff&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Global Community Manager
Guaja avatarimage?user=Guaja&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Community Director
Olsoweir avatarimage?user=Olsoweir&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Social Media Director
Truculencia avatarimage?user=Truculencia&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Community Staff
Dalmia avatarimage?user=Dalmia&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Social Media Coordinator
E1ffel avatarimage?user=E1ffel&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Community Staff
Attal1a avatarimage?user=Attal1a&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png Community Staff
Huntermain avatarimage?user=Huntermain&action=std&direction=35&head_direction=35&gesture=std&size=m.png TBA

Former Staff

  • PrincessTwnkle
  • Wowin
  • Hajautus
  • TopoHipster
  • .beeches.
  • 0rca
  • Akela!
  • Amaiazing
  • ArishaA2
  • BerbaNo9
  • BlueMagnolia
  • cool_boy_007
  • CryCrazy
  • Daxm-
  • DoeLee
  • Elkah
  • Fozzie
  • FreePlace
  • Gandalfthegrey.
  • hairaru
  • Khevar.
  • kaneljente
  • L=ems
  • Ladyjane21
  • Merisiili
  • Moiraine
  • MrCroissant
  • Natunen
  • NilsN
  • Pohjola
  • Powertoo
  • Puffin
  • Redtiz
  • Tallespin
  • TeConLeche
  • Toto
  • ValienteDS
  • virvatuli
  • Xegeo
  • Yobbo
  • Yurre
  • MOD-AdmAokiji
  • MOD-Antheiagaya
  • MOD-CatBeau
  • MOD-Chefnatsu
  • MOD-davjuTheTired
  • MOD-DarthLeonine
  • MOD-Frankenztein
  • MOD-Fuzzstery
  • MOD-Glibber$
  • MOD-Igenial
  • MOD-ItsBreaktime
  • MOD-Kellymon
  • MOD-Klyzon
  • MOD-Milkpuff
  • MOD-MissCle0patra
  • MOD-Reachkid
  • MOD-Synewave
  • MOD-TabiAlthea
  • MOD-TooFuu
  • MOD-Wikiz$
  • MOD-Xavax

Official Fansites

Main Article: Official Fansites

The number of official fansites over the years have changed from large numbers to a much smaller list, as in December 2016 Habbo announced that the list would be reduced to five. Since then there have only been a handful of changes to the official list.


Main Article: Habbo Ambassadors

Habbo Ambassadors is a programme for experienced and helpful members of the Habbo community who assist hotel staff in guiding new users and moderating public rooms. The programme was launched in beta on Habbo.fr in July 2014 and arrived on Habbo.com (International) at the beginning of November 2014.