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Catalogue counter for Diamonds

Diamonds are a type of Campaign Currency that were introduced into the hotel on September 28th 2012 as part of the Jetset campaign. They were obtained by purchasing Credits via the Habbo website - for each 5 Credits a user purchased, 1 Diamond was also added to their account. Diamonds could not be exchanged/redeemed/traded to other users and they could only be used on 5 items in the Catalogue, under the category "Diamond Rares".

Unlike other seasonal currencies, you could not buy any item solely with Diamonds and they had to partnered with Credits. For example, in the "Diamond Rares" category, a Diamond Throne would cost you 40 credits and 8 Diamonds. A diamond is equivalent to 5 Credits, so it would have realistically cost 90 Credits. The Diamond (Rares) only remained in the catalogue for 3 days and were removed on October 1st 2012.

The Diamonds currency returned in December, allowing players to exchange them for Credits and more rares. Rares included were Small Ruby, Big Ruby and Platinum Bar. Other new rares such as The Nutcracker and North Pole were also included. Due to many complaints, the Platinum Bar was removed as it was supposed to be a limited currency and shouldn't have been released again.

Users can tell how many Diamonds they have acquired by looking at the top right of the client. They are usually displayed underneath the credits counter, but were previously displayed underneath the Pixels counter until the removal of Pixels. The same Diamond icon is used in the catalogue.

Diamonds as Loyalty Currency

On the 17th of June 2014, Diamonds was brought back to replace the previous Loyalty Points. The currency system was mostly the same, except that new furniture including credit exchangeable ones could be purchased with diamonds. Builders' Club subscription was also offered for 80 diamonds and credits.

1 diamond is awarded for each credit that is purchased although if 120 credits are purchased in one month, an additional 120 Diamonds will be awarded on top of any earned already.

Similar to Loyalty Points, in the event of a double Credits offer, the same number of Diamonds are received for the same price even though twice the credits are received.

Diamonds are also sometimes needed, together with credits, to purchase certain Room Bundles and furniture packs.


Diamond Rewards

Name Image Diamonds
Bronze Coin Bronze Coin 10 Diamondicon.png
Silver Coin Silver Coin 50 Diamondicon.png
Gold Coin Gold Coin 100 Diamondicon.png
Sack of Coins Sack of Coins 200 Diamondicon.png
Emerald Ring Emerald Ring 1000 Diamondicon.png
Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklace 2500 Diamondicon.png
Big Ol' Gem Big Ol' Gem 5000 Diamondicon.png
Classic Crown Classic Crown 10,000 Diamondicon.png
Ornate Crown Ornate Crown 25,000 Diamondicon.png
A Bar at Folies-Habberge A Bar at Folies-Habberge 500 Diamondicon.png
The Captured Pirates The Captured Pirates 500 Diamondicon.png
The Duck Pond The Duck Pond 1000 Diamondicon.png
Heartbroken Habbo Heartbroken Habbo 1000 Diamondicon.png
Duck Funk Dance Duck Funk Dance 2500 Diamondicon.png
The Big Pixel Wave The Big Pixel Wave 5000 Diamondicon.png
Lady with a Duck Lady with a duck.gif 500 Diamondicon.png
Nighthabbos Nighthabbos.gif 500 Diamondicon.png
Pet Lion in a Pixel Storm Pet lion in a pixel storm.gif 500 Diamondicon.png
Life Rider Life rider.gif 500 Diamondicon.png
Atlas BC Atlas bc.gif 1000 Diamondicon.png
Creation of Habbo Creation of habbo.gif 1000 Diamondicon.png
Soapy Girl Soapy girl.gif 1000 Diamondicon.png
Carré Carre.gif 1000 Diamondicon.png
Pixel Night Pixel night.gif 2500 Diamondicon.png
Dans so Ducke Dans so ducke.gif 2500 Diamondicon.png
Hotelier Man(ager) Hotelier man ager.gif 5000 Diamondicon.png
Birth of Dragons Birth of dragons.gif 5000 Diamondicon.png
Marketplace Man Marketplace Man.png 500 Diamondicon.png
Sunflowers in your Inventory Sunflowers in your inventory.png 500 Diamondicon.png
Lido Nostalgia Lido Nostalgia.png 500 Diamondicon.png
Misplaced Duck Misplaced Duck.png 500 Diamondicon.png
Self-Portrait of Frank Self-Portrait of Frank.png 1000 Diamondicon.png
The Duck Woman The Duck Woman.png 1000 Diamondicon.png
The Persistence of Furni The Persistence of Furni.png 1000 Diamondicon.png
Frank's Mother Frank's Mother.png 1000 Diamondicon.png
The Empty Inventory The Empty Inventory.png 2500 Diamondicon.png
Frank's Love Frank's Love.png 2500 Diamondicon.png
Lunch atop the Hotel Lunch atop the Hotel.png 5000 Diamondicon.png

Diamond Rares

Name Image Price
Diamond Dragon Lamp
Diamond dragon.png
75 Crediticon.png + 15 Diamondicon.png
Diamond Throne
Diamond Throne.png
40 Crediticon.png + 8 Diamondicon.png
Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo.png
30 Crediticon.png + 6 Diamondicon.png
Habbo Cola Machine
Habbo Cola Machine.png
5 Crediticon.png + 1 Diamondicon.png
Red Ice Cream Maker
Red ice cream maker.gif
10 Crediticon.png + 2 Diamondicon.png

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