Habbo Cola Machine

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Habbo Cola Machine
Motto: A sparkling, refreshing pixel drink!
Release date: November 2005 (Habbo.ch)
Rare Values
Category: Classical Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Habbo Cola Machine first graced our Habbo Hotels in 2005. Although this is a common rare it's classed in the Classical Rares category and was mainly given out via the Catalogue.

This rare is peculiar as it was available on each hotel in at least one way, it was given out in 'Credit Action' promotions on the Denmark and Sweden hotel too. It also allows you to get a cola beverage from the machine so it is also classed as a vending item.

The Habbo Cola Machine was introduced into hotels to replace the heavily scripted Mountain Dew Machine.

Release Dates

The Habbo Cola Machine was released in the following hotels in the following years:

  • Switzerland, November 2005.
  • Germany, January 2006.
  • Finland, March 2006.
  • United Kingdom, United States and Singapore, June 2006.
  • Norway, October 2006.
  • Australia, November 2006.
  • Italy, June 2008.
  • Brazil, July 2010.
  • Habbo.com - January 2007, later rereleased on the 28th September 2012 as part of a campaign (see below).

In France, Netherlands and Spain it was also released in the Catalogue. The Habbo Cola Machine also made an appearance into the Catalogue as of September 28th 2012, due to it part of the JetSet campaign Habbo ran. The price was 1 Diamond (worth 5 Credits) and 5 Credits.


  • The sprite for the Habbo Cola Machine is "md_limukaappi" which lightly translates to Mountain Dew Fridge Machine.